Corporate Birthday Cards featuring Gift Boxes

If you are looking for high-end corporate birthday cards, look no further than The Gallery Collection’s design #571AE, Blue Ribbon Birthday Card. This majestic card is printed on plush, heavy paper stock with a high-gloss finish and is smooth to the touch. It features the use of lustrous cornflower blue and silver foils. The refractive silver foil picks up light and transmits an array of spectral colors, giving off a shimmering effect as you change your point of vision or set the card in motion. A white package wrapped in the azure ribbon of the card’s title is set against a polished white background. A thin silver border frames the gift and both the package and surrounding environment are adorned with twinkling chrome stars. The words “Happy Birthday” appear in a decorative font below the present.

Design #571AE Blue Ribbon Birthday Card
Design #571AE Blue Ribbon Birthday Card

Client and employees who receive these business birthday cards are certain to be convinced of your sophisticated taste and careful consideration. Sending a card of this obvious quality will convey to your recipients just how much they matter.

A fun, colorful alternative would be design #466AE, Birthday Box Sparkle Greeting Card. This corporate birthday card features an emerald bow atop a box swathed in a bright and cheery blue, green, and orange striped paper. The package is set against a sleek burnished background, which consists of a white border and a smoky watercolor mist at center. Minute refractive silver specks cover the jade wrappings and the area around the object, lending the design a glittering quality. The words “Happy Birthday” appear in a large, simple cerulean script at the base.

Design #466AE Birthday Box Sparkle Greeting Card
Design #466AE Birthday Box Sparkle Greeting Card

This unisex card is ideal for employers to present to their workers or employees to exchange amongst themselves. It is a clean, mirthful design good for nearly any centennial. Those who receive it are sure to have their spirits buoyed.

Corporate Birthday Cards and another Year Older

It is early in the morning and the clock is ticking. Well ok, it’s not actually ticking because it’s a digital alarm clock, but for the purposes of me writing this, just imagine you hear a slight tick and then a tock. As the clock strikes 6:30 the buzzing begins to start. Time to wake up…you are a year older!

Oh, how time passes by. One day you woke up 21 and today you wake up still somewhat spry at 41 years of age. Well at least you have those company birthday greeting cards to look forward to. You know the ones I’m talking about. They will be sitting on your desk as the grogginess of the early morning is still accentuated on your face.

Corporate birthday cards sometimes do more to cheer you up then one might think. They are reliable unlike a lot of other crazy things in life. And it is nice to get to work on your birthday and know your company cares a little bit. We’d all like to walk in to 1,000 gifts, but those company birthday greeting cards do the trick just fine.

Now you can go on about your day working hard or hardly working, as we all sometimes do, and think about happy birthday thoughts. Like how you are going to be able to handle the cheesy surprise birthday party your wife set up. You know, that one you’ve known about for three weeks but you have to put on that super happy surprised face when you walk in. Well at least you have something to talk about…the business birthday cards you received at work!

Birthday Cards Can Say More Than Happy Birthday

Corporate birthday cards are a part of my daily life because I work at a greeting cards company.  I love each and every birthday card we sell and lately, I’ve been comparing every birthday card I see in stores to our own premium quality greeting cards. Every time I go to a stationery store to buy a birthday card I cannot help but notice that most of the birthday cards are not as high quality as ours.  I compare everything from the greeting to the designs to the foils and the envelopes, and in my mind, birthday cards always prevail.

Of course, the purpose of sending a birthday card is to wish someone a happy birthday.  But besides that, the quality of the card can send another message.  To me, one of the most important features on any birthday card, but especially corporate birthday cards, is the paper the greeting card is printed on.  Thick and beautiful paper says so much about the high standards of the company producing the birthday cards.  Sending recycled paper cards or greeting cards printed on FSC certified paper also sends a message to the person you are sending the greeting card to that you care about keeping our planet as healthy as possible. That is perhaps the most important message we can send to anyone, but saying “Happy Birthday” with a quality, unique birthday card design also says quite a lot whether it is on a personal or business-related basis.