Thanking Our Veterans This Memorial Day

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There is much confusion about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have lost their lives while in service to protect our wonderful country. Veteran’s Day is a day to say Thank you to all of those who have served our country. That being said, I do feel that on Memorial Day we should take some time to appreciate those who have done remarkable things to protect preserve our rights as Americans.

One great way to say Thank you to Veterans this Memorial Day is to visit a Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. Take your time to visit with some of the Veterans and allow them to share their stories. They have experienced interesting things. Thank them for the service.
Another way to say Thank you to a Veteran this Memorial Day is to visit a National Cemetery. You can bring a group of friends and pull weeds and plant flowers. Then pick one special name and find out more about this person. You can write a sincere letter of thanks to his family showing that their loss is appreciated.

Donating to one of the plethora of Veteran’s organization is another way to say Thank You to Veterans this Memorial Day. There are many organization out there that need funding to help get Veterans on their feet again after fighting for our country or help in the healthcare of our Veterans.

Take Memorial Day to thank our Veterans. Sure it has become known as the kick off to summer weekend and a time for barbecues and friends, but the real purpose for this holiday is to recount the sacrifices of our soldiers. Do not let the day go by without appreciating the real meaning behind Memorial Day.

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Why Greeting Cards and Marketing Go Hand In Hand

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Sending a Greeting Card is a cost effective way to market your company; to let your customers know that you appreciate their business and loyalty. Business relationships are more than just emails and phone calls, people appreciate the thoughtfulness of a genuine Greeting Card that has been personalized and mailed to them. You can be sure when your customer has a need, you will be their go-to company.

When I think of Greeting Cards I think of Birthday Cards and Christmas Cards which are great cards but when it comes to marketing purposes a Thank You Greeting Card can be right up there with the big guys.

Here are some great phrases to write on the inside of the card:

“We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service into the future.”
“Our sincere thanks for your valued business. We appreciate having you as our customer and look forward to serving you again. ”
“Thanks for placing your trust in us.”

Sending a Greeting Card is a smart way to keep one step ahead of the competition and just think, you are getting your name out there with a touch of class.


Whether it is for business or pleasure, having a box of assorted types of cards on hand can really be a life-saver. On The Gallery Collection’s website there are many boxes of cards to choose from, boasting varieties of greetings and wishes.

Having one of The Gallery Collection’s two all-occasion boxes or the fine art note cards box will give you the most flexibility if you are trying to have a little bit of everything on hand. The fine art note cards are blank on the inside with museum art masterpieces featured on the front. You could easily transform the card into any sentiment you wish, while remaining elegant and sincere.
In the two all-occasion assortment boxes there are 35 cards with 16 different designs and 38 seal-fast envelopes, just in case. The contents for box 1 are as follows: 16 Birthday, 6 Thank You, 2 Anniversary, 2 Get Well, 2 Thinking of You, and 2 Fine Art Note Cards. Box 2 has: 12 Birthday, 6 Thank You, 5 Congratulation, 4 Sympathy, 2 Anniversary, 2 Get Well, 2 Thinking of You, and 2 Fine Art Note Cards. The designs can be viewed online.

Having one of the Gallery Collection’s sturdy assortment boxes nearby, brimming with a selection of quality cards, makes any occasion worth noting. Stress less and send more regards to the people you care about at home or at the office. Your recipients will be impressed with how prepared you are and delighted over their beautiful card!


Office Birthday Party Supply Recommendations

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Happy Birthday! I have been selected to lead the Employee Birthday festivities at my company. This is so my thing. I was so excited until I realized all it entails. The first celebration came and I was so unorganized. I spent way too much money from our budget and knew that I could not do this for every person or our fund would be empty halfway through the year.

I wanted to make each birthday personalized and special for each employee without breaking the bank. What I decided to was to select only one or two packages of plates, napkins and cups in a theme that represented the employee. Then I bought in bulk a variety of solid color plates, napkins, cups and flatware. I bought enough to be used for about 4 different birthdays and just stored them away.

