Assorted Greeting Cards Will Get me Organized!

I start out each year with the same thought: “I am going to get organized! This is the year that I will be the person I want to be.” Who is that, you might ask? I want to be the person who has a place for everything, and everything in its place. Not the person who has small piles of papers, laundry, magazines, bills etc. all over the house. I want to be the person who quickly and efficiently accomplishes all of those items on her to-do list. Not the person who loses her to-do list! I want to be the person who remembers all of her family and friends’ birthdays and sends them birthday cards that arrive either on or before the actual day. Not the person who remembers the day before, the day of, or let’s face it, more often than not the day after (okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes it’s been the week after).

This year I’m going to be armed with assorted greeting cards so that I am never caught off guard. Whenever I realize that I need to send birthday cards or thank you cards, I can go and find the perfect greeting card from my boxed birthday cards. My aunt recently came to a family get-together and went around asking everyone their birthdays and writing it in a book she had received as a gift called “The Book of Birthdays.” I thought it was the coolest thing. I thought I had found just what I needed to get organized and be on top of sending greeting cards, which obviously is no small feat. It’s basically just a book like a journal with all of the days of the year so you can write everyone’s birthday, anniversary, etc. in it and be ready to mail out assorted greeting cards. No more transferring birthdays and anniversaries to the new calendar year after year. Especially since last year I threw away the old calendar and didn’t realize until a week later that I hadn’t copied over all those very important dates! Of course, then I realized that I would actually need to remember to go pull out the book each week to see if there were any special occasions coming up that I needed to send greeting cards for, and I lost my enthusiasm.

Now I’ve signed up at one of those websites that will remind you via email or text message when you have an important occasion coming up and need to send greeting cards. You can determine when you want the reminder sent and if you need a second reminder, they even do that too. So I’m all set. Now, I just need to find my to-do list!

Party at the Garden…Don’t forget the Birthday Cards!

How many birthday cards do you think celebrities get on their birthdays? It’s not just family and friends who send them. There are business contacts. There are members of the press. There are thousands of fans. You may be asking yourself why a gal like me would be sitting here, pondering such a question, but it didn’t come up out of the blue.

As I sat in Madison Square Garden on Valentine’s Day, enjoying the sights and sounds of Matchbox Twenty, the band pointed out that it was also lead singer Rob Thomas’s birthday. Rob’s wife, Marisol, brought a cake out on stage, and the words “Happy Birthday!” shone on the screen behind them as we were led in a rousing version of the song. Rob good-naturedly pointed out how wonderful it was to be sung to by 15,000 people singing in 15,000 keys.

I turned to my friend and said “Just how many birthdays are we going to spend at the Garden?” We had been there almost a year prior for Elton John’s sixtieth birthday. It was a different cake and a different crowd, but just as much confetti shot through the air and onto the spectators lucky enough to have floor seats.

Instead of the regular, run-of-the-mill confetti used in celebrations such as concerts and ticker-tape parades, we could recycle old birthday cards! Shred them up, spray them out, and as an added bonus, the confetti would be sparkly and shimmery thanks to the foils used in the original designs. As you can probably tell, working at a business birthday cards greeting card company makes you look at everyday things from a slightly different perspective. But really, what’s wrong with that?

Business Birthday Cards Inspired by a President

I recently purchased stamps from the USPS so that I could mail out business birthday cards for my company, and there was an interesting quote from John Adams on my receipt:

“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”
John Adams, 1765

This quote got me to thinking how nice it would be to write a personal note on all of the birthday cards I send out. Every employee enjoys receiving that special card to help celebrate their birthday. Would it mean more to them to include a handwritten note in their greeting cards telling them how much they are appreciated? After all, John Adams said “Dare to think, speak and write,” so I decided to give it a try to see the response.

One of the next upcoming birthday cards that I had to send was Melody’s. How original can I be? She is so creative that my idea could backfire, but I decided to write her a poem. Melody was so touched and surprised that I took the time to personalize her birthday card. Maybe it is a small step and surely not the type of writing that John Adams meant, but it certainly got me thinking and made Melody happy. Next in line…Dolly and Lauren! I am sure I can have fun with what I will write in their birthday cards.

I am sure John Adams had more on his mind with his quote, but isn’t making someone happy on their birthday just as important as writing an epoch? That may be going a little overboard but you can never tell, all this thinking about what to say may get me to writing the next great American novel.

Personal Birthday Cards Kept as Treasures in Grandma’s Scrapbooks

My vivacious grandmother, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday last November, kept a busy social calendar. In the Roaring Twenties-era storage trunks that she secured with worn brown leather belts – buckle and all – I recently came across a set of her beloved scrapbooks, which she had begun in high school and continued to fill throughout her life. What struck me was that in each book, amid the newspaper clippings, letters, and photographs that meant so much to her, she had dedicated several pages to personal birthday cards that had been given to her and that she especially treasured.

