Brand The Holidays

There is no place like home for the holidays. And why not make sure your company name and logo is in everyone’s home? Design Your Own holiday card and send it out to all your perspective clients, your employees and vendors. With a little in house graphical work you can really create something magical.

Your company name and logo is your identity. And let us face it Christmas is a magical time that everyone enjoys. Why not meld the two together this season and not only get good will out there…get YOU out there. Another thing you can do is take a company picture. Maybe everyone wearing some Santa hats, maybe some elves mixed in. Slap a little “Happy Holidays from” your company and you have a whimsical card that will get you on the side of someone’s cubicle all season long.

Keep in mind there are many other ways to do this. You can do a card that has a regular “Christmasy” type image on the front with some text that has your company name on it as well. Either way works just fine. The key is do not forget to tell everyone happy holidays and do not forget to tell them who is saying it to them.

Product Highlight – Custom Photo Mounts

When the Holiday season comes around, it is essential to pick the perfect card, border, or background. But, you might find yourself unable to choose one after scrolling through thousands of design options. If you fall under this category, don’t worry! You could simply create your own design using the new Custom Photo Mount cards from the Gallery Collection.

Do you have a specific picture you would like to turn into an elegant Holiday card? Save yourself the stress of running to the store and printing out the pictures, and then finding the right card and scribbling a somewhat personal message inside every single one. That’s just too much work.

With the Gallery Collection’s Custom Photo Mounts, you can have your photos printed for you, mounted onto the card, AND imprinted with a personal message, name, and etc. All you have to do is pick a card stock, white, black, red, etc., and a border color, silver or gold, and then directly upload your picture. The Custom Photo Mounts give you the option of choosing a gloss or matte finish for the photo, and then you can get the inside of the card personalized. Pick one of the standard greetings, and then add a custom imprint such as, “From all of us at the Gallery Collection,” or “The Gallery Collection Family.”

No more worrying about finding the perfect card because now you can create your perfect card!

Benefits of Sending Photo Christmas Cards to your Customers

Last year for the Holiday season I received a great Christmas card from one of the companies I have done business with in the past.  The card was a sturdy one with a really great picture on the front of all the employees with these great happy smiles! It made me think about the fact that knowing the faces of the actual people you talk with to do your business really can make a difference.  I realized this fact once I saw a picture of the lovely woman I have spoken with over the phone.  Putting together the face with the voice and her mannerisms gave me a warmer connection to the company, which happens to sell many items I can get in numerous other places.  Since many other companies also offer most of the same stuff, having this connection made a difference.  I liked the service and then the picture of the employees solidified my feelings towards this company.   I guess you could say there are benefits of sending photo Christmas Cards to your Customers since it might bring in new business and also get some business back that may have gone elsewhere.  An increase in the bottom line, something we all want!  Just because of employee faces on a Christmas card.  Good wishes make good connections!

Why You Should Send Personal Photo Cards

Before I started a family, I admit that I rarely sent out Christmas cards. I loved receiving them though.  Once I was married and my two children were born, I could not wait to start choosing a holiday card to send out. Personal photo cards became my cards of choice. I think there are many reasons why personalized photo cards are a wonderful idea.

My husband and I both come from large families with many relatives living out of state.  Because of the distance between us, we don’t get a chance to get together often. We don’t get the chance to see each others’ children grow up and they grow up too quickly. We wind up missing so many milestones.  Sending and receiving personal photo cards lets us see our families and friend’s families’ growing up. It really helps to keep us all in touch with each other and make us feel like we are right there with them.  I hang the photo cards that we receive up on a door so I can see them all year long.

Besides adding pictures to personalized photo cards, you can also customize the wording as well. While most of our relatives celebrate Christmas, we have some that celebrate Hanukkah. I like to be able to make sure that I send holiday wishes for any holiday that they may celebrate. This helps to ensure that no one is offended. I often prefer to customize my photo cards by wishing everyone a Happy Everything.

One of the things I look forward to the most regarding the holiday season is receiving personal photo cards. Knowing that we are in each other’s thoughts makes the holiday feel really special. I have already chosen the design that I will be sending out to those I love and I can’t wait to see who is thinking of us too.  I really recommend sending out personalized photo cards. This is the time of year that we all want to feel close to loved ones. This holiday I recommend sending out your personal holiday card and let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them.

Animal Holiday Cards – A Welcome Inspiration

I don’t consider myself a “loner,” but every now and then I like to take a hike by myself in the nearby mountains. It gives me an opportunity to clear my mind and reflect on any issues at hand as I enjoy the peaceful scenery around me. I went on one such hike a couple weeks ago, just before winter started to really show its face. This time, however, was unlike any other. My experience made me reconsider Holiday cards with animals as an inspirational greeting, and I felt compelled to share my story with you.

