Traditional or Contemporary Corporate Christmas Cards – the Choice is yours!

Is your company more conservative and traditional or is it more modernistic and newfangled? When selecting corporate Christmas cards to send to your clients and employees this year, keep in mind that your selection should be a reflection of your company’s business approach and its services provided. Financial institutions and medical providers might want to select a card that represents traditional values and stability whereas computer companies, retail establishments, and educational facilities might lean towards a card that is more current and futuristic. The Gallery Collection can provide many choices of both conventional and contemporary Christmas cards to our valued customers.

Gilded Holly Season’s Greetings Card, design #141CX, is the perfect timeless holiday design for a business that evokes old world values and security in a modern day world. The classic design of this card depicts a golden foil sprig of holly leaves and red berries tied together with a simple green foil ribbon. This is displayed within a gold framed box and a background of fine golden mesh. The words “Season’s Greetings” appear below the holly sprig in a classic, easy to read font. The cream colored paper stock is delicately embossed with decorative swirls throughout the face of the card. Any bank, insurance company, or medical group would be well represented during the Christmas season by choosing this card to send to their clients, customers, or patients.

Design #141CX - Gilded Holly Season's Greetings Card
Design #141CX - Gilded Holly
Season's Greetings Card

On the other hand, companies that are more progressive and futuristic might find design #897CS, Galactic Peace on Earth Die-Cut Holiday Card, an “out of this world” selection for a company that is ahead of its time in areas such as computer programming and graphics, travel, and contemporary retail products. This modern design is printed on dark blue paper stock embellished with the words “Peace on Earth” in a silver italic script. A silver and blue foiled globe is depicted surrounded by silver asteroid swirls and stars. The card’s unique feature is the die-cut opening through which two lines of personalization can show through to the front of the card. What a fun way to imprint your company name on a corporate Christmas card and wish your favorite clients and customers the best during the holiday season!

Design 897CS - Galactic Peace on Earth Die-Cut Holiday Card
Design 897CS - Galactic Peace on Earth
Die-Cut Holiday Card

Whatever design you choose to send for your corporate Christmas cards, keep in mind that The Gallery Collection has a wide variety of designs to represent your company. Many of these cards are produced using environmentally sound methods including wind power and responsible forest management. Whether you choose a card with your company name imprinted inside or one of the die-cut holiday greeting cards with the window showing your company name on the outside, all of our cards are sure to be a huge success this holiday season!

Be the Early Bird with Business Thanksgiving Cards

Ah… the energy of autumn! Children rushing back to school, leaf raking (and that annoyingly loud leaf blowing), crisp air, football mania, the hyper festivities of Halloween, the bustling crowds of Christmas shoppers. Amidst all this hurly-burly activity, Thanksgiving is that all-American pause that calms and restores us during this hectic season. (If you are the lone chef/host of your family, just go along with me here anyway, okay?)

Whether your year was banner or bust, Thanksgiving is our honored traditional time of acknowledging gratitude for the harvest from our labor. It’s also time to gather the seeds we’ll need for planting next year’s harvest. That’s where business Thanksgiving cards come into play. Arriving before Thanksgiving Day, they precede even the earliest of corporate Christmas cards, guaranteeing the uncluttered attention that sets you and your business apart and above the crowd.

Consider design #611CX, Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card, which shows three very relaxed ducks (no fear of hunters here!) floating along on a glassy-smooth body of water. The colorful autumn trees overhanging the water shed their leaves around the handsome trio of birds. This peaceful reflection of nature has a masculine appeal. It is framed with simple embossing and sedate gold foil lines. “Happy Thanksgiving” in gold foil is gracefully centered below the frame.

Design #611CX - Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card
Design #611CX - Fall Reflections
Thanksgiving Card

On the other hand, design #064CX, Autumn Tapestry Card, seems to make a bolder statement with its tasteful blend of autumn-colored, multi-variety leaves. It is richly pleasing to one’s tactile senses, with its deep embossing and considerable detailing. Coppery-colored foil states your wishes for a “Happy Thanksgiving” from an artful off-center position.

Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card
Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card

I have one more piece of advice for choosing your business Thanksgiving cards. While you want to be the “early bird” and while it may be all “yummy-good” for your personal Thanksgiving cards to picture a steaming turkey, I don’t think it would be a good idea for your business Thanksgiving cards to represent you as a turkey – steaming, stuffed, strutting, or hanging in a butcher shop window!

Environmentally Friendly Holiday Cards for Every Climate

Some people can’t relate to the winter holiday season without thinking of snow. If you’re not one of those people, you might have more difficulty finding business holiday cards that suit your taste. Add to that your desire for environmentally friendly holiday cards, and you may find even fewer from which to choose. Fortunately I’ve found quite a number of Gallery Collection holiday cards that fill these criteria, and two that I think are especially appealing.

Holiday Meadow Season’s Greetings Card, design #129CW, features an intriguingly beautiful scene. You wonder where this place is because you have a sense of wanting to step right into it. Its foreground is lush with evergreens and magenta-colored heather. In the mid-ground there appears to be an expanse of misty meadow, backed by a horizon line of evergreen trees. Beyond those, a sugarloaf of snow-dusted rocky mountaintop rises to smoky violet sky. This scenery is set within tastefully shaded embossed framing, below which are the gold foil words “Season’s Greetings.” As if all that were not enough to entrance the viewer, to the sides of the frame, and superseding into the picture, are embossed evergreens and heather stem silhouettes, coated in pearly white. The framing and pearly embossing really draw the viewer into this peaceful watercolor scene.

Design #129CW - Holiday Meadow Season's Greetings Card
Design #129CW - Holiday Meadow Season's Greetings Card

Whatever your climate, whether your lifestyle is urban, suburban or rural, you can appreciate the gloriously graceful design #138CX, Golden Holiday Wreath Christmas Card. This is one of those cards that must be seen in person because no mere photo can do it justice. Set on a background of creamy matte-finish sturdy card stock, all elements of the wreath and ribbon are deeply embossed and finely detailed. The body of the wreath is shaped with three different forms of greenery, adorned with pinecones and burgundy-colored berries. Two kinds of gold foil, one shiny and one buffed, bring true three-dimensional depth to every detail. This golden wreath is crowned with a large bow of wide, flowing ribbon in a charming burgundy and gold plaid. “Season’s Greetings,” in shiny gold foil positioned lower right of the wreath, is a lovely finishing touch.

Design #138CX - Golden Holiday Wreath Christmas Card
Design #138CX - Golden Holiday Wreath
Christmas Card

The fact that both of these exquisite all-climate cards are produced using environmentally friendly methods is just the cherry on the icing on the cake!

Personalized Holiday Cards with Polar Bears and Penguins

I love nature photos. Design #123CS, Polar Bear Greetings Christmas Card, features a great photo for a Season’s Greetings card. It has the appearance of two polar bear cubs almost kissing. What a nice scene for the holidays! However, as I look at the picture, it reminds me of my two brown labs. One is a little more mischievous than the other. I have often seen him using nips to get her to play. They mimic the same posture as these two cubs right before they end up flat on the floor in a real tousle. I wonder how long the two polar bear cubs remained standing after this photo was taken.

Design #123CS - Polar Bear Greetings<br />Christmas Card
Design #123CS - Polar Bear Greetings
Christmas Card

All that aside, this design is perfect for your personalized holiday cards. It can be used by anyone, whether sending cards for personal or business purposes. Due to their shrinking habitat, polar bears have been featured in environmental awareness advertisements over the past years. Whether you are environmentally conscious or not, Polar Bear Greetings is just the right card to send to clients, customers, friends, and family.

