3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is an incredibly important holiday, yet it seems to fly under everyone’s radar year after year. It’s about time we acknowledge the damages being done to our planet, and find ways to make it better. Be sure to celebrate Earth Day the right way the next time April 22nd rolls around! Here are three ways you can celebrate:

  • Let’s clean up the environment! Tons and tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans, and this number grows every year. There are many volunteer groups who get together to pick up trash not only from the ocean but other places like parks, road sides and many other public places. Let’s also be aware of our plastic outtake and try to minimize it as best as we can.
  • Another way to celebrate would be to plant a tree or grow a communal garden. Other volunteer groups and/or non-profit organizations gather to plant trees in designated areas. We take so much for granted, it’s time we give back to Mother Nature.
  • Lastly, be sure to spread awareness! Earth Day is an underrated holiday and it’s important to spread awareness about the reparations done to the Earth. Let people know that they can also help out by doing volunteer clean-up, and/or adding to their daily routine by recycling more often.

The Earth is a beautiful place, so let’s try to keep it that way!


Why a Die-Cut Card?

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Whether you are sending holiday cards, birthday cards or some other sentimental card, you are sending a message that the recipient of these well wishes are important and that your company goes the extra mile to make its customers feel special. Sure, you may have other reasons to send out cards such as staying relevant in the market or keeping your name on the cusp of clients’ minds. But no matter what your thought process, you still have the recipients’ name on your list.

How many times do you walk into a business office or your doctor’s office and see beautiful cards on display? All the time especially during the holidays, I am sure. The problem is you are looking at this gorgeous card decorated card with holiday pictures or a gorgeous outdoor scene, and yet, you have no idea who sent this card.

Well now there is an easy answer to this dilemma. Die Cut cards are cards that have a window that looks to the inside of the card. In this opening, your custom imprint can be seen. You can put two lines such as FROM ALL OF US AT on line one and your company name on line two. If you prefer, you can just put your company name.

Depending on the size and detail of your logo, this die cut card window can even display your logo. No matter where your card is displayed, the people checking out the card you sent can see your company name. Die Cut cards are definitely beneficial in keeping your business name front and center.


Appropriate April Fool’s Pranks at the Office

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I guess the word to adhere to is “Appropriate.” We can all think of pranks that would be totally unacceptable for your place of work, whether it’s an office or not. So let’s not go there.

One fun prank that works, but doesn’t hurt your co-workers, is the “fake cast.” It’s great if you like to hike, bike, bowl, or play some sort of team sport, etc. because the cast and your explanation will be very believable. If April Fool’s Day is in the middle of the week you’ll have to dream up some accident other than the weekend recreation scenario. Be creative.

Now, the night before, wrap your knee with stretch gauze and secure it. Then apply some plaster of Paris and let it harden. Don’t forget to cut a slit in the back for easy on-and-off access to your knee the day of the prank. Reserve some fresh gauze to cover the slit in the cast the day you wear it. A cane is a must if you don’t have some old crutches somewhere around the house. You have to look the part.

“Oh, Bob. What happened to you?” you’ll hear as soon as you hobble into the office. “Well, I was …” and regale them with a really sad expression on your face & shocking tale! Ask someone to please get you a cup of coffee and bring it to your desk. Play it up outrageously and see how long it takes for someone to catch on. It’ll be fun – I know because I’ve already tried it!


So you went on The Gallery Collection’s website. You’ve decided which design you want for your Christmas cards this year. You found the perfect greeting that suits your company. You even crafted the perfect imprint at the bottom. And you’ve decided you want to upgrade to the foil inside your cards as opposed to ink . . . but now you’re stuck. Which foil color do I use?

If you want the elegance and sophistication that foil exudes, foil is the clear choice. But The Gallery Collection offers several foil colors to dazzle your recipients. One deciding factor between them is to look at your design. If you’ve selected a photo-mount card the border of the picture will be in silver or gold. Generally speaking, cards will look more cohesive if these foils match. Some cards have prismatic or metallic elements or specks of foil glittering on the cover. The same consideration applies with these—watch the silent videos on the website to get a better idea of how the card looks when handled and choose according to your tastes.

While some cards might not include these glitzy details, even just looking at how the colors would complement the foil is worth thinking about. Still stuck? Think about your company’s colors or logo, which could help persuade your decision. Are you doing your greeting in an ink (red, black, blue, or green)? Or maybe you’re adding signatures to your card or an ink stamp of your logo? Think about which color(s) ink you will use and how that will alter the look of your card, whether it compliments or clashes.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the foil will appear on the card stock itself. If you choose a dark-stock card, foil is your only option, so there aren’t other colors on the inside to be concerned with. Another option is to use multiple foils inside your card. For some people it is harder to see silver foil on white cards. Others find gold foil on buff appears washed out. Based on your preferences and a little fore-thought, your cards will dazzle in the foil of your choosing.

Nervous about how your card will appear? Order a proof and receive your exact card before you have hundreds produced. Not to worry, the consistent quality and excellent customer service The Gallery Collection provides will leave you satisfied every time!


Congratulations to our Ninth Round Winners!


