Tips on Ordering Holiday Cards Online

With the advancement of modern technology, many of us are doing more and more of our daily tasks online. From paying bills, managing our checking account and shopping using the worldwide web has become the norm for everyday jobs. It has definitely made life a bit easier to complete errands.

This year I was given the responsibility of ordering our company holiday cards. I was so excited but a little anxious. It is a big responsibility and I wanted to make sure everything was just right. The first step I took was to investigate the different greeting card companies. This made my choice easy. I simply chose the company that had the best customer service ratings.

I found that when using The Gallery Collection, I was able to preview my greeting, custom imprint, and logo which allowed me to check and double check all my spelling and punctuation. It was also great to be able to play around with the different colors. Review you’re the inside of your card with all your color choices to make sure you pick just the right one. With this card I chose, I checked out the greeting in gold, red and green.

My next tip is to make sure you take your time and read all the small print when ordering your holiday cards online. You don’t want to miss any details. I saw that I was able to change the envelope style to laser which works best for us as we use a finicky laser printer to imprint our envelopes. I also took my time reading the small print when ordering my holiday cards and found these great gold foil seals to use in helping to close my envelopes.

It is great to have the convenience of ordering your holiday cards online. Be sure to follow these basic tips to help you along your way.

Sending New Year’s Cards Makes Your Business Unique

Sending holiday cards pronouncing “Merry Christmas” or “Season’s Greetings” has become the norm for most businesses.  It is important to create a relationship with clients or customers by remembering them during the crazy holiday season and making them feel a special warmth.  But why not take the opportunity to be a more original and really stand out from the crowd? Sending New Year’s Cards will definitely make your business unique.

Your company can take a break from the tradition by sending New Year’s Cards wishing people the hope for a healthy and prosperous New Year.  These cards can be mailed out any time before January 15 which means that they will not have necessarily be received with the tons of other cards companies are mailing.  This will allow your company the unique advantage of standing out.  Another plus to mailing New Year’s Cards is that no matter what the recipient’s faith, this card will be appreciated.  You will not take the chance of offending anyone.

Sending New Year’s Cards can make your company unique because you will not just be another holiday card.  Your card will not display the typical snowman, tree, etc. but will instead, have a fun lighthearted theme sure to be remembered.  It will ease the hustle and bustle of the season because you can mail them after the rush.  Don’t let your business greeting be lost in the shuffle!  Have your New Year’s themed cards delivered after the rush.

Exercises You Can Do At Work

Keeping your body in shape is definitely not an easy feat especially when you are working at your desk.  It is important to keep your muscles moving and your heart pumping.  Sitting idly is not good for your body or your mind.  Think there is no way to find the time to keep your body healthy?  Well, I have some easy solutions to get you started!

As with any exercising, start with basic stretching.  Yes, I said stretching right at your desk.  As you exercise, make sure you are keeping your shoulders back and your head straight in order to help with your core.  Start with 8 slow moving neck rolls to keep your body relaxed.  Next, work on stretching your arms by bringing them straight in front of you and raising them up and down.  Try to do two set of 8.  Even simply pumping your arms overhead for 30 seconds will be progress.  Something else you can do is, lift each shoulder individually similar to a shrug with again two sets of 8.  To work your stomach muscles, simply sit up straight and twist at the waist.  Start out slow and work up to multiple sets.

You can work your legs also even though you are stuck in that chair.  Sit upright with both feet flat on the floor pulling in your abdominal muscles.  Then, lift one leg, hold for ten seconds then lift the other.   Try to repeat 8 times.  Another way to work on your legs is to cross your ankles and lift your legs again keeping your stomach tight.  Apply some downward pressure on your knees and hold until your muscles are tired.  Simply lifting your knees to your chest can aid in keeping your muscles fit.  The silent seat squeeze is a great way to work your glutes without anyone knowing you are even exercising.  Just squeeze your buttocks and hold for 5 or 10 seconds.

Here are some basic tips to keep your body ready for any situation.  Make sure you are drinking water.  Water is essential to staying in good health.  Also, make sure you are making good decisions.  Standing is always better than sitting so stand whenever possible.  I know that elevator or escalator is tempting, but how about taking those stairs?  Even if you start by only walking up one flight and build on that, it will help your body engage.  At lunch instead of hanging out in the break room, head outside for a walk around the building.  I also find it beneficial to park my car at the opposite side of the parking lot from my office building’s door.  No matter how tired you are at the end of a crazy day, you will have no choice but to walk those extra few steps.  It is imperative to keep your muscles moving and your heart pumping!

Why Calendar Cards are a Wise Business Investment

Any productive business usually sends out some form of a holiday card to celebrate their relationships with their clients and customers. Calendar cards are a wise alternative that any company should consider. They are a wise business investment for any company. With a calendar card, a business is not just doing a one time advertisement, but they are making a year long lasting impression. Most of the time, once the holiday season has come to an end those gorgeous holiday cards are tossed in the trash and never seen again. Calendar cards can be displayed and referred to throughout the year making your cards a valuable commodity.

In the bottom portion of the calendar card, a company has the ability to customize the card by typesetting their company name, address, phone number, website and any other pertinent information. The company is also able to have their logo added in this area. And who doesn’t need a calendar displayed at their desk? Your customer will display this card and always remember you in their time of need. It is a one time investment that is referred to long after the holiday season ends. Calendar cards are a wise business investment.