In looking at design #170CS, Penguins on Parade Christmas Card, another design featuring a nature photo, I can’t help but wonder where these delightful penguins are going with such determination. This card would make a perfect personalized holiday card from a team to display their team spirit. It certainly looks like they are on a mission, and somehow they look like they are enjoying their little march through the snow.

Design #170CS - Penguins on Parade<br />Christmas Card
Design #170CS - Penguins on Parade
Christmas Card

Penguins are amazing birds and a great choice to feature on your Season’s Greetings cards. The penguins pictured on in this design are Adelie penguins, the smallest of the Antarctic penguins. They are the most common of their entire genus. Penguins get used to humans and don’t consider us a threat, so they can be photographed easily.

They build their nest of stones on rocky beaches…and they will fight over the best rocks! Early to arrive, penguins have to guard their nests from latecomers. When latecomers arrive and all the good rocks are in use, they will pilfer from the nests of others. Whatever it takes to get their job done!

Mostly we think of birds flying through the air but the only time penguins are airborne is when they leap out of the water. They spend most of their time when not mating or raising young in the water, and just like other birds, they cannot breathe underwater. They jump out of the water to take a breath before diving down to feed on fish. They are also airborne for a short time when they leap out of the ocean onto land.

When you want to express the greetings of the season with your clients and customers this year, keep our polar bears and penguins in mind.

Business Thanksgiving Cards with Glittering Maple Leaves

The Gallery Collection has introduced a new business Thanksgiving cards design that’s sure to impress friends, relatives, and business clients you wish to extend Thanksgiving wishes to this season. Design #132CW, Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card, shows off the Thanksgiving fall colors in true autumn splendor. The design has a thick framed border in smooth chocolate brown that looks as though chocolate syrup was poured around the outer border of the card design…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate of any kind

Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card
Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves
Thanksgiving Card

In the center of this rich chocolate brown frame is a raised picturesque array of sun kissed orange maple leaves with hints of red, brown and green. The large orange-hued leaves that appear in the forefront sparkle with tiny beads of glitter reflecting off the sun and resembling morning dew drops brushed onto the leaves. The glitter is actually printed directly into the card design so there aren’t any flecks that come off on your hands that would undoubtedly end up on your face or in your hair. This is a unique feature of The Gallery Collection’s greeting cards.

Framed around this slightly raised picture of maple leaves is a thin sea foam colored border that goes around the picture of the leaves but not quite to the inner edge of the chocolate brown border. This gives the maple leaves added depth around the centered frame edges. The final touch that pulls this elegant design together is the words “Thanksgiving Wishes” centered below the picturesque leaves in an antique gold foil.

This elegant design places you right into the seasonal view, where you imagine yourself walking through a park or a neighborhood lined with beautiful trees on a brisk autumn day; the leaves are floating down around you. As you stroll along taking pictures, you spot a pile of leaves that have fallen to the ground and a sun beam bounces off the maple leaves. You take that perfect picture of nature’s foliage. Now that’s the way to express your Thanksgiving greetings, showcasing the true colors of the season.

Business Holiday Cards that will Keep you in the Minds of your Recipients

Design 149CW, Golden Snowscape Holiday Card, is one of my favorite business holiday cards introduced into The Gallery Collection line this year. It is a photograph of a lake with the sun, low in the sky but glowing brilliantly. The surrounding trees and foliage are reflected in the water. The golden sparkle effects enhance the warm earth tones of brown, gold and rust, while the snow covered banks and branches add the winter touches that celebrate Christmas. The deep brown border and simple “Season’s Greetings” sentiment allows you to send this holiday card to friends and family or to use as your business Christmas cards.

And FYI, this photograph was the winner of The Gallery Collection’s 1st annual Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest. It was submitted by Elizabeth Digre, a junior at the University of Southern Maine.

Design #149CW - Golden Snowscape Holiday Card
Design #149CW - Golden Snowscape Holiday Card

I know what you’re thinking about design 864CX, Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card – when did black become a Christmas color? Who would send black holiday cards? Red, green, and white are the typically holiday colors. Trees, candy canes, ornaments, snowmen, and snow flakes are the common reminders of the holiday season. But if you’re looking for a business holiday card to put you a step above your competition, this is the one for you!