There were so many people out that Sunday afternoon; families having picnics, couples sharing private moments, even a Boy Scout troop. I ventured far off the beaten path and found a nice place to sit along a clearing by the cliff’s edge. My mind wandered to the Christmas cards I had already been receiving in the mail. I thought about the wildlife cards, the Christmas photo cards of families (some that I rarely see), and the glitter I got all over myself when I pulled one Christmas tree card from its envelope. When suddenly, I heard it…a rustling from somewhere. I couldn’t quite figure out where, but it was close. A big gray animal, which I originally mistook for a dog (thanks to that fresh image in my mind from one of the holiday animal cards I had received), emerged from the brush. My first instinct told me to get out of there as quickly as my feet would carry me, but I stayed. I watched the animal warm itself in the sun, as it scratched its back on a nearby bush. The animal looked so peaceful standing there, and it didn’t even seem to know I was watching.

Finally, I removed myself from that serene moment and let my logical side consider the scene. It was probably not a nice, tame, family dog like the ones on my personalized Christmas cards. It was most likely a wild coyote, and I thought it best to slip out of the clearing as quietly as I could. I hiked back down the mountain, having achieved more than I wanted to when I set out that Sunday morning. I wondered if I should tell all those other people enjoying the mountain about my encounter with the animal, but thought it best to leave everything as peaceful as it was when I arrived. I went home and ordered my Christmas cards online – a beautiful wildlife scene. And you can guess where I got my inspiration from.

Sending a Photo Christmas Card – It is So Fun with a Growing Family

For my wife and me, it is very important and enjoyable to make the effort to reach out to family and friends…to stay in touch, catch up, and extend our wishes during the festive holiday season. As our lives continue to change and as we grow as a couple and a family, this has become more entertaining every year. We now have two children and for the past three years, we have been sending our Photo Christmas cards with a picture of the most adorable kids in the world…ours!

As much as we look forward to sending out our Christmas Cards with a photo and personalized greeting, we equally anticipate receiving Holiday Cards from family and friends. We look forward to seeing new photos of their family and catching up on new developments.

For us, the Christmas season is a time to reflect and appreciate what you have and to reach out to those you love the most. It is a reminder that friendships and families are to be cherished, preserved, and nurtured. Personalized Christmas cards are a great way to extend holiday wishes to those your care about. And why not show off an updated photo of the kids while you’re at it!

Priceless #2 – The Christmas Photo card commute

Diet Coke for the ride home – $1.25
Toll to cross the George Washington Bridge – $6.00
Gallon of gasoline to drive home – $3.29

The smile that comes to your face as you rummage in the glove compartment and find last year’s Christmas photo card with your children’s smiling faces beaming back at you – priceless.

Photo Christmas Card Picture-Taking Lesson

For several years I would take a deep breath and try to prepare myself for our annual stress fest of Christmas Photo Card picture-taking day. Yes, this is the day when I gather, cajole, bribe and do whatever else it takes to get my two little twins primped and primed for taking their annual Christmas card photo.

After breaking a sweat getting my daughter into her dress and her too tight tights and begging my son not to rip off his sweater vest and snowman shirt, I then comb his messed up hair for the tenth time. Finally, we are ready to get down to business. With camera in hand, I begin to take pictures. Thank goodness for the invention of digital cameras is all I can say. Just a few years ago we would rip through one to two rolls of film of nothing but one eye closed shots, contorted faces, tears or some other gooey, wet substance dripping down someone’s face and endless photos of one or both of them getting up and trying to grab the camera from my tense little sock puppet hands.

Fortunately, the worst of those days are gone. I’ve learned to relax and laugh through it over the last couple of years. Now I make my husband dance like an elf in the background so I don’t have to be both photographer and court jester. That, along with the fact that they are not gooey, sticky-handed toddlers ready to take off after the cat as she prances by casting one of her “thank goodness I am not human” looks, has made things a lot easier.

Last year I was thrilled to get a great shot of the two of them after only 156 tries. “Victory at last!” I thought. My husband came home all smiles with the newly developed photos. He was as pleased as I was with the shot of our adorable twosome in Santa hats. As I went to place the pictures on my photo cards, a feeling of dread started to come over me. I virtually always take horizontal shots but for some reason, I had taken this particular one vertically. Of course, the Christmas card I had chosen was designed only for a horizontal photo. Back out came the holiday outfits, Christmas music playing in November, etc., all ready for a second round of our not so annual Christmas photo cards picture taking event. Oh well, live and learn.