Why Proper Grammar is Key in Letter Writing

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There complementary desert is grater than hearse. Their complimentary dessert is greater than hers. The first sentence states that there exists a matching area of arid land that functions as an implement that grates in some unidentifiable relation to a vehicle that transports those who have passed away. The second sentence states that someone’s free cake tastes better than someone else’s cake. I believe these two sentences clearly illustrate the undeniable and unquestionable importance of grammar.

Perhaps you are not convinced. All grammatical errors are not as blatant as the above, and you may feel it is perfectly fine to ignore some rules of grammar once in a while. You might want to have your complimentary cake and eat it, too. Resist that temptation. Grammar is not meant to be a tedious set of rules. Its function is to assist in the accurate and coherent expression of thoughts and ideas. Certain forms of communication rely more heavily on grammar than others. In particular, proper grammar is key in letter writing. This is the case for many reasons, two of which are listed below.

Perceived Intelligence – Whether it is fair or not, most people judge the intelligence of others based upon the quality of their writing. An individual may be ignored or dismissed despite their intelligence simply because of poor grammar.

Meaningful Communication – Ideas, beliefs, and thoughts only exist outside oneself if they can be properly communicated. Faulty grammar hinders true expression as it can serve to frustrate or confuse the letter reader who may, in turn, abandon the letter without ever grasping its inherent value.

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Holiday Cards: Should Your Business Send Them?

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I remember when I use to check the mail in the morning as a kid. I’d shuffle through envelopes as if I had important mail coming, but I never had any mail for me. It wasn’t like I was paying the bills. I just liked sorting through mail; don’t ask me why. I’d look through it and anything with my dad’s name went into his pile, mail with my mom’s name went into hers, etc. I was basically the in house mail sorter. I thought I had their mail all figured out until companies began to send them huge calendars and Christmas cards. They were interesting because they usually would send them around the holiday time. They always caught my eye with all the cool Thanksgiving and Christmas designs, and some even had the companies’ names printed on them which stood out even more. One day, my mom was helping me sort through the mail and I remember her saying about one of the holiday calendar cards, “you always need these calendars around and I might need this to get the info about the company who sent it.” So, if you’re a small local company on the rise or an internationally known business with thousands of locations,  does sending Holiday Cards make sense? I would emphatically say yes.

I know some may say no because people will receive them in the mail and simply toss them. But, I have come to believe it is more than worth it to send out holiday cards. This is a chance for new customers to learn about your business or spark their interest in you. Of course, some will be thrown out, but there’s a better chance of people who won’t and will need your services. They will be more likely to contact you instead of the competitor who didn’t pay to have those cards made and sent out, since they have your info at the ready.

So yes, sending out holiday cards are one of those decisions you weigh out the pros and cons on. But personally, I feel they are more than worth the effort because I can potentially make new clients in the process. New customers will have all my contact info I’ll have new business along with new friends to enjoy the holiday season with. It’s a no brainer for me. 

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Christmas Cards Throughout History

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As with all things, Christmas cards have changed dramatically since their inception. Cards actually originated way back in the Victorian Era. In the 1920’s, Christmas cards really took on steam. At this point in history, the card designs and greetings were all religious cards. They had their own unique charm. In the years that followed, changes started to take place, and by the 1940’s, cards were moving further away from the religious theme. You could find Christmas cards with characters such as Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop.

From the 1960’s until about 2000’s, things really took a turn. Cards were getting cheekier in their humor. This period of time in general is known for the freedom movements and edginess. Naturally, Christmas cards followed suit. While there were still plenty of classic religious cards to be found, the majority of people were looking at cards with pushed towards humor and varying themes. Commercialism rose to an all-time high. Along with this change, the cost of greeting cards began to rise.

Present day greeting cards have evolved to include all extremes and everything in the middle. You can find cards truly inspired by the spirit of Christmas. As you browse the selections, you will also see some middle of the ground – not overtly religious but just offering peace and happiness. Then, there is the totally funny and outrageous. There are cards for everyone out there these days. Throughout time, greeting cards have evolved into a booming industry.


Types of Customizations for Your Greeting Cards

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Sending greeting cards are a great way for a company to show appreciation to its customers and business acquaintances. They are also a great marketing tools, so why not customize your cards and make the most of the opportunity.

From the simple to the complex, there are many ways to customize the inside of your greeting cards. Like the simple way? Select a standard greeting and upload your logo. Your logo can be imprinted below the greeting and adds that personal pop to the card. Another option is to go with your own greeting. Instead of choosing one of the standards, add your own flair by writing something specific to your company in the greeting. This will certainly make your card more memorable. Something a little more complex in the way of customizing would be to add signatures to your cards. You simply pick a card, upload your signatures, arrange them on the inside of your card, and place the order for print. It is a great way to add the personal touch to your greeting cards.