Just take a good look at this gorgeous card! It is such a simple design yet the classic gold foil and red berries make it so elegant! This card is rich with texture. You can feel how the branches are imprinted into the black matte paper. Without seeing the card in front of you, you probably can’t see the detail on the bottom right, but the ground where the berry branches are growing is actually raised! The red berries are embossed and add such flavor to the design.

Design #864CX - Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card
Design #864CX - Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card

Don’t forget, you choose the greeting that appears inside your holiday cards. It will be printed in gold foil. Centered below the greeting, we offer two lines of personalization at no extra charge. How chic and sophisticated your company name will look!

This beautiful card will leave a lasting impression with your friends and clients. They will remember how thoughtful you were for taking the time to select a design with such timeless class and elegance. Sending this card has a two-fold purpose: one, to send well wishing holiday greetings and two, to keep your name in their minds!

Personalized Holiday Cards with Whirling Snowflakes and Stars of Peace

The Gallery Collection recently introduced some new personalized holiday cards to its already extensive line of cards. One of the designs, #150CS Whirling Snowflakes Christmas Card, features (as the name suggests) lots of snowflakes. The blue foil in this holiday card beautifully reflects and enhances the luster of snowflakes almost as well as Mother Nature does. The muted background, which is an enlargement of the snowflake itself mysteriously veiled in lavender, softens and adds interest to the total design. Tying everything together, of course, the “Season’s Greetings” sentiment underneath the art is very tastefully done. The only negative I have is that, for a true snowflake lover such as I am, some of the snowflakes are the same. One of the most important features of snowflakes is that each and every one is different!

Design #150CS - Whirling Snowflakes Christmas Card
Design #150CS - Whirling Snowflakes
Christmas Card

Design #829CX, Star of Peace Holiday Card, is another new design recently introduced by The Gallery Collection. One of the main reasons I like this card is that the words “Peace on Earth” stand out so boldly. The star and its radii are lovely, but to me the heavily embossed, variegated foil with a direct and dynamic message is what I want my recipients to see first. This is a holiday card that is going to be well received in any home or office. It is kind of important to me to make sure that my choice in holiday cards is one that will not offend anyone. I work with a wide diversity of people and my goal is to please them all. I have decided to order early, because I have a feeling this Peace On Earth design may sell out soon!

Design #829CX - Star of Peace Holiday Card
Design #829CX - Star of Peace Holiday Card

Will it be a Traditional Business Holiday Card or a Die-Cut Holiday Card?

I have my own personal business, and each year I like to take advantage of the great pre-season discounts offered by The Gallery Collection, the leading business holiday cards publisher in the nation, from whom I order my holiday cards each year and send out to my loyal customers. I asked for two free samples again this year. The first one, design #167CW, Chickadee Greetings Holiday Card, features a picture of a little chickadee on the front while the other design, #156CS, Snowflurry Greetings Holiday Card, is one of those die-cut holiday greeting cards that allows a company name to show through from the inside printing. Both are so beautiful that I don’t know which one to order.

Design #167CW - Chickadee Greetings Holiday Card
Design #167CW - Chickadee Greetings
Holiday Card

The one with the chickadee is a white card that is glossy, with rich foil and sparkling silver foil on the snow-covered tree limb on which the bird is perched. The die-cut holiday card, also white and glossy, features silver embossed foil in the shape of a snowflake with royal blue accenting underneath. I like the idea of having my company name appearing on the front, so-to-speak, while the card is closed, but I also just love the clarity and colors on the other chickadee design.

Design #156CS - Snowflurry Greetings Die-Cut Holiday Card
Design #156CS - Snowflurry Greetings
Die-Cut Holiday Card

So, will it be the more traditional business holiday card or the die-cut holiday card? I guess I’ll have to make up my mind eventually, but thankfully I have some time to ponder before the discount drops.

