Ways To Truly Make A Business Christmas Card Your Own

When sending a business Christmas card this holiday season make sure to take the time to think it through.  There are always businesses that rush their order and do not take the time to understand how much this card can help elevate their brand.

People tend to hang up Christmas cards in the office or at the very least leave them on their desks for a while.  Get your company name out in front if you can.  It is even better if you can possibly get a picture of your team or your company logo on the front.

There is always the choice of trying out a calendar card.  These cards fold out and are useful because they could conceivably last all year long on a cubicle wall.  The key is getting your brand on there to show all year long as well.

Now on to the inside of your card where it is very important not to offend your clients.  I tend to keep it very simple and very generic.  I do not mention Christmas; I will keep it generic and say “Happy Holidays” so that it does not have a religious tone.  I also tend to make sure we have signatures on the card to give it that personal touch.  Keep these things in mind and you will do just fine this holiday season.

12 thoughts on “Ways To Truly Make A Business Christmas Card Your Own”

  1. If you have the opportunity to add your company logo and details I think you should. The card is a chance to connect to customers you don’t see on a weekly basis.

  2. I’m glad you have a variety of calendar cards. Some cards I get are so dull when they include a calendar. Your calendars are eye-catching.

  3. If you have a logo you should use it. It’s your brand that you want to have out there. Holiday cards are better with a logo.

  4. The staff here always have a little fun for Christmas; last year we all wore ugly Holiday sweaters for out annual photo card pic. I hope our clients enjoyed our wacky sense of humor.

  5. If you have the chance to insert a logo into your holiday cards you should. While a greeting can be friendly, a logo is more memorable.

  6. My boss leaves it up to me to pick a holiday card. I think we always should be mindful of different religions and pick a winter landscape instead of a Christmas tree on the front of the cards.

  7. I think it’s important to use your logo in cards if you can. I take note of a Holiday card more than I do with some ads that come in the mail so a logo gets my attention.

  8. Your example makes a lot of sense – the name of the business on the front and a bright logo inside the card looks great for the holidays.

  9. My company actually likes having “Merry Christmas” on the cards. At least at the Gallery Collection, a lot of their designs come in “Merry Christmas” as well as a more generic holiday message.

  10. The example you show is what I want to do-have our name on the front of the card & the logo inside. I like that look a lot.

  11. Whenever the holidays come around we like to advertise our logo with seasonal greetings to all our clients. Maybe we’ll use a photo card with it.

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