I also went to the local dollar store and bought some large plastic serving platters. I just keep reusing them time after time. I also picked up a couple of birthday party banners and other reusable cubicle decorations. To add a special personalized touch, I get a couple of balloons in the party theme.


Guide to Performing an Effective Job Search

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Searching for a job can be a stressful activity. How can you be sure you are doing enough to land the job of your dreams? Follow these tips and you are sure to perform an effective job search.

You should start by taking a look inward and ask yourself tough questions about what you are looking for in a new position and what your priorities are. Do you want fulfilling, meaningful work and are less worried about income, perks, and prestige? Are you willing to start at the bottom of a field that is new to you, or do you want to stay in the field you are experienced in and apply for a higher-level position? Do you have a stable position now and thus have time to really look around and be picky, or have you been laid off and are scrambling to find something, anything, quickly? Only once you answer these types of questions can you truly begin your job search.

Once you have established what you are looking for, you can begin to do research on fields, industries, and specific companies. Use websites such as Glassdoor to read reviews about companies from their current and former employees. LinkedIn is a valuable resource not only to research industries and companies but also to search for jobs once you are ready to start looking. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and is an honest reflection of your knowledge, skills, and experience. Upload a professional photo to your profile, as studies show that profiles with photos are clicked on more consistently when they come up in recruiter searches than those without photos. You can join groups on LinkedIn; the groups are mostly comprised of people in a particular industry or members of professional associations. Joining and following these groups will give you valuable information about fields you may be interested in.

Once you have zeroed in on a field (or if you already have one) you can use LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other job websites such as Indeed to search for jobs. You can also search the websites of your local and regional newspapers, or even scan the classifieds of the print versions-sometimes people just look online and you never know what you might find in the old-fashioned classifieds.

If there is a company that you are interested in working at, don’t wait to see a job posting for an open position there. Conduct online research to find an email address for the Human Resources department. Or look on a LinkedIn to find people who already work at the company (either in HR or in a department you are interested in) and reach out to them. It may at first sound like pushy or aggressive move but, if done cordially and professionally, will actually reflect very well on you. Companies like to be liked; they want to find people who are interested in working for them and generally will appreciate when you reach out to them to express that interest. HR departments in particular are happy when you can ease some of the financial burden and leg work required in recruitment. Be sure to be specific in your communication with the company; tell them what specifically interests you about their company and how you see yourself as being able to contribute to their continued success. If you don’t receive a response from the company, you could perhaps follow up in a few weeks’ time. However, it is probably better to instead just directly apply to open positions at that point. You want to seem interested, but you don’t want to become an annoyance. Keep following them on LinkedIn and Twitter, and respond favorably to their social media posts. That will keep you in their sights without being obnoxious.

Perhaps the most important job search tip is also the simplest. Once you find a job to apply to, follow the stated application directions! So many otherwise qualified candidates ruin their chances of even getting an interview by not following the directions. If they ask that you upload your resume, don’t email it! If they tell you to put the position number in the subject of an email, please do so. Companies specify these details for a reason; ignoring them will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.


3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is an incredibly important holiday, yet it seems to fly under everyone’s radar year after year. It’s about time we acknowledge the damages being done to our planet, and find ways to make it better. Be sure to celebrate Earth Day the right way the next time April 22nd rolls around! Here are three ways you can celebrate:

  • Let’s clean up the environment! Tons and tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans, and this number grows every year. There are many volunteer groups who get together to pick up trash not only from the ocean but other places like parks, road sides and many other public places. Let’s also be aware of our plastic outtake and try to minimize it as best as we can.
  • Another way to celebrate would be to plant a tree or grow a communal garden. Other volunteer groups and/or non-profit organizations gather to plant trees in designated areas. We take so much for granted, it’s time we give back to Mother Nature.
  • Lastly, be sure to spread awareness! Earth Day is an underrated holiday and it’s important to spread awareness about the reparations done to the Earth. Let people know that they can also help out by doing volunteer clean-up, and/or adding to their daily routine by recycling more often.

The Earth is a beautiful place, so let’s try to keep it that way!


