Why I Love Assortment Boxes

I love the Assortment Boxes because you have a whole host of cards available and ready to used or mailed out at a moment’s notice.  I keep a list of all birthdays and important dates of my immediate and extended family and always still mail out a card for that important milestone. 

I also love to mail out Get Well cards to make someone feel better and let them know someone is thinking of them. The Gallery Collection All-Occasion boxes give me the means to handle all those occasions.  Don’t you remember when you were little and you received “mail”, how excited you got, before getting mail meant bills.

Keeping the tradition of physical cards alive is a way of getting back to that magical feeling of receiving a birthday wish, a get well sentiment or even just a thinking of you moment.  If kids enjoy getting the cards they are more likely to send them out as adults or as teenagers for Thank You cards.

I am a firm believer that every household should have an All Occasion Assortment box in order to never be caught without a card for any occasion.  Even blank note cards can get the job done allowing you to use it for any occasion without having to worrying about running out to a stationary store to pick up that special card. 

So spread a little magic and mail someone a greeting card today.

10 thoughts on “Why I Love Assortment Boxes”

  1. The cards in the assortment boxes are really nice. The floral art design is elegant for any occasion.

  2. Love the Blog!
    I never realized how much having some kind of greeting card in your home was important until I got older. As I started working in corporate America I realized you always need a card for some reason or another. Luckily for me my mom was always prepared so I would ask her if she happen to have any cards when I need them and she always does.. (lol)
    I absolutely loved getting mail as a kid, but now not so much (bills, bills, bills), but I do still like getting greeting cards in the mail. A few years ago a friend of a friend had a death in her family. I didn’t really know her, but I figured a card would kind of cheer her up a bit. I sent her a card and she practically called me crying she was so happy and grateful for the card. She said it made her day which in turn made me feel good too.

  3. As an administrative assistant, I’ve found that assortment boxes help me be organized. I keep them in my drawer. Having a nice variety of cards on hand is extremely useful and the quality of these cards is top notch.

  4. I get an Assortment Box every year! There are so many beautiful cards to choose from. It is great to have a card available when I need it, rather than having to run to the store at the last minute. When a friend surprises me with a visit, I have a Thank You card to give to them!

  5. I love the assortment boxes. I ordered the All-Occasion assortment box as one of my complimentary choices. I want to make sure I have a card on hand just in case to send to all my relatives and friends.

  6. I actually just gave a box of your card assortments as a gift. It was well received! These Assortment Boxes have a stunning presentation and I still use the boxes that the cards came in, long after the cards have all been sent. Thanks!

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