What is a Correspondence Note Card?

Simply put, a correspondence note card is a high quality buff colored index card that comes with a matching envelope. However these “index cards” can be customized with one line of type at the top in blue, black or gold/silver foil imprinting in a variety of font choices.  Customization options can be professional (company name), personal (your name) or generic (Thank You, Thinking of You or Just a Note).

What would you use these for?  These cards are great when sending an email is too impersonal and a full size greeting card is too much. They can be sent as special recognition to an employee for “a job well done” or as a “thank you for your time” after an interview.  They can be included as a professional gift enclosure or as a reminder for an upcoming event or meeting. They can be mailed via the post office or sent to the recipient via inter-office mail. On a personal note, they can be tucked into a child’s backpack for the teacher when a note might be needed or slipped under a neighbor’s door to advise “we are having a neighborhood garage sale, care to join us?”.

The uses for these small yet elegant single sided cards are as endless as your imagination. They don’t seem like much but once you have one box, you will surely find a myriad of reasons to take pen to paper on them!

22 thoughts on “What is a Correspondence Note Card?”

  1. I ordered these on a whim last year and they were particularly useful. Such a nice presentation and excellent value.

  2. These are real professional looking. A lot better for writing a note to a client than a blank paper.

  3. Got these for all my coworkers as a gift this year. They appreciated them. High quality paper.

  4. I would just like to add that these cards are so classy and professional looking. The stock is the highest quality and they are printed beautifully. I’ve been ordering them for a few years now and sometimes I look for reasons to write notes just so I can send one to someone!!

  5. Correspondence Note Cards are a great idea! What a simple way to drop a note to someone, say thank you, or pass along contact information if a business card isn’t on hand.

  6. I’ve gotten these in the past. They are great to have around the office and come in handy more often than you’d think.

  7. These cards are very professional. First rate quality and production, much like the stunning Christmas cards.

  8. These are on substantial paper. They make a very professional and elegant statement. They really are more useful than I even expected them to be.

  9. I bought a set of these and keep them at the office. They come in so handy. I have used them in many different situations.

  10. We order a set of these whenever a new employee starts as a welcome gift. They always love them!

  11. I bought this on a whim. I ended up finding them to be very useful at work. I’ve since ordered more for myself and some of my staff to use.

  12. These note cards are made on a really heavy stock. They feel very sturdy and expensive. Useful for more important notes.

  13. I really love these correspondence cards. I like to buy them for people as gifts because they look so nice.

  14. I am very impressed by the quality and richness of the correspondence cards. They make quite an impression.

  15. Someone gifted these to me when I started a new job. I love them and now I’ve started ordering my holiday cards here.

  16. These correspondence cards are so versatile. I use them for thank yous, important notes, etc. They are much more professional than anything I ever had before.

  17. The simplicity of these cards serves to emphasize your personalization. Their sophistication seems almost to belong to a different era– I relish every opportunity to use one.

  18. I purchased these for my twins who are graduating college soon. They will be interviewing and these are perfect for a quick thank you note to send after an interview. Sending a card like this that has your name imprinted on it makes quite an impression.

  19. These Correspondence Note Cards would make a great gift to give to your Bridesmaids – personalized with their name on them.

  20. These are great for job-seekers as they can be used to send a quick hand-written thank you note to your interviewer. Having your name imprinted on the note card shows pure class!

  21. These are also useful when you need to send a note to school with your child, whether for the teacher, front office, or perhaps the Child Study Team. Having your name printed on the card easily identifies who the note is from.

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