Corporate Birthday Cards – Don’t Be Caught Without Them!

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of selecting and then keeping only best employees. I often find that it really pays to do your homework and truly investigate the potential employee. I have found way too many ‘non-truths’ when questioning people on their resumes. With that being said, and now with a staff I can finally trust and reward when they go above and beyond. I’d like to share a little secret, A great pick me up as well as a motivational booster, is to hand out corporate birthday cards! Seems simple enough, right? And whether you go out to the local store (not recommended) or purchase boxed birthday cards (highly recommended) be sure to always have a couple extra on had, (that’s why I always buy the boxed cards). The designs are varied enough to suit both genders and convey many different sentiments.

Now, since you are reading this, you are already at the perfect website for ordering high quality, great looking cards. The birthday cards assortment box has everything you need to keep a smile on all of your employees’ faces!

Mrs. Robinson’s Ode to Corporate Birthday Cards

Receiving corporate birthday cards have saved a few years of my life. How so? I’ll start by explaining that when I thought of “birthdays” I thought of hard labor. To write or not to write? Which card and/or gift is appropriate? How much should I spend? Where is this neck pain coming from? Do I really have to?

However, one fortunate day while I was celebrating the one birthday I look forward to – mine – I received a very nice, classy, and preprinted (the concept alone brings a tear) birthday card from my employer. It was beautifully designed with my boss’ and other executive’s signatures, a greeting, a logo, all printed in the inside of the card. And after a few days, when I was sober again, I found out that I’m not really their preferred employee, but instead they use personalized birthday cards to acknowledge all of their employees’ special days. After that initial shock, I had an epiphany; I said to myself: “Self, you can do this; you can order your own personalized birthday cards to give out without the god-awful handwriting. This sassy lady can get classy and preprinted too!”

My idea proved to be a good one for once. Looking at the back of my birthday card, I found the manufacturer and using my keen googling powers I found The Gallery Collection. After a full five minutes I had placed an order for my own, classy, and if I may, very tasteful personalized cards. Mrs. Robinson is riding the super highway to the next level in personalized greetings!

No More Searching For Corporate Birthday Cards

In my previous experiences, when going to the store, it was an absolute pain in when it came to finding corporate birthday cards for your employees. I would have to dig and search for a long period of time before I found something that was professional and tasteful at the same time. But with The Gallery Collection, all the searching and digging at the stores has stopped. There are so many different color combinations and designs; I guarantee you will find something you love. The styles are creative, yet very professional at the same time.

Birthday cards for employees have been made so much easier to look for and buy because of The Gallery Collection. You can do so many different types of customization; it can make you feel like you designed the card totally from scratch. You have the option of choose from one of the many greetings for the inside of the cards, or you may create your own greeting that you would like to use. With so many options, the hardest part may be deciding on the card itself!

Corporate Birthday Cards Are Rarely Expected

When was the last time a business ever did something special for you?  I’m sure most of us would have to sit and think about it before something comes to mind, if you don’t, it’s nice to know you are appreciated.  I have given my information to different businesses throughout the years, not necessarily expecting anything back other than a postcard or flyer reminding me to do business. Corporate birthday cards are rarely expected, that’s why it’s such a nice surprise to get one.

Birthday cards are normally something I expect to get only from friends and family.  I remember, especially as a kid, how although I wanted my card, I was anticipating the prize of money inside or the gift. But as I’ve become older, more and more each year, I value the actual cards people select for me.  The time they spend on finding a card that suits me, the personalized message placed inside has become, to me, a very special gift within itself.

Because of these reasons, I am particularly impressed, when a business takes the time to send something other than a promotional flyer.  If a company is willing to take some time with me, chances are, I’d be willing to take more time with them, just for taking the time to acknowledge my business. Business birthday cards are a great idea and I’ll welcome and remember any that come to my mailbox.

Birthday Cards Are Great From Both Business And Friends Alike

Everyone enjoys getting birthday cards. Since as far back as I can remember I waited all year long to get my cards. Of course it was for a different reason back then. Every card I opened usually contained money! Now it’s simply nice to see how many people remember you on your special day. It is so much nicer to receive a birthday card then to receive a text.

I really like when I get corporate birthday cards from my coworkers. I especially like when there are characters on the front, such as the office co-workers or some funny animals, and everyone picks one to represent them and writes their name across the character. It’s fun to see how everyone interprets themselves.

My husband thinks I’m crazy but whenever I am at a shop or restaurant and they have a mailing list to sign up for, I fill it out. I think it makes your relationship with that establishment more personal. You get fun mailings and coupons, and sometimes you even get a card on your birthday with a certificate for something free! It’s a great advertisement for any place of business; a beautiful card with a lovely gift inside. I tend to remember the people, and companies, that remember my birthday. Such a small gesture can be so invaluable to both the company that sends the card, and the person who receives it!