As attractive as these assorted birthday cards were, I knew this wasn’t why she had held onto the greeting cards. She was touched by how the birthday cards were personalized. All of the birthday cards were inscribed with a loving, handwritten message from one of her friends or family members. “A friend no finer could I find; while I’m no poet, I hope you love me enough not to mind…” reads one in flowing script. Another, from her father, expresses how proud he is of the “strong and resolute young lady” she has become. I found a few poignant business birthday cards from coworkers, one of whom wished her “a birthday as gorgeous and inspiring as you are,” this in the midst of Grandma Tjo’s grueling cancer treatments.

For most of these greeting cards, it likely took the senders only a minute or two to write good wishes to my grandmother. I wish they all knew what that meant to her.

Birthday Cards are the Right Choice for Both Colleagues and Friends

Business birthday cards let you share inspiring messages with employees, coworkers, and customers on their special days. Keeping a variety of business birthday cards on file at your desk means you’re always prepared with perfect greeting cards whenever you may need one. Taking that extra step by sending greeting cards to people you work with could turn out to be a vital part to your company’s success and retention of employees and vendors.

Everyone wants to know that their clients and associates are thinking of them. Exchanging greeting cards is an easy and unique way to stay in touch with these valued individuals. If you keep assorted birthday cards on hand at work you will always be ready to send greeting cards when the occasion comes along. To stay organized, I keep a simple spreadsheet with all of my Gallery Collection coworkers’ and vendors’ birthdays listed, so that at a glance I know when to send out corporate birthday cards or any type of greeting cards.

After I select greeting cards for each person, I write a short but personal message. Sending out birthday cards to people you know gives them a reason to pause and think for a few minutes about the person who sent the greeting card. When they receive the birthday cards and realize you have been thinking about them, it helps to nurture that relationship, whether it is personal or business related.

Business Greeting Cards…A Golden Opportunity

Holidays and Special Occasions come and go…very much like an opportunity. Some opportunities are often very obvious while others may be somewhat obscure. As a business, whether small or large, the use of greeting cards can offer a golden opportunity to keep your company’s name and image in front of your customers throughout the year, strengthen relationships with business associates, and foster goodwill amongst employees. Here are some tidbits for a properly executed business greeting cards program:

Holiday Cards – extend your good wishes of the holiday season. But keep in mind that the card design and greeting should reflect the holiday that the individual celebrates.

Birthday Cards – can be sent to employees as a form of promoting goodwill and adding a personal aspect to these relationships. Birthday cards sent to business associates or customers can be a means of building relationships and offers the opportunity to express your gratitude for their valued business. In either case, be mindful of the type of card that is sent. For instance, a humorous card may not be appropriate for everyone. Birthday cards can be sent to the office or to the home depending on the type of relationship. If the relationship is one that is more casual and personal, then it is appropriate to send to the home. If the relationship is more formal, then it would be best to send to the office.

Thank You Cards – provides a way to thank a customer for an order or a business associate for a sales lead or referral. Thank you cards can also be a means of offering a promotion or discount to customers and clients as a special thank you for their continued business. Thank you cards may also be used to provide encouragement and thank an employee for a job well done. These greeting cards can be customized with your message and company name but should be hand signed and hand addressed. If the card is blank on the inside, at least three sentences should be written with the first sentence specifically mentioning the specific item or deed which you are thankful for. Remember to check for any spelling and grammatical errors.

Get Well, Sympathy, Thinking of You Cards – can be sent to an employee or business contact who is ill or has experienced a loss. Thinking of You cards can be used interchangeably with either of these occasions in which you may not want to specifically mention an illness or death. A hand written note should be included and the card should be sent to the home.

Keep the above in mind and your business greeting cards will surely turn into a golden marketing opportunity.

Keep an Assortment of Birthday Cards on hand – someone will really appreciate it!

One of my fondest memories from childhood was celebrating my birthday each year. Because I was a child, of course the presents mattered most, but I always enjoyed receiving birthday cards from my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. The enjoyment has carried on through out my adolescence and into adulthood.

In today’s fast-paced world, there are many ways to wish someone in your family, a co-worker, or a client a happy birthday. In my opinion an e-mail, phone call, or electronic birthday card takes a big back seat to getting the real thing…an actual birthday card. I think everyone should have a box of assorted birthday cards on hand to reach out and brighten up that special day of those around you.

