How to Pick This Year’s Company Holiday Card

You want to impress your boss, but boy is it a lot of pressure to make a decision for the whole company. Sure, it’s only a card. A card that will be given to every client, personal contact of your boss, as well as the whole company’s staff!

When you are faced with a decision that involves so many people, it can be daunting to try and figure out what single thing is going to please everyone. First thing’s first: Keep your priorities in check. Make sure you are solid on your budget (and make sure you are positive on the quantity!), time frame to get and deliver the cards, and always keep in mind the audience. While your boss’ opinion might take precedence over your own here, do not overlook the recipients. Who is the card addressing and therefore what should the right message be? Do they all celebrate the same holiday? Be considerate of these sensitivities but realize that ultimately if you know your boss wants a Christmas card sent out—despite any conflicts that could arise—the card you order better be Holly Jolly.

If you’re really not sure what your boss will like—ask! Come with specific questions that are not extremely limiting so you’re not screwed into trying to find a unicorn card. The idea is to get your boss’ input without annoying them or allowing them to form an ideal card (therefore bolstering their expectations). Ask things like if they wanted a certain theme or color scheme. This could be heavily revealing to the type of card they expect. Or ask whoever chose the company holiday card last year to gain some insight.

Once you have your criteria in mind, actually choosing a card should be much easier. You’ve already narrowed it down substantially from answering those few questions. So stay focused. It can be easy to be wowed by all the cards available to you. Keep checking in with what you know you need to buy and make the best decision you can. Don’t search with fear that you’ll get the wrong one. Search with the intention of finding the best Christmas card you can.

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