Classically Elegant Welcome Card

Welcome Cards are Perfect for New Employees

Just imagine: You have joined a new company and have been training all week on a brand new computer system with all new coworkers. You are sent to your cubical surrounded by strangers and the butterflies in your stomach are flying like mad. You sit down and adjust your chair so at least you are a little comfortable. Then a light shines down, you look at the keyboard and see an envelope propped up against the computer screen. Then, you open this card with the word “Welcome” staring back at you. A sigh of relief escapes you…..


Classically Elegant Welcome Card
Classically Elegant Welcome Card – Design 70JAY


Welcome cards are the perfect way to make new employees relax and feel like they have joined the team. It is important to make new personnel have a sense of belonging. It is also imperative that the employee is relaxed and feels safe. They need to have a comfort level so they can ask for assistance if necessary without worrying about how they will be perceived. When I began working for a new company last year and was given a welcome card, I felt that this company and I would be a perfect fit. Most offices and/or companies are like any family or close knit group of friends. It is usually difficult to feel like you fit in and are part of things quickly. Welcome cards aid in the development of relationships between new employees and their new coworkers and bosses.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Cards are Perfect for New Employees”

  1. What a nice and personal way to welcome someone to a company. Anything to make you feel a bit better on your first day somewhere new is a help.

  2. A little Welcome Card goes a long way to make a new employee feel a little more comfortable. It is a nice personal touch to receive one of these when everything around you feels so new and unfamiliar!

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