I am always happy to open birthday cards from family members, friends, or business associates. I believe the time it takes to wish someone a happy birthday is time well spent. Your recipients will enjoy your warm wishes for sure, and what an easy way to keep in touch and let them know how important they are, just by sending greeting cards! I think this gesture requires just a bit of effort, but will be rewarding for both the sender and the card opener. And naturally…this all hit me when I was reading my birthday cards this year!

How I Spent my Birthday

When I asked my boss for my birthday off, I was told that in order to grant my request, she would have to have my word that I would detail the happenings of my birthday for her. I thought that perhaps she was taking “living vicariously” a bit too far, but I agreed.

Taking my birthday off was, of course, all part of my master plan. I was able to spread the event across two days because my colleagues acknowledged it the day before (Wouldn’t we all spread it across the entire week, if we could?). I was presented with a birthday cake, a giant chocolate chip cookie, and various birthday cards, suggesting the gifts and cake and ice cream that might be in store the next day. If there is anything bad about being born in January, it may be that your friends and colleagues are all on diets and refuse to partake in the birthday goodies! Oh well, more to take home.

I headed home that night with my arms full of left over birthday cake and presents. Out of habit, I woke up around seven the next morning, but I smiled and rolled back over to enjoy an extra couple of hours of sleep. When I finally got up, it was a little after nine and I wondered how I would spend my morning. A friend called and offered to take me to iHop, and I wondered no more. Eggs, bacon, coffee, and a never-ending stack of pancakes – it sure beats the instant oatmeal I toss in my bag on usual mornings while I’m rushing out the door!

I stopped at Mom & Dad’s after breakfast, where I was presented with cards from them and from my little brother, who isn’t very little anymore, considering he’ll be twenty-five this July. I reminded my mother that I am officially “pushing thirty” now, and it made me feel a little better that, while I may be kissing my twenties goodbye in another year, she’s the one who has to come to terms with the fact that her oldest is about to enter a new decade. Perhaps I should send her a Thinking of You card around New Year’s, 2009!

With birthday cards often comes money or gift cards, both of which I received that afternoon. I immediately high-tailed it to Best Buy and spent it all in no time flat. I have a few talents, but spending is the one I excel at most. I was home in time to watch Oprah as I logged on to my email to see who else had remembered my birthday with greetings and well-wishes. Then it was off to dinner with another friend. The scale may not like me too much after my day of pancakes and cheese fries, but my stomach was quite satisfied!

Before I knew it, it was another morning of the alarm clock ringing and me having to figure out what I was going to wear to work. I got to my desk this morning and thought how glad I was to have left all the birthday cards on my shelf on Monday afternoon instead of taking them home. My birthday may be over in the official sense, but those cards allow me to extend the feeling a little longer.

Remember your Clients with Business Birthday Cards

Does your company send out birthday cards to your customers? Does your company give you an employee birthday card each year? If they don’t, I think it would be a good suggestion! The tradition of sending birthday cards started in England about 100 years ago. Originally, greeting cards were often sent as an apology when you could not visit someone in person. Today we regularly send birthday cards, whether you can make the visit or not.

Business birthday cards are a nice gesture from a business to their employees and/or their clients and customers. It is a nice way for companies to show their appreciation and let you know that you are remembered on your birthday. Sending birthday cards is a good way for businesses to gain respect from their customers and to show them that they are more than just a number or a dollar sign. A lot of companies make the mistake of forgetting about their clients once a deal is sealed and they become a customer. But sending a business birthday card is a simple way to be sure your important customers know you haven’t forgotten about them, and it’s an easy way to make a lasting impression.

So if the company you work for does not do this already, make the suggestion of sending out birthday cards to your employees and clients. By showing them that you’re thinking of them on their special day with a birthday card, they will continue their business with you, turning this common ritual into an inexpensive, yet extremely prosperous investment.

Birthday Wishes

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your birthday wishes could come true? To me, a perfect birthday would go as follows:

• Waking up in the morning without the use of an alarm clock. What a drag it can be getting up to the same buzzing sound every morning.
• A nice hot breakfast in bed. Nothing starts the day off better than some bacon and eggs.
• A commute to work without any traffic!
Business birthday cards filled with birthday wishes from my co-workers. While we’re at it, maybe the cards will include a big bonus.
• Dinner at a restaurant of my choice. That’s right…no cooking for the birthday boy.
• A nice big chocolate cake with about 10 less candles on top of it. I don’t want anyone to know my true age.

Finally, what’s a birthday without the gifts? Chances are that I will be getting the same old standard presents: New socks, a gift card and maybe even a book or two. It would be great if I could replace those gifts with the following:

• Two tickets to the next big baseball game.
• Birthday cards filled with thousand of dollars.
• A big screen television with a matching recliner chair.
• A surprise vacation to some place warm.

Okay, so maybe I’m not being realistic. But it sure would be nice if I could just get one of my birthday wishes.