Design #158CX – Little Tree of Thanks

“More Thanksgiving cards,” you said, and we have added several new designs at The Gallery Collection. We are seeing more and more interest in sending seasonal cards to convey best wishes during the fall and winter holidays. Among our newest cards is Little Tree of Thanks Holiday Card, design #158CX, by Marla Shega.

At first glance the front of this Thanksgiving card looks like a line drawing of a tree, just right for autumn because the leaves have fallen. But then you see the spectrum of colors in the branches, from purples to gold to red, with a few shiny bronze leaves completing their descent. Under this delicate embossed tree is the message, “Happy Thanksgiving” in a gorgeous script font in gold foil.

Design #158CX - Little Tree of Thanks Holiday Card
Design #158CX - Little Tree of Thanks
Holiday Card

This business Thanksgiving card communicates your appreciation for the season. At the same time it lets your customers, friends, and colleagues know that you care about them and want to extend your good wishes at this time of Thanksgiving. Complete your message with one of our Thanksgiving greetings inside followed by your two lines of personalization in gold foil and you will be sending a striking card. The gold foil lined envelopes complete the feeling of understated elegance.

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Business Christmas Cards Reach Out to Customers without the Clutter

“The truth will set you free.” So what, you ask, has this to do with business Christmas cards? The truth is, we are all so up to our eyeballs and eardrums in advertising everywhere we turn that we tend to simply tune it out and discount the lofty claims. Some ads do catch our attention – because they are so annoying and so often repeated! Personally, I do give these ads special attention, so I can be sure to avoid these products and businesses whenever possible. I don’t want to reward them for annoying me and don’t want to encourage them to give me more of the same.

I often used to listen to the radio. Now I carry my own commercial-free music with me, room-to-room, house to car to office. I do this so I won’t be harassed with advertising! I rarely watch television anymore, direct from the station…too many commercials. Have you tried changing the channel during the commercial? You get more commercials, maybe even the same one on every channel. I now record shows, just so I can skip commercials. All of this, akin to computer spam, is avoided and filtered out.

So, for goodness’ sake, how do I reach out to my customers?! The truth? The old-fashion way. The nice way. The friendly, neighborly way. Once a year, I send beautiful, top-of-the-line business Christmas cards to everyone I know. Once a year, I also send beautiful top-of-the-line business Thanksgiving cards to my actual customers. During the year, I stay in touch using cards that say Happy Birthday, thinking of you cards, and when warranted get well or congratulations cards. Any reason, however random, will do, to keep myself and my business name in front of clients in a positive and cordial way. I think this habit also reflects our company ethic: to deliver the meat and not just the sizzle. I know it pays off in client loyalty and perhaps as a side effect of those neighborly greeting cards, in the mutually friendly and pleasant way we interact while conducting business.

Thanksgiving Cards Help to Celebrate our Freedom

Thanksgiving cards are a lot like Independence Day flags – joyful means of celebrating and sharing an All-American holiday! On the Fourth of July, we rejoice in our freedom to hold opposing political viewpoints while living together in relative peace. On Thanksgiving, we join in gratitude for the many blessings we Americans enjoy, regardless of (and perhaps because of) our differing ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

While both holidays are usually occasions for festive parades and the eating of traditional foods, July 4th tends to take people outside of their homes to picnics and fireworks displays, where we share in a collective camaraderie. Thanksgiving Day, however, tends to find us gathered inside of homes, a bit more insulated from our fellow countrymen. Sending business greeting cards at Thanksgiving provides a warm and personal way of reaching out to clients and colleagues, a way to say, “I’m happy to be here and grateful that you’re here with me.”

For business associates, we can pause to share our gratitude for the freedom that allows us to make a living and to preserve our way of life. Making this gesture by sending business holiday greeting cards at Thanksgiving is truly appropriate and your message is received at a time when your recipients may be more inclined to notice and reflect upon your cooperative relationship with them. We may not be out on the street, waving a flag, but we can be in the offices and homes of our business associates and friends, extending a celebratory hand in gratitude and mutual thanks.

Design #577CW – Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

In design #577CW, Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card, Sunlight glistening on the dewy leaves lends a sparkle to the crisp autumn air. I love the way the bright dew drops contrast against the welcoming sun and warm brown tree and border. A stroll in the park after a big Thanksgiving dinner is just the ticket for a perfect ending to the festivities. I am also amazed at the way the dark and light are played against each other. What one might envision as a somber color is transformed into dignified accompaniment to the glorious burst of color portrayed in the sparkling leaves and sun filled earth beneath them.

Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card
Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

This business Thanksgiving card is a perfect messenger to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the gifts our earth has bestowed upon us.

Design #152CX – Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes

Do you want to make an impression with your business clients and friends this Thanksgiving season? Well #152CX, Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes Card, is the business Thanksgiving cards design to send that will truly express your Thanksgiving goodwill in elegant style. This greeting card is printed on a smooth matte finish in tones of pale ivory and dark brown. There’s a mixed ivory and brown region of the design that resembles pressed Japanese rice paper but without the texture that rice paper has. The entire outer border of the card is framed out in dark brown, giving this thanksgiving card a corporate look.