Work & Life – A Delicate Balance

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Sometimes it can be hard to balance your work life with your personal life. Sometimes your work load is too much to handle and your personal life takes a back seat as a result. Sometimes, it’s because you’re not working enough, so your personal life will suffer. Perhaps you are working too many hours a day, or  you’re not working enough hours a day. Other times, there are just not enough hours in a day to go to work, and go out for a drink afterwards. We have all probably had a moment where we threw caution to the wind and embraced the night – only to go to work the next morning feeling like a zombie.

It’s time to balance your work with your personal life! It’s nice to spend a night out with friends, but we have to remember that work is important, and ultimately pays our bills. It’s important to do a good job at the work place, because at the end of the day, it ensures your future financial stability. Unfortunately, your personal life should take a back seat to your job, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be banished all together! If you’re not working weekends, it’s the perfect time to hang out with friends, go out for drinks and stay up late if you want! That way, you won’t run the risk of causing trouble for yourself at your place of employment! There are plenty of ways to balance your personal and professional life, so that you get the best of both worlds! 


How do Business Cards Promote You?

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How do business cards promote you? Well, for starters, a business card instills the idea of confidence and value in your position to other consumers.  Regardless of your occupation, a business card could go a long way in helping you make the right impression on key clientele or partners. However, not only does it instill those ideas, but it also gives people a true sense of who you are.

You can tell a lot about a person by their business card. It’s 2017, there are more card designs than just the generic white card with your picture and info on it. Business card designs give the card and person a little “pizzazz” which will always stick out in the customer’s mind. “Hey this person has a Facebook/iPhone template as on his business card, that’s new, that’s ‘hip’. I like their style, I’m going to give my business to them.” Also, business cards are way great way to network out and find people to collaborate with and expand your business. As this is probably the most important part about any career, networking and getting your name out there is crucial in become any successful businessperson.


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We all know sending corporate greeting cards is a great way to create a good customer relationship and adding your company logo is a smart idea. You spent time creating the perfect logo, you chose the right colors, the right shape, the perfect tag line-what better place to put it than on your holiday cards. When you send holiday cards to your clients, it sets your business apart from others; your logo should work for you. Since holiday cards are welcome you are creating goodwill and not a sales pitch. Your logo is like a small ad for your company and people remember images better than they remember words – I am sure you have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words!

I patronize the companies that care enough about the business I give them to remember to thank me during the holidays; sending Christmas cards is a cost effective way to let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty. Putting a visual reminder on the inside of the card is a great way to promote your business. You’re sending the cards out anyway, so why not make it work for you?

And remember, it is incredibly important to send the highest quality Corporate Greeting Cards your budget will allow.


6 Skills You Must Have to be Successful in Corporate America

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The ultimate achievement of success in business, is truly displayed when you are in fact the boss. A managerial or ownership position certainly has its perks and rewards; however the path towards this achievement is a merciless trudge where only the strong survive. Having the key fundamentals in business will only make the process easier. Here are a few skills you must have to be successful in corporate America.

    • Work with Integrity
      In corporate America, times may seem rough, the environment can be cutthroat, but one must always possess the ability to remain honest throughout the process. Dishonesty towards coworkers, customers and clients will only come back to bite you in the long run. Always stay true to these people, and yourself as well. No one is perfect and it’s justifiable for people to make mistakes at times. The truly honest person will admit their mistake and use it as a learning experience to never replicate that mistake. People will appreciate that more than a faster answer that may not be completely correct.
    • Be Punctual
      When asking an owner what their biggest pet peeve is, many will say the tardiness of employees. The reason why most people are employed is because they showed up to the interview on time; why should showing up to work late be any different. Work like you are always trying to land that job, never take your position for granted. In addition, always work a full day. Hard workers work hard 100% of the time they’re at work. If you can execute this skill, then it is that much easier to teach it and expect it from your own employees.
    • Be Respectful
      It should be a given that one always works with the utmost amount of respect, but it should be shown to every person you come in contact with. The saying “You never know who’s watching” applies here, as you never know who you are making a connection with. You could easily be talking to the CEO of a fortune 500 company and not realize it. In addition, working in an environment where everyone is respectful; and there is no drama, will be a positive influence on the employees and make the workplace a more positive one. Always show respect and your employees will one day follow in your footsteps.
    • Be Organized
      Being organized is clearly a given, however make sure your thoughts and ideas are organized too. Ensure any ideas or concepts are well researched and well thought out should you present them to your superiors. Being unorganized and unprepared is worse than keeping it to yourself until ready for presentation. It is difficult for someone to change their impression of you if negative. Keep everything as simple as possible and never overkill anything with complexity.
    • Be a Leader
      The ability to lead or coach is clearly a must for owners. The whole point of the system is to learn, understand and ultimately teach. Having great leadership skills will already put you at an advantage in the corporate world. Learning and grasping concepts are great for the individual person, but training in those very concepts are more valuable. A saying that best fits this skill is: “You can give someone a fish and feed them for a meal; or you can teach someone to fish and they can feed themselves forever.” 
    • Be Brave
      Bravery and courage are essential components of success. Dream big, but act small. Always do the little things and never ease up on the basic functions of work; but also set goals for yourself and always strive to reach them. Setting goals is a great way to gauge yet also inspire yourself. Never be afraid to take chances; worst case the chance you take is just a learning experience. The motto “You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” applies here. Take shots often and fire at will. If you can execute these skills in corporate America, there is a great chance you will be successful in the end.