Survival Guide For Your 1st Day In The Office

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You went through the search for a new job, showed up dressed well and aced the interviews. Good news you have landed the job you wanted. The hardest part of a new job is that you are the new kid on the block and you have no clue who everyone is and what is expected of you. So let’s use your 1st day in the office Survival Guide.

  • Dress the part for the job. If it is a casual office, don’t be too casual your first day. Most businesses have a dress code. If you dress as you did for the interview you can’t go wrong.
  • Remember the company thought you would be a good fit, so take a deep breath and walk in with confidence, but don’t appear to be too cocky.
  • Pack a lunch. Until you know the ins and outs of the lunch schedule you want to be prepared. You don’t know if people order lunch, go out or if there is a kitchen where you can store your lunch. Pack something that does not require refrigeration.
  • Ask questions. It is important for you to know the culture of the office and what is expected of you. Knowing what is expected of you will go a long way to boosting your confidence.
  • Smile and be friendly with the people you meet, but above all do not get involved in office gossip. If someone wants to gossip, you can just politely say,” I don’t really know her/him”. You don’t want to feel pulled into one group or another. You are better served to remain neutral. You don’t want to be seen as someone who gossips.
  • Be punctual when taking breaks or lunch. If you have one hour for lunch do not take 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Just as preparing for an interview, preparing for your first day is important. The first impression you present to others is likely the one they will remember. You were hired to do a job, so do it to the best of your ability right from the first day on. Good luck!

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Custom Presentation Folders Leave A Lasting Impression

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If you want to really stand out from the crowd, try utilizing custom presentation folders for your business or personal use. Customizing presentation folders with The Gallery Collection is easy and risk free. You can be involved as little or as much as you like and no order is produced without customer approval.

Presentation folders are a superb way to display your company logo—and or advertise your slogan—while distributing to clients, employees, or potential business partners. There are many options at The Gallery Collection to create your perfect presentation folders. You can decide where to place your logo, which of the foil colors you would like to print in, and in which color you would like your presentation folders to be produced.

These quality folders stay vibrant for a long time and are relatively durable. Each pocket in the customized presentation folders holds 25 sheets of 8.5” W x 11” H paper. There are also options to have one or two spots inside to display your customized business cards. This would be perfect for handing out resumes or to welcome a new member to your company’s sales or marketing team. Outshine the competition with these high-quality presentation folders.

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Congratulations to our Round 6 Winners!

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Should I Send New Year’s Cards to Customers?

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After Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve and Day is right around the corner. You’re really not sure if it is appropriate to send New Year’s cards to your customers, so soon after sending the Holiday cards. Maybe you haven’t even sent your Holiday cards yet, and are looking to send a dual card. The Gallery Collection has an entire selection of beautiful holiday greeting cards. They also have a selection of New Year’s Cards and Calendar cards, sure to put a smile on your recipients’ face! One of my personal favorite New Year’s greeting cards is the Starburst New Year’s Card. This greeting card is digitally printed in ink, and the text can be personalized on the front of the card. Another fun New Year’s greeting card design is Bright New Year Card, another greeting card that is digitally printed in ink. The text can also be personalized on the front of the card. The Four Seasons Calendar Card has colorful trees representing each season of the year, featured on the cover of this attractive Z-fold design. Whichever card you choose, I believe that it’s a great way to send your well wishes for the new year to come!

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Ways to Recognize Employees This Holiday Season

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My business revolves around Customer Service calls for a Medical device company. Our agents have had to learn quite a bit about products that customers call us about every day. There are manuals in all their cubicles so the representatives can answer questions. Our Human Resources department is small and we all know each other pretty well. So, when they received a pamphlet last year titled “Ways to Recognize Employees this Holiday Season!” they forwarded it to the administration team, in hopes of finding some new options which would show our appreciation to all employees this next upcoming holiday season.

Our choice for the best idea was: “Give all the employees something they would really be happy to receive”. After going over all the company expenses we decided that along with the Company Christmas Cards we’d also enclose a gift card from American Express! We are using the business AMEX card to pay for everything possible through the business and in this way we will accumulate a percentage of our total spending. The grand total can then be divided up among the total number of our employees and we can have gift cards issued. We are anticipating the amounts will be a number that feels like a really good gift! This way since everyone gets the same dollar amount there are no secrets about how much each employee receives and each can feel truly valued.