Another opportunity to customize your cards is to do front customizations. You can upload an image to the front of your card. I have seen people use pictures of their employees or of the outside of their offices. You can also take a look at digital cards where you have the ability to add your company name to the front of the card in distinct colors and fonts.
Use your greeting cards not only as a way to show appreciation but as a marketing tool using personal customizations.


How to Choose Your Christmas Card for a Small Business

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You company is in the process of ordering this year’s Christmas cards. But there are so many options! If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is some advice on how to choose your small business’s Christmas cards.

If you already know that you would like to send out Christmas cards for your company—as opposed to “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” cards— that is already a huge decision made. But now what? There are still so many options! The next thing to consider is which kind of Christmas card you’d like to send. A religious card? A traditional red and green? Silly? Industry-related? Foil and embossed? A winter scene? Ornaments? A photo-mount of your employees or your store front? Once you narrow that down, the other choices should be easier.

Next, you’ll want to think about which color ink or foil to use for the inside of your company Christmas cards. Examine the design you’ve chosen and pick the most complimentary hue. Also, you might want to consider the text you’ll have featured inside. Will you include your logo? Then maybe company colors will look sharp. Are you adding signatures? Which color will you sign in or are you having your signatures printed inside? All these small decisions come together to form your perfect card. There is no right or wrong—just whatever you like! So have fun and dazzle your recipients with your company’s own style!


Foil Folders and My Presentation

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I have been trying to sell my new online ordering business to every restaurant you can imagine. Yes, you can send the marketing email hoping that the right person reads it. Yes, you can do some cold calling hoping you talk to the right person. But let us be honest the odds of that working is slim and none and slim just left town. That is why I turned my idea into reality wrapped up with a nice bow called Presentation Folders.

I took my company logo and slogan and slapped it on the front of this sweet black folder in some sweet gold foil. I also made sure to pop my website on the bottom of the front as well. The key is to also add in some business cards to the inside so make sure your folders have slits for that. Print out nice documentation to put in the actual folder. Now you have something of substance to sell. Since I have started doing this my business has noticeably gone up. The best part is this is without a big financial investment. I buy the Presentation Folders, print the documentation and then drop them off where I think I can drum up some business.


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Celebrating Labor Day And Its Importance

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Labor Day. While sort of a misnomer (we don’t refrain from giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day, so why refrain from laboring on Labor Day?), its meaning should in no way be diminished by its unfortunate title. Celebrating Labor Day and its importance are really ways to celebrate the fruits of living a purpose-filled and meaningful existence. Whether your form of labor is toiling away at your job, studying hard in school, raising children or grandchildren, caring for aging parents, helping others through volunteer or charity work, or through any of the other multitude of ways to work, Labor Day offers the opportunity to pause and reflect on those contributions. It can be a moment to take pride in a job well done. Or, conversely, if you feel you could do more or improve in some way, this time provides a chance for valuable introspection on your own personal growth.

Another worthwhile aspect of the Labor Day experience is to shine a light not just on yourself but on the labor of others. In the course of daily living, our lives are consistently touched by the work and contributions of others. The clerk at the convenience store, the people at the power or water company, mail carriers, crossing guards, etc. all play a part in our lives. We all make each other’s existence and the quality of that existence possible. If everyone decided one day to labor no more, life as we know it would cease to exist. So, while stuffing your face with a foot long hot dog drowning in massive amounts of highly unhealthy yet delicious toppings on Labor Day, remember the contributions of yourself and others. No matter how small they may seem, they all matter.

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Should I Add A Logo To My Christmas Cards?

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Adding your company’s logo to your Christmas cards is entirely up to you. This choice hinges on your business, your intended recipients, and your purpose for sending the cards. 

Having a visual representation of your company helps customers associate your logo with your business. This recognition can be especially helpful if your logo does not use your company’s name or any other identifying factors. If this is the case, it could also be helpful to add the company name to be clear. Plus, using your logo makes you look more professional and established. Additionally, if your logo represents many branches, it could help unify your location with the rest. 

There is a reason your company has developed a logo in the first place. Maybe it was to better illustrate the type of business you do, to send a subliminal message while marketing (showing compassion, modernity, etc.), or maybe your logo was created to boast a reboot/refresh (new owner or direction). Whatever it is, the point is your logo was formed with specific intentions in mind, consciously or not. Think about if using your logo in a Christmas card could better support your intentions.