Why should my Business send Holiday Cards?

Sending Holiday cards to your customer, vendors and employees is a necessary for any business.  The extra expense of these tokens of gratitude will prove worthwhile in the end.  It is an advertising method that has been around for years with proven success.

Your customers and clients will appreciate that you are thinking of them during the holidays.  It is a show of appreciate for their business and will inspire them to continue working with you in the future.  Holiday cards show to your customers that their business is valued. 

Vendors that you deal with daily or monthly basis will also see that they are on your mind when they receive their holiday cards.  This could result in better discounts on future orders or maybe other perks such as free samples.

As for your personnel, any employee acknowledgement always leads to a more successful company.  Happy employees make for a better bottom-line.  The holiday season is the perfect time to thank them for all their hard work and effort.  I suggest you mail these cards to their households.  Getting a sign of gratitude such a holiday card mailed to their home will truly make them feel special.

Holiday greeting cards will result in only positive feedback from all of your recipients.

Religious Christmas Cards Share The Spirit Of The Season

Sending out religious Christmas cards can be a gamble. When you are sending holiday cards for business it is usually best to be more generic and include everyone. “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” are the sentiments normally sent out , especially for corporate cards. It is understandable, especially for businesses, that the sender would not want to offend any of their recipients.

 	 Joy and Peace Nativity Christmas Card

But when it comes to personalized Christmas cards, I think most people are aware that Christmas is a religious holiday, and sending out a religious card is an acceptable way to recognize it. In fact, sending out a religious card, or at least one that actually mentions Christmas, is perfectly acceptable for those of you that want to share your holiday greetings with friends and family alike. If someone sends you a card for a holiday you don’t celebrate, it is not meant to insult, but rather to simply share the spirit of the season. Picture yourself receiving a card from someone wishing you a “Happy (insert holiday you don’t celebrate)”! Your reaction would probably be less “How dare they!” and more “That was nice of them to think of me.”  So if you come across a lovely religious Christmas card that you would love to send and share, chances are the recipient will be happy to share the spirit in which it was sent.

Holiday Cards For Business – It’s The Thought That Counts

We have all heard of the age old saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” You would usually refer to this saying if you receive something that you either did not want or felt someone put very little thought into presenting you with. The same comparison can be made about holiday cards for business. You get a card, open it up, and it is so flimsy that you only response can be, “Well, it’s the thought that counts…I guess.”

When a company chooses to order their holiday cards from The Gallery Collection, they are demonstrating the fact that they care about the message that they’re sending to their customers and clients. They can choose from many appealing and appropriate designs. Next they can select a greeting from the many offered, or they can customize their own greeting. Next they choose the coloring of the print inside from one of the lovely ink choices or elegant gold or silver foil. A company can further personalize their corporate holiday cards by adding a company logo or employee signatures.

From the time the recipients open up one of these holiday cards and see the elegantly lined envelopes, and after pulling out the card and seeing how beautifully it is adorned, they will realize that this is a card experience like no other. Once they feel the weight of the sturdy card and proceed to open it they will be excited by the elegance within. They will definitely know that a lot of thought went into the selection of that card and that their business relationship with the company was appreciated.

As a business you do have the option of buying a box of ordinary holiday cards, but when your customers receive Gallery Collection business holiday cards, they will know that they were well thought of…and that is what really counts!

Business Holiday Cards are a Meaningful Gesture

In these tough economic times it can be expected that gift giving amongst businesses and business associates during the holidays will be curtailed if not altogether done away with. What a shame. This is a nice way to show your appreciation for those you have worked with or for those you have done business with during the past year. But all is not lost. First of all I wouldn’t know what to do with yet another coffee mug or picture frame. But what I would not want to go without would be the lovely business holiday cards I receive and send.

A clever way to display your business holiday cards and Christmas cards in your home.
A clever way to display your business holiday cards and
Christmas cards in your home.

I send at least 100 holiday cards for business to my associates each year and about 75 Christmas cards to my family and friends. Not a year has gone by that I don’t hear from someone how they appreciated such a beautiful card and thoughtful gesture. If they are like me, they display their holiday cards all around their work area and their Christmas cards all around their home so as to be reminded that they are important or are loved by someone very important to them. This small but meaningful gesture leaves a lasting impression throughout the year.