Design #152CX - Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes Card
Design #152CX - Elegant Thanksgiving
Wishes Card

In the middle of the design is an embossed rectangular ivory border, and at the top of the border are five individually embossed framed boxes with dark brown backgrounds that spell the word H-A-P-P-Y. Inside this embossed ivory border with the five framed squares there’s another rectangle that’s in an ivory pearl finish, adding even more dimension to the classic elegance of the design. To finish the look, the word “Thanksgiving” is embossed in a large exaggerated script font that sweeps across the entire inner border of the card. The bronze foil adds a punch of color to the otherwise muted colors in the card design, and as another added bonus for anyone who purchases this business Thanksgiving card, the paper stock is environmentally friendly and proudly displays the eco-friendly symbols on the back cover. This alone will appeal to anyone with concerns about our environment.

Be the Early Bird with Business Thanksgiving Cards

Ah… the energy of autumn! Children rushing back to school, leaf raking (and that annoyingly loud leaf blowing), crisp air, football mania, the hyper festivities of Halloween, the bustling crowds of Christmas shoppers. Amidst all this hurly-burly activity, Thanksgiving is that all-American pause that calms and restores us during this hectic season. (If you are the lone chef/host of your family, just go along with me here anyway, okay?)

Whether your year was banner or bust, Thanksgiving is our honored traditional time of acknowledging gratitude for the harvest from our labor. It’s also time to gather the seeds we’ll need for planting next year’s harvest. That’s where business Thanksgiving cards come into play. Arriving before Thanksgiving Day, they precede even the earliest of corporate Christmas cards, guaranteeing the uncluttered attention that sets you and your business apart and above the crowd.

Consider design #611CX, Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card, which shows three very relaxed ducks (no fear of hunters here!) floating along on a glassy-smooth body of water. The colorful autumn trees overhanging the water shed their leaves around the handsome trio of birds. This peaceful reflection of nature has a masculine appeal. It is framed with simple embossing and sedate gold foil lines. “Happy Thanksgiving” in gold foil is gracefully centered below the frame.

Design #611CX - Fall Reflections Thanksgiving Card
Design #611CX - Fall Reflections
Thanksgiving Card

On the other hand, design #064CX, Autumn Tapestry Card, seems to make a bolder statement with its tasteful blend of autumn-colored, multi-variety leaves. It is richly pleasing to one’s tactile senses, with its deep embossing and considerable detailing. Coppery-colored foil states your wishes for a “Happy Thanksgiving” from an artful off-center position.

Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card
Design #064CX - Autumn Tapestry Card

I have one more piece of advice for choosing your business Thanksgiving cards. While you want to be the “early bird” and while it may be all “yummy-good” for your personal Thanksgiving cards to picture a steaming turkey, I don’t think it would be a good idea for your business Thanksgiving cards to represent you as a turkey – steaming, stuffed, strutting, or hanging in a butcher shop window!

Business Thanksgiving Cards with Glittering Maple Leaves

The Gallery Collection has introduced a new business Thanksgiving cards design that’s sure to impress friends, relatives, and business clients you wish to extend Thanksgiving wishes to this season. Design #132CW, Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card, shows off the Thanksgiving fall colors in true autumn splendor. The design has a thick framed border in smooth chocolate brown that looks as though chocolate syrup was poured around the outer border of the card design…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate of any kind

Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Card
Design #132CW - Glittering Maple Leaves
Thanksgiving Card

In the center of this rich chocolate brown frame is a raised picturesque array of sun kissed orange maple leaves with hints of red, brown and green. The large orange-hued leaves that appear in the forefront sparkle with tiny beads of glitter reflecting off the sun and resembling morning dew drops brushed onto the leaves. The glitter is actually printed directly into the card design so there aren’t any flecks that come off on your hands that would undoubtedly end up on your face or in your hair. This is a unique feature of The Gallery Collection’s greeting cards.

Framed around this slightly raised picture of maple leaves is a thin sea foam colored border that goes around the picture of the leaves but not quite to the inner edge of the chocolate brown border. This gives the maple leaves added depth around the centered frame edges. The final touch that pulls this elegant design together is the words “Thanksgiving Wishes” centered below the picturesque leaves in an antique gold foil.

This elegant design places you right into the seasonal view, where you imagine yourself walking through a park or a neighborhood lined with beautiful trees on a brisk autumn day; the leaves are floating down around you. As you stroll along taking pictures, you spot a pile of leaves that have fallen to the ground and a sun beam bounces off the maple leaves. You take that perfect picture of nature’s foliage. Now that’s the way to express your Thanksgiving greetings, showcasing the true colors of the season.

Business Thanksgiving Cards – The Christmas Cards Alternative

I know you may think I’m crazy, but by the time Labor Day rolls around, all I can think of is Christmas. Christmas shopping! Christmas decorations! Christmas trees! Christmas carolers! And most importantly, Christmas cards! It’s enough to make even the most relaxed of us turn visions of sugarplums into visions of that mean one, Mr. Grinch!

For those of us already mentally making our list and checking it twice, the act of sending business greeting cards is not strictly a Christmas ritual anymore. This is a relief for a number of reasons. First of all, as much as I’d love to make a point to send my best wishes to colleagues and clients, if I wait until December, I’m taking a gamble on whether those business greeting cards will ever make it to the mailbox! Secondly, if I wait until December, my Christmas cards are bound to get lost in the shuffle with all of the other business greeting cards being sent at the same time.

That’s why business Thanksgiving cards are a great alternative. Thanking those you’ve done business with a month before the norm allows your message to stand out when it’s received and allows you to cross one more task off your list before the end of November. It also saves you the trouble of choosing between Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Season’s Greetings for the face of the design on your business greeting cards.

There is plenty to be thankful for as autumn and winter are coming upon us, and one of those things is the option of business Thanksgiving Cards!