Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders

Recently I received very classy company holiday cards from a group I had done business with about 3 years ago.  When it arrived I thought it was from my cousin who owns her own business and it is doing very well.  It was a beautiful envelope with a gold foil lining and a frilly edge.  The return address was in gold foil and it really was impressive.  At that point when I saw the company who sent it I was surprised.  While they did a great job for me a few years back, I had forgotten about them.  I thought about it and as it just so happened I realized I could utilize their expertise on an upcoming job I was involved with.  I contacted them and we set up a meeting to discuss doing business together again.

I am so happy that this group decided to do company Christmas cards to all their past customers and business associates. If they had not contacted me I would have had to put out this job for bid. I now can deal directly with a company I have first hand knowledge does a really good job. What a time saver those holiday cards were for me, and more business for them!

Corporate Christmas Cards: Employee Edition

Corporate Christmas cards help spread holiday cheer to clients and patrons alike. And they can be good for business too, seeing as they are a great way to advertise. But during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to share some of that Christmas cheer with the people who help make your business possible—your dedicated employees!

I’ve been working retail the past three years, and, most of the time; it feels like a thankless job. Let’s be honest, there isn’t much glamour in cleaning out messy fitting rooms. And sometimes, customers can be rather…interesting, to put it nicely. It’s hard not to feel like just another cog in this well-oiled machine, being that I have sales goals to hit, and levels of service to reach. Every day. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. The under-appreciated life of a sales clerk.

But there is hope! I work for a company that sends out company holiday cards. My bosses take the time to show us that they do value the work we do, and sometimes, all it takes is a small token of appreciation to help you make it through the day. And they don’t just stop at holiday cards. I’ve also received cards for my birthday, and one card every year for my job anniversary. It’s nice to know I work for a company that cares about me.

Sending Business Christmas Cards Can Be Contagious

While family and friends were visiting with me over the holidays, my cousin Jean noticed the beautiful Christmas card that I had received from The Gallery Collection which, along with the many holiday cards I received, was displayed on my credenza. When I told her the card was from my employer, she commented on what she felt was a very thoughtful gesture, that an employer would take the time to remember employees and associates, and being the owner of a small company herself, she decided she would like to send business Christmas cards to her associates and employees in the future.

Jean was impressed with the quality and design of the card I received and wanted to know how she could view an assortment of company holiday cards for her associates.  I suggested she log on to The Gallery Collection to view the wide assortment of designs and styles available.

After having thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the large selection of Christmas cards offered, Jean chose Design 585CS – City Snowfall. Chain reaction?  Yes, indeed. She now has her colleagues complementing her on the beautiful card and would like to know how they could order similar cards. Season’s Greetings!

Self Proclaimed Holiday Greeting Cards Snob

Working for a greeting card company has turned me into a snob when it comes to holiday greeting cards! Whenever I see greeting cards in stores, I judge them! First, I critique the design on the front of the card. Second, I have to feel the greeting card to check the quality of the paper stock. Is it matte, glossy, textured, thick, or thin?

I have seen many of our competitors’ business Christmas cards and can’t help but compare them to our own company holiday cards. It seems I am constantly keeping an eye out for greeting cards and how their quality measures up. When I am in the doctor’s office I examine all of the greeting cards they have on display. When I received a flimsy holiday greeting card from my dentist, I asked her why she ordered her Christmas cards from Company X. I then hand delivered a Gallery Collection greeting card catalog to her!

I often stop in stationery and gift stores to check out what’s new in the world of greeting cards. While many of the greeting card designs are quite pretty, the quality is a whole different story. I can’t believe what some companies sell! Some of the greeting card stock feels like construction paper. Other paper is so thin, and sorry, I must use the word “cheesy!” The printing in some of these holiday greeting cards looks like a rubber stamp was used. Oh and touch a greeting card with sparkles and glitter and you’ll be wearing it on your clothes and face well into the New Year!

I know our customers appreciate the quality of our holiday greeting cards. They buy their company holiday cards with confidence. I know OUR (capitalization = pride) holiday cards are the highest quality material and our printing is precise. Certainly a great value for the money!