Business Made Easy, Keep in Touch

Some people make the mistake of thinking in business you only need to talk to your clients when there is something wrong or when they need something from you. That is the biggest mistake you can make. There are always reasons to keep your brand in the forefront of your client’s minds.

Send a greeting card for all the right occasions. If it is Thanksgiving send out a card, if it is Christmas send out a holiday card…never take these moments for granted. You get to show your clients that you appreciate their business and they will end up putting your cards on a desk or on a cubicle wall where your company name can live for a while.

There are other methods of communication that are a must in business. Sending emails to stay in touch is a good way to keep your brand out there. Also, make sure to send a personalized gift to your clients once in a while. Remember, you want to have your clients remember your name but also getting your brand out in front of more people can now happen if people can see your logo. If you follow these simple steps expect great things to come!

7 thoughts on “Business Made Easy, Keep in Touch”

  1. Sending out a holiday card, even a small ‘thank you’ note is enough to show your customer’s you care.

  2. Ever since we started our home business we send cards to all our clients with our business name in them, but we still sign them by hand.

  3. I personally really appreciate it and take notice when a business sends me a thank you note after I have purchased from them.

  4. So true! I actually look forward to the calendar card my chiropractor sends me every year. I appreciate that even though I don’t go as often as I used to they still value me as a client.

  5. I work at a small, family-owned company. Cards really add to the personal touch.

  6. I go for acupuncture and the doctor sends a birthday card and a new year card. It really makes them stand out.

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