Top 10 Things to Consider When Picking out Personalized Folders

So you have decided to purchase some presentation folders to present your business in the best light possible to your clients. Seems simple enough but once you go online you realize there are more things to think about than you first imagined. Let me walk you through some of the things you should think before placing your first order.

Folder Color – What color best represents your company? If you have colors you typically use whether in your office décor, company logo, business letterhead etc. Consider choosing a folder that is similar in color.

Weight of Paper – Look for a folder with a medium to heavy cardstock to be sure your corporate pocket folder is not flimsy to the touch and able to house your paperwork that you will place inside.

Ink Imprinting or Foil Stamping – There are many, many ink printed folders out in the market place and some are indeed very nice. Consider a solid color with some rich foil stamping it can literally be the thing that stands out amongst a desk full of clutter and gives your client a feeling of confidence in your company.

Ink/Foil Color – Again look to your company colors or the impression you wish to make when making this very important decision.

Pockets – Are the pockets deep enough and roomy enough to put all of your marketing materials inside?

Business Card Slits – Do you need them? You do if you are planning to put your business cards in the folder.

Vertical or Horizontal Business Card – If you are putting your business card in the slits are the silts designed for both a horizontal and vertical oriented business card?

Personalization – Folders look great when they feature your company logo. Consider adding your company slogan, name, address or url.

Personalization Locations – Where you can print information on your folder is definitely something that can present some additional sales opportunities. Why not print important numbers on the inside pocket or your various locations and hours on the back?

Quantity – Typically the more presentation folders you order the lower the price per folder will be so be sure to order an ample suppy if you wish to get the most value for the dollars spent.

Should I Purchase Presentation Folders?

Owning a small business can be tough. Often a small business owner is working countless hours out of his or her home, reaching out to friends and family to establish a circle of clients or customers and looking for ways to extend their reach. My best friend has a photography business and while she loves the memories she captures for her clients, it’s been a struggle to increase her client lists. She is very active on social media, showing off what she can do for her clients. My suggestion to get to the next level? Presentation Folders. The old saying, “You have to spend money to make money” is still relevant in the digital age. Presentation folders can be a smart investment for any small business.

Often a small business invests (either in time and effort or money) in an eye-catching logo for advertising purposes. My friend has a beautiful logo for her business, but there are not many opportunities for her to use it. Getting a folder to give to her clients with that logo printed on the front will help keep her and her business in mind whenever her past clients are in need of a photographer.

When she’s on location, in a park or at a party, having a few folders pre-set with samples, pricing, and available options would be perfect for when passersby see her at work and consider hiring her as well. A business card alone is nice, and can work for networking events, but they can get lost very easily. That presentation folder can have a much greater impact. Add in a business card placed in a special slit in the inside pocket of the folder, and she’ll look just as professional as her competition. One of the reasons why a customer chooses a small business is the personalized service and attention to detail that is not the hallmark of large chains.

Large companies use custom folders for informational packets. Schools get custom folders for students and staff to use. Wouldn’t your business benefit from such an effective marketing tool?

Presentation Folders Send a Powerful Message

Few of us worry about how nice the folders on our desk look. They’re usually filled, filed, and rarely given a second thought. That is, until we have a meeting or a trade show and realize we need something professional and striking to present to clients. You’ve spent weeks preparing the perfect packet, creating business cards, finalizing charts and now you’re left wondering, “What is the best way to present all this as a cohesive, professional package?” The answer is Presentation Folders!

Presentation Folders send a powerful message that you are prepared and ready for action! Handing an existing or potential client a beautiful card stock folder, with your company logo, and your business card tucked into the pocket is a small way to make a big impression. No one likes to carry around an assortment of loose papers, or scramble to keep them from going everywhere while paper clips catch on one another.  Presentation Folders will make you the hero who solves this messy problem.

If you’re using presentation folders for a trade show or exhibit, they are also a great marketing tool! Much like the infamous little black dress, a distinguished folder design with your company logo embossed in eye-catching gold or silver foil is an easy way to project a classic, never out of style image. People will be talking about your company!