Why a Die-Cut Card?

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Whether you are sending holiday cards, birthday cards or some other sentimental card, you are sending a message that the recipient of these well wishes are important and that your company goes the extra mile to make its customers feel special. Sure, you may have other reasons to send out cards such as staying relevant in the market or keeping your name on the cusp of clients’ minds. But no matter what your thought process, you still have the recipients’ name on your list.

How many times do you walk into a business office or your doctor’s office and see beautiful cards on display? All the time especially during the holidays, I am sure. The problem is you are looking at this gorgeous card decorated card with holiday pictures or a gorgeous outdoor scene, and yet, you have no idea who sent this card.

Well now there is an easy answer to this dilemma. Die Cut cards are cards that have a window that looks to the inside of the card. In this opening, your custom imprint can be seen. You can put two lines such as FROM ALL OF US AT on line one and your company name on line two. If you prefer, you can just put your company name.

Depending on the size and detail of your logo, this die cut card window can even display your logo. No matter where your card is displayed, the people checking out the card you sent can see your company name. Die Cut cards are definitely beneficial in keeping your business name front and center.


Appropriate April Fool’s Pranks at the Office

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I guess the word to adhere to is “Appropriate.” We can all think of pranks that would be totally unacceptable for your place of work, whether it’s an office or not. So let’s not go there.

One fun prank that works, but doesn’t hurt your co-workers, is the “fake cast.” It’s great if you like to hike, bike, bowl, or play some sort of team sport, etc. because the cast and your explanation will be very believable. If April Fool’s Day is in the middle of the week you’ll have to dream up some accident other than the weekend recreation scenario. Be creative.

Now, the night before, wrap your knee with stretch gauze and secure it. Then apply some plaster of Paris and let it harden. Don’t forget to cut a slit in the back for easy on-and-off access to your knee the day of the prank. Reserve some fresh gauze to cover the slit in the cast the day you wear it. A cane is a must if you don’t have some old crutches somewhere around the house. You have to look the part.

“Oh, Bob. What happened to you?” you’ll hear as soon as you hobble into the office. “Well, I was …” and regale them with a really sad expression on your face & shocking tale! Ask someone to please get you a cup of coffee and bring it to your desk. Play it up outrageously and see how long it takes for someone to catch on. It’ll be fun – I know because I’ve already tried it!


So you went on The Gallery Collection’s website. You’ve decided which design you want for your Christmas cards this year. You found the perfect greeting that suits your company. You even crafted the perfect imprint at the bottom. And you’ve decided you want to upgrade to the foil inside your cards as opposed to ink . . . but now you’re stuck. Which foil color do I use?

If you want the elegance and sophistication that foil exudes, foil is the clear choice. But The Gallery Collection offers several foil colors to dazzle your recipients. One deciding factor between them is to look at your design. If you’ve selected a photo-mount card the border of the picture will be in silver or gold. Generally speaking, cards will look more cohesive if these foils match. Some cards have prismatic or metallic elements or specks of foil glittering on the cover. The same consideration applies with these—watch the silent videos on the website to get a better idea of how the card looks when handled and choose according to your tastes.

While some cards might not include these glitzy details, even just looking at how the colors would complement the foil is worth thinking about. Still stuck? Think about your company’s colors or logo, which could help persuade your decision. Are you doing your greeting in an ink (red, black, blue, or green)? Or maybe you’re adding signatures to your card or an ink stamp of your logo? Think about which color(s) ink you will use and how that will alter the look of your card, whether it compliments or clashes.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the foil will appear on the card stock itself. If you choose a dark-stock card, foil is your only option, so there aren’t other colors on the inside to be concerned with. Another option is to use multiple foils inside your card. For some people it is harder to see silver foil on white cards. Others find gold foil on buff appears washed out. Based on your preferences and a little fore-thought, your cards will dazzle in the foil of your choosing.

Nervous about how your card will appear? Order a proof and receive your exact card before you have hundreds produced. Not to worry, the consistent quality and excellent customer service The Gallery Collection provides will leave you satisfied every time!


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