Religious Christmas Cards for my Family & Season’s Greetings Cards for my Friends

You must check out the newest personalized Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. Being the devout Catholic that I am, I only send religious Christmas cards; I refuse to send out Season’s Greeting cards – except to my non-Christian friends, of course. Jesus is the reason for the season and I proudly proclaim this when choosing the Christmas cards I send each year. I know it’s politically correct to say “Season’s Greetings” – even shopping mall employees are forbidden to wish us a Merry Christmas. Although last year I told the cashier that if she didn’t wish me a Merry Christmas I would leave without buying anything. Knowing which side her bread is buttered on, she mouthed it very quietly but I could tell she agreed with me.

One of The Gallery Collection’s new and exquisite designs, #126CW Madonna & Child Religious Christmas Card, features a painting by Sassoferrato, who is also known as Giovanni Battista Salvi. The colors of red, white, and blue in the Virgin Mary’s robes are so vivid. The material is so soft you can practically feel it and the detail in the folds of her robes are so well defined. Looking at Mary’s young beautiful face you can’t help but feel the anguish her expression foretells. You can feel the love she has for this babe – the fruit of her womb – yet she seems to be looking to the future at the trials and tribulations he will endure. Her arms are wrapped around him trying to protect him from all harm, as a mother is to do. She seems to be at peace yet her eyes are not completely closed. She knows that her love is not enough to keep this special child safe and so she will remain vigilant. Yet the baby Jesus is sleeping soundly. He knows that he is in good hands – his mother’s and his father’s. He has his hand resting on top of his mother’s, the child protecting the mother. He’s telling her not to worry. He knows the end will be triumphant. This beautiful image is surrounded by a shiny gold regal border, the old juxtaposed with the new, that seems to remind us that this event is as alive today as it was 2,000 years ago.

Design #126CW - Madonna & Child Religious Christmas Card
Design #126CW - Madonna & Child
Religious Christmas Card

Another new design that I will be sending to my non-Christian friends and associates is design #094CX, Golden Greetings Holiday Card. This card is of such high quality, rich paper stock. There are three ornamental designs – a tree, a stocking, and a bell – on the cover that are embossed and detailed in gold foil. There are silver foil snowflakes that sparkle and reflect beautiful colors; they seem to pop off the paper! The three designs are more commercial than “Christmassy” and since it reads “Season’s Greetings,” you can really send this holiday card to anyone and still be politically correct. The personalization in gold foil (not gold ink) on the inside of the card is so classy and it ties the outside and inside together nicely. I must say, while it’s not a religious Christmas card, it is rather impressive.

Design #094CX - Golden Greetings Holiday Card
Design #094CX - Golden Greetings Holiday Card

Merry Christmas Cards with Peppermints and Evergreen Branches

Over the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend amongst Christmas cards companies. For quite a long time, everything seemed to be very neutral. Nothing was used that would imply a specific holiday. It was all very PC…but that seems to be changing.

Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card
Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card

I recently went through The Gallery Collection catalog looking for Merry Christmas cards and found quite a large selection of cards that actually wish people a “Merry Christmas.” One of the designs I particularly liked is design #147CX, A Peppermint Christmas Card. Not only does it have a very beautiful Christmas tree, but it’s all decorated with striped peppermint candies and topped off with two candy canes crisscrossed with a bow. Another design that really appealed to me is design #131CX, Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card. This is a very classic design with its sparkly pine tree branches accompanied by the sentiment “Merry Christmas” scrolled beneath.

Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card
Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card

I was very impressed by all the designs that were featured in this catalog, but was really happy about the increase in designs featuring “Merry Christmas” sentiments. Not only were the designs beautiful, but the greeting selection was great. I know that companies try to be very sensitive about not offending anyone by mentioning a specific holiday, but it’s quite nice for those of us who do celebrate Christmas to have such a great selection to choose from. Keep up the good work, Gallery Collection!