3 Reasons To Purchase Custom Photo Mount Cards

The Gallery Collection offers a variety of greeting cards and greeting card styles. From the die-cut greeting card all the way to the editable text greeting card, they have every option available. One of the newest card styles is the custom photo mount card. These cards are like a “Create Your Own” card because you can upload any photo you’d like and The Gallery Collection will print it and paste it onto your greeting card! Here are three ways you can use a custom photo mount card next time around.

  • Show your product: If you are a business owner who provides a specific product to your customers, a custom photo mount card can help advertise your product! Upload a photo of the product, in good lighting of course, and add your company name to the photo. On the inside of the card you could provide the location of your business or any further information.
  • Show your team: Your clients and customers would probably love to know the faces behind the production. Show them your business team! Customers like to associate names and voices with actual faces. It’ll make them feel more connected to your business.
  • Show your logo: Get your customers familiar with your logo. More than half the population is visual learners. Once they see your logo and associate it with the services you provide, they will come to you whenever they need that service.

9 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Purchase Custom Photo Mount Cards”

  1. My picture with my homemade cake and candles on the front celebrating YOU! Imagine opening my card on YOUR birthday!

  2. It is so fun deciding on a theme each year for our company photo card. Plus, in our industry (cars!) it is super important to make personal connections to retain customer loyalty. Our clients tell us they look forward to our cards every year, and honestly we look forward to seeing how they turn out too!

  3. Oh man, my customers would love a card with a photo of our food on it! Maybe next year >_<

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