Are you in the Market for Greeting Cards?

How do you shop for greeting cards?  When I was in the market for our yearly supply of birthday cards, I wasn’t exactly sure where to start.  My predecessor would make trips to the local discount store to purchase greeting cards.  No offense to her as she was doing the best she could, but the cards were always so flimsy and looked cheap.  This was not how I thought our business should be represented.

The first thing I did was hit the internet.  I went to multiple sites and requested catalogs.  This was a great way to start.  Most companies not only sent me a catalog but a sample of their greeting cards and sometimes even their envelopes.  It was really helpful as I was able to compare the quality of greeting cards from each company.

Once I narrowed down my choice to The Gallery Collection, I hopped on their website to see their full line of greeting cards.  It was so difficult to select one from all the beautiful designs.  They were nice enough to send me samples of my 6 favorite.  I then passed them along to my colleagues in the Human Resources Department for a vote.  We have the perfect birthday cards that I am proud to send to our customers and staff.

11 thoughts on “Are you in the Market for Greeting Cards?”

  1. There’s a lot of competition for business and I think sending out a card that’s well made and beautifully designed wins my vote. With the increased cost of mailing why not send the best quality you can.

  2. My free time is limited so I like to shop by phone & internet. But it’s really a help to get samples of the cards I like to help me select one special Xmas card. Thank you for the chance to hold the cards before I buy them.

  3. We’re isolating at home so internet shopping is getting heavy at my house. I like that I can get samples of the cards I like before I make my holiday card choice. Thanks Gallery Collection.

  4. Your catalog & sample cards give me a good idea of what I want before I go online to place an order. I do almost all my holiday shopping that way since I don’t drive anymore.

  5. I just placed an order for birthday cards. Really excited to see how they turn out. We’ve only ever order Christmas ones before, but I wanted to send out more cards this year since our office is working from home.

  6. If you’re shopping online now as most of us have been for the past 6 months you’ll be glad to shop here for cards. You can get samples of the cards you want to order so it’s never a bad surprise when the cards arrive.

  7. My boss is always in the market for birthday cards and holiday cards every year. Getting samples is the best way to pick the right card. It makes online shopping less of a gamble.

  8. Yes, I am in the market for cards for my company. I’m getting several catalogs, then I’ll get samples, and we should be ready to order in another month. Wish me luck that we all agree on which cards to get.

  9. Yes, I was “in the market” for a card that would suit several needs-get well, thank you, just a note, and even a birthday wish. I saw the sample of Irises and knew it was just right. The blank cards are perfect.

  10. If you’re in the market for your company birthday or sympathy cards you need to ask for samples. The catalogs and the internet are great but nothing beats the actual card in your hand before you commit to a huge number of cards.

  11. We need at least 200 Birthday cards through the year and it’s better to buy in bulk than have to run out at the last minute to get one or two at a time.

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