Now I Know What Corporate Birthday Cards Are Truly For

The first time I received an invoice from our sales and marketing department referring to corporate birthday cards I didn’t understand why we would spend money on something that seemed so frivolous. You see, I work in the accounting department involved with accounts payable and I didn’t know what the company would use a corporate birthday card for. My friend Mary works in sales and I asked her. She explained how very valuable they are because it reminds each customer that we remember them and they are individuals with a special day and that they really matter to our business. She went on to say how sometimes a customer will call without placing any order just to thank the sales representative who thought of them.

When you are selling a product and there is a lot of one on one contact with your customers you really get to know them. These business birthday cards are just the right touch for that purpose. I’m sure we get a few extra calls and even more importantly sales. Recently, I received a birthday card from my insurance company representative and it made me smile, proving that it really does matter.

Corporate Birthday Cards with a Clever Surprise

I often noticed how the ladies in my office would show up for work every day with a beverage in hand from a fast food restaurant or coffee chain. They would purchase the largest size and enjoy it throughout the day. There would be conversation about where one could find the best buy and what was available in the neighborhood. Sometimes a new drink would come on the scene and we would compare our taste notes, even exchange coupons for these mini office delights. Here is an inexpensive way to celebrate your employees’ birthdays. Simply purchase corporate birthday cards and include a five dollar gift card for a local coffee store or fast food place. You will be amazed at the positive response.

A business birthday card not only shows that you care and remember; it is a demonstration of your thoughtfulness as a manager, executive, professional or business owner. The execution of this project is quite simple and straightforward. And don’t ask what you can get for five dollars in this economy – quite a lot! A sweet tea, strawberries and crème frappuccino, large decaf, fruit smoothie, or the basic black coffee-to-go will come in at under five dollars with change to spare. Give, and give it a try!

Staying Connected with Birthday Cards for Business

I work at a large, international company. It is often difficult for such a company to make its employees feel special and appreciated as individuals. As much as they would like to, senior management simply cannot speak one-on-one with each and every employee. One easy way for such a company to make its employees feel individually valued is to send them each an individual birthday card. Birthday cards for business can be personalized to each employee, and imprinted with a company’s logo and names of the company executives. The executives can sign the cards, or even have their signatures imprinted on the cards.

There are many themes to choose from: celestial, gift boxes, balloons, etc. Whatever style is chosen, corporate birthday cards are sure to brighten an employee’s day! They are also an easy, cost-efficient, and friendly way for a large company to stay connected to the people who matter most.

Design #232AR – Gift Bag Wishes

Design #232AR – Gift Bag Wishes Birthday Card, is one of the Gallery Collection’s classic corporate birthday cards that would most certainly impress your clients or employees when they open the envelope to reveal this beautiful card that greets you with an assortment of birthday wishes.

This birthday card is furnished on a glossy white background with a gift bag in different shades of sea foam, yellow, gold, lime & fuchsia. The gift bag is covered in embossed stars and stripes, making for a very festive presentation. The bag has sea foam tissue paper folded perfectly and peeking out from the top. Above the tissue paper are an array of tiny stars and all sorts of happy birthday wishes bursting from the gift bag in gold foil.

Design #232AR - Gift Bag Wishes Birthday Card
Design #232AR - Gift Bag Wishes
Birthday Card

What a feeling of thoughtfulness your business clients, partners or employees would feel when they open up the envelope to reveal this elegant and also fun corporate birthday card.

Design #088AY – Hats Off to You

Design #088AY, Hats Off to You Birthday Card, is perfect for sending corporate birthday cards to business associates, customers, and employees. Its simple and cheerful look evokes a party feeling. You can almost hear the Happy Birthday song being sung in the background as the hats dance around the card.

Printed on buff colored heavy stock, the card has six various sized birthday hats in foils of different colors. Each hat has a different design and is embossed, appearing to be popping off the page. There are gold dots, gold curlicues, and little gold stars splashed amongst the birthday hats. A large message wishing “Happy Birthday” is printed in gold foil in a fancy script just below the hats. The finishing touch is a gold foil border that frames the card.

Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card
Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card

Since on any given day someone is celebrating a birthday, keep a box of these corporate birthday cards on hand so you can rise to the occasion. These cards can be ordered with your custom message printed inside for your convenience or you can handwrite a different personal message for each. You will impress all of your business associates for not only remembering their birthday but by acknowledging this special occasion with such a festive corporate birthday card.