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Tips on Ordering Holiday Cards Online

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With the advancement of modern technology, many of us are doing more and more of our daily tasks online. From paying bills, managing our checking account and shopping using the worldwide web has become the norm for everyday jobs. It has definitely made life a bit easier to complete errands.

This year I was given the responsibility of ordering our company holiday cards. I was so excited but a little anxious. It is a big responsibility and I wanted to make sure everything was just right. The first step I took was to investigate the different greeting card companies. This made my choice easy. I simply chose the company that had the best customer service ratings.

I found that when using The Gallery Collection, I was able to preview my greeting, custom imprint, and logo which allowed me to check and double check all my spelling and punctuation. It was also great to be able to play around with the different colors. Review you’re the inside of your card with all your color choices to make sure you pick just the right one. With this card I chose, I checked out the greeting in gold, red and green.

My next tip is to make sure you take your time and read all the small print when ordering your holiday cards online. You don’t want to miss any details. I saw that I was able to change the envelope style to laser which works best for us as we use a finicky laser printer to imprint our envelopes. I also took my time reading the small print when ordering my holiday cards and found these great gold foil seals to use in helping to close my envelopes.

It is great to have the convenience of ordering your holiday cards online. Be sure to follow these basic tips to help you along your way.

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Make Your Small Business Stand Out With Christmas Cards

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You may be wondering if sending Christmas Cards is worth the investment. Answer: Sending Christmas Cards is a cost effective way to let your small business stand out and worth every penny you spend.

It is incredibly important to send the highest quality Christmas Cards your budget will allow. The quality of your Christmas Cards reflects your business so only choose the best. You promote your business by getting the word out and Christmas cards can be printed with your company name and your logo making a great impression with your clients you can even include a business card. Imagine your card being displayed in an office that has many visitors; you never know who will see your card and make a decision about your company without meeting you.

That said- choosing the card that is just right is crucial because the card has to speak volumes about a company’s self-worth. The things you are looking for are of course fine quality paper, classic design and a touch of foil makes a card come to life. The envelope should also be of the finest quality paper and preferably be foil lined; this way you can start impressing as soon as the envelope flap is opened!

Sending an elegant, tasteful corporate Christmas Cards is as important as your customer service department; each characterize your business the way you want to be seen.


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The Gallery Collection has many options to personalize your Christmas cards. One great choice is to display your company name on the front of the card, so when clients display your card, they are also promoting your business. Here are some card designs The Gallery Collection offers that allow you to place your company’s name on the front of the card:

Die-cut Cards
Die-cut cards feature a cut-out window on the front of the card, allowing you to display your company name through the opening.

Customizable Front (Ink Only) Cards
The Customizable Front (Ink Only) cards allow you to add text right on the front of the card. You are able to edit the font, color, and size of the desired text you’d like to add.

Custom Photo-Mount Cards
If you prefer, you are able to create an image – that includes your company name – on the front of a Custom Photo-Mount Card. There are different options for the card’s orientation and color of the card stock.

These are some of the card types which allow you to feature your company name on the front of the card. As always, the Gallery Collection carries a wide range of cards that are sure to fit your needs this holiday season.

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Company Christmas Cards That Make an Impact

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My personal favorites are the Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards which allow you to see the name of the company or CEO/Owner’s name on the front of the card. These designs add an extra dash of professionalism to your greeting cards.

Industry specific cards are wonderful as well since they show more than just a holiday sentiment. They show what is the heart behind their company.  Our trucking line has so many to choose from, and they all have a great color and can be edited to really make an impact on customers.  Doctor/dentists cards are great for patients, they are very charismatic and make patients feel very loved and cared for by the physician.  So many industry specific cards are great, and I look forward to the next batch the Gallery Collection comes up with next!  

There are also Custom Photo Mount Christmas cards which leave open a wide range of possibilities in terms of customization. There is an amazing selection of these cards also.  You may add pictures to them or company logos.  These are relatively new, and are such a fantastic line of cards.

Calendar cards are so useful all year long, you can have clients, patients, customers, family, and friends see your name everyday with your 5 lines of script.  Also, you could have a picture of your practice, company building, staff picture, or even one of the 7 wonders of the world on the calendar.  Then on the bottom put your information or even a logo of your company in our gorgeous foil print. So many ways to make these and have yourself remembered all year long.  

Of course quality is important and Gallery Collection cards have that on all the cards.