Why You Should Take Advantage of Recipient Addressing

I love sending out Christmas cards.  You are sending wishes for a happy holiday and a peaceful New Year.  What could be more fun?

You have written your personal message and signed the cards with sincerity.  Next, you stuffed and sealed all your envelopes and Oh no!  It is that time…..time to hand write each of your 200 or more envelopes.  The fun just drained out of the Christmas card merriment.

Take advantage of recipient addressing and this woe will not even enter the equation.  You can have the Gallery Collection print your recipient addresses for you.  All you need to do is submit your addresses in an Excel file and let them do the work.  Life just got much easier.

Not only is there the benefit of making your life easier, but you can have your envelopes imprinted in the same color and font as your return address.  I am all for uniformity.   It looks neat and polished.

Every year with my card order, I need to order 50 extra envelopes.  I tend to make spelling errors or because I am in a rush to get this job done, the envelopes look sloppy.  I end up having to start over on a new envelope. 

Take advantage of recipient addressing in order to ease the stress of the holiday season. 

How Should I Mail My Christmas Cards

So here I am in November, preparing to order my Christmas Cards to send to our clients. I’ve chosen the beautiful Glowing Holiday Forest Card (shown above) with customizations to include our logo in a luxurious Gold Foil.

While very satisfied with the choice of card and personalization, the final challenge I face is how to manage a timely, cost effective approach to mailing my Christmas cards! I just don’t have the spare time nor do I have staff with spare time to address, stuff, seal and apply postage to 1,550 greeting cards. What other alternatives are available to mail my Christmas cards?

My first thought is that I could perhaps hire a temporary from an agency to handle this but that’s costly and seems a bit ludicrous for what should be a one, max two day project! I then notice that the company I’m purchasing the greeting cards from gallerycollection.com offers a full mailing service to their customers at a very reasonable rate. They will address, fold, stuff, seal and mail all of my cards. I simply need to submit my list of client addresses. Well this certainly seems something worth considering.

Instructions were easy to follow, ordering has always been easy with Gallery Collection (have ordered from them before) and Voila! My Christmas cards were personalized, in envelopes, sealed and mailed in a timely fashion for all of our clients to have for the holidays. At one point, I did call customer service with a question and was assisted by one of the most courteous and helpful representatives I have ever dealt with.

How should I (or anyone!) mail their Christmas cards? Without a doubt, take advantage of ordering with a company that has beautiful greeting cards, great service and will manage “the whole package” for you!