Why Successful Companies Send New Year Cards

Your customers & clients are the bread and butter of your company. Valued vendors create a backbone of support and reliability. Successful companies know the value in winding down a rewarding year – and paving the way for the next – by sending  quality New Year cards to everyone on their list.

New Year cards provide the opportunity to do 3 things; Thank your customers and vendors for the role they play in your business, Wish them a successful year ahead and, as an ‘end of the season’ gesture, you’ll also be leaving a fresh and lasting impression certain to translate into good will (and potential business) well into the new year.

A Happy New Year card acknowledges the on-going relationship – one of mutual benefit and shared success into the New Year and beyond. Sending a premium New Year card like those available at The Gallery Collection speaks volumes about how you see – and value – that relationship. It will be appreciated and remembered.

Choose from a wide variety of designs to fit the tone you want to present, from the classic look of Sparkling New Year to ‘New Years Eve’ bright and bold Prism . Celebrate with New Year Fireworks or toast the old and new with a little Bubbly.

Let the style suit your business and your taste but be sure you do take the time to send an end of the year reminder – and thank you – to your valued connections. It’s a gesture sure to have ongoing rewards.

Why You Should Purchase New Year’s Cards

New Year, New You! Chances are you’ve probably heard this phrase uttered countless times throughout every month of January.  Often, it’s said in reference to improving oneself whether through increasing your physical activity, learning a skill, becoming a better friend or family member, etc.  It certainly is a worthwhile notion and one that should be taken seriously.  The turning of the calendar to a new year marks the passage of time, which serves to highlight the fact that time is finite.  Changes can’t be put off forever, and a new year can be the spark that ignites action.  Despite the positivity of this exercise, not everyone is quick to embrace the idea even though it truly is a benefit to us all.  For some, another year must feel like another chance to be disappointed, sad, or just another opportunity for more of the same unfulfilling ventures as last year.  It is these people who can use a little encouragement or a little push to open their eyes to the possibility that something better can be attained and that stagnation is not a guarantee.  This is a great reason why you should purchase New Year’s cards.

            New Year’s cards are by nature optimistic affairs.  It’s quite difficult to receive a New Year’s card and ignore its message of opportunity.  Sending a New Year’s card, especially to those who really need one, is a simple but resonant way to both wish happiness to others while at the same time prodding them to achieve more of that contentment for themselves.  That’s a pretty powerful duo, right?

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

It’s the fourth quarter of another business year and it’s coming to a close.  As such the respective parties in your business are probably reviewing and planning for the New Year, and if not should be!  In modern day business New Year’s resolutions are crucial to the success of a company.  New companies are starting up overnight, current businesses are competing for the position at the top.  To make sure your business stays on top, here are some resolutions that will definitely help ensure that spot.

  • New Year, New You

Has your company hit a dry spell?  If so, step outside your everyday perspective and take an overall look at the company, are there any outdated policies or methods you are still using?  Speak with your employees, make sure they have the tools to compete in the present day business world.  How effective is your marketing and advertising? Even rebranding just to freshen things up can help get your business back on the map.

  • Revisiting and Reviewing

The only way you can figure out what’s wrong is looking at what you’ve done.  Find out where you went wrong in a deal, or maybe just how you could’ve handled it better.  Look at your list of clients or customer base and analyze who makes up this group and why they choose you then capitalize on it.  Start a loyalty program for those clients who have revisited you to let them know you appreciate them.  Even small things like greeting cards wishing them a happy new years can be what keeps that relationship going.

  • Evolution and Commitment

Punctuality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, etc., all of these practices you may take on in this upcoming year only matter if you dedicate yourself to them.  Commitment to the new you is all it takes to transforming your company into a more successful one so come up with those New Year’s resolutions and stick to them!

My First Time Sending Christmas Cards

I’m 35 years old and this is the first year that I sent out Christmas cards. I just never thought it was very important. That’s kind of strange since I really enjoy getting them. It all started as I began wondering about all the cards I get, and why people send them even though they’ve never gotten one in return. I get them mostly from friends and relatives that I usually see around Christmas, and so I get to wish them happy holidays in person. But still, they take the time to send me a card as an added little expression of cheer and I suddenly started to feel a little bit guilty.

Actually, the more I thought about it, the more I realized everyone I know sends me a card. Even the company I work for sends cards out to all the employees, and business Christmas cards to all their customers. So I decided I would send out cards that look awesome, don’t cost much, and don’t require too much time on my part. I got a nice customized greeting, signed them and sent them off.

I know I sound like I’m just “keeping up appearances”, and I guess that’s part of it. And maybe I haven’t got quite the right attitude about it yet, but there’s hope. And this will truly be a Happy New Year, because everyone coming to my party tonight got a card from me!