Benefits of Sending Photo Christmas Cards to your Customers

Last year for the Holiday season I received a great Christmas card from one of the companies I have done business with in the past.  The card was a sturdy one with a really great picture on the front of all the employees with these great happy smiles! It made me think about the fact that knowing the faces of the actual people you talk with to do your business really can make a difference.  I realized this fact once I saw a picture of the lovely woman I have spoken with over the phone.  Putting together the face with the voice and her mannerisms gave me a warmer connection to the company, which happens to sell many items I can get in numerous other places.  Since many other companies also offer most of the same stuff, having this connection made a difference.  I liked the service and then the picture of the employees solidified my feelings towards this company.   I guess you could say there are benefits of sending photo Christmas Cards to your Customers since it might bring in new business and also get some business back that may have gone elsewhere.  An increase in the bottom line, something we all want!  Just because of employee faces on a Christmas card.  Good wishes make good connections!

32 thoughts on “Benefits of Sending Photo Christmas Cards to your Customers”

  1. I agree, sending a Christmas card is a great way to make an impression with your customers to keep or drive new business.

  2. I love photo cards. They give an extra personal touch which traditional cards do not. Whenever I receive one of those in the mail it goes straight to my fridge. 🙂

  3. Customer loyalty starts with businesses investing in their customers just as much as customers invest in them. Cards are a great way to show how much businesses appreciate their clients!

  4. Its such greet way to maintain a relationship. Taking a moment to remember someone is always appreciated.

  5. Using a photo for the front of a card makes the connection more personal and can certainly help solidify a business relationship!

  6. I enjoy getting photo cards from my nieces and nephews to see the kids and how they ave grown. Nice way to update family.

  7. My office sends out a photo card each year. We deal with a lot of people over the phone so this is a way for them to put a face to the name since we rarely ever meet with them.

  8. We try to send out cards twice a year to show appreciate to our customers and to get our name out there. We make sure to get our Christmas cards out the beginning of December and we also send out cards for the Fourth of July.

  9. Photo cards for a business are a smart idea. I never thought to do that, but it is a good way to let customers get to see who is working for them.

  10. These days it is almost a novelty to receive anything in that mail that isn’t junk or a bill. I wish I would get cards more frequently as they bring a smile to my face.

  11. A photo card you can design yourself offers the opportunity for a real personal touch. It’s nice to be able to see the faces of people you may only know as a name in an email or have only spoken to over the phone. It makes the employees of your company feel more familiar to those who deal with them.

  12. When you include a photo it also makes your card stand out. You know that no one else will be sending a photo of you 😉

  13. You can get really creative with photo cards too. I love receiving them and plan to start sending my own.

  14. The photocards are the ones I display most prominently. I also tend to want to keep those to hold onto.

  15. It is a good investment. You send the cards and introduce yourself and it is like an advertisement for your company.

  16. I’ve been sending out photo cards ever since I got my first digital camera. It is so much easier now that you don’t have to wait on film to develop!!

  17. Photo Christmas cards are the best, especially when the family includes their pet or pets. I love to see the changes through the years. I’ve seen some of my cousins who live out west go from newborns to high school grads on their photo cards. Can’t wait for this year’s cards!

  18. I started ordering photo cards for my business last year. I felt like it was more memorable than a traditional tree or something.

  19. Our office did a photo card this past Christmas and we got such a great response from our patients. We have a pediatric dental practice and used a Santa’s elf theme with elf hats and toys. etc. in the picture. The kids who came in after the holidays told us they loved the card!

  20. I noticed some companies sent photos of their building on their Christmas cards. I’d rather see some employees in the picture, but I guess if you’ve got hundreds of them then just the building will have to do.

  21. We got so many compliments over our Christmas card picture this past year. All of us here at the animal shelter held one of the cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. I think we’ll get a lot more donations and hopefully more animals will be adopted in 2017.

  22. I’m out on sales calls so my customers know me for sure. But a group photo on the holiday cards reminds them that I have a whole company backing up my service to them.

  23. We have fun doing photo cards at our office. There are only 6 of us so it is easy to coordinate and lets us show some personality to our customers.

  24. This is one of those marketing things that doesn’t bother or annoy customers. It’s direct but not invasive. So long as the card is appropriate and non-secular, I like it!

  25. We like to send out cards twice a year – once in the Spring and once around the holidays. We always do a photo card to put a literal face to the company.

  26. Photo cards are less run of the mill. You get enough cards with a present or a tree, why not send one more unique?

  27. Photocards are my favorite to receive. I take extra time looking at them and if it is someone I know well it is usually a card I will hold onto and cherish.

  28. Including a photo on the front of the card puts a face to the names clients and customers deal with. It’s a fantastic personal touch!

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