Christmas Cards- Still a Good Business Decision

Many difficult decisions have to be made by the average business owner on a daily basis. In this economy, where every day there are reports that the market is on a downturn and also that another recession is on the horizon, these decisions must be made carefully. So as the leaves begin to turn colors, and the crisp air greets us as we close the door behind us, the decision about how to handle the Christmas cards decision looms. As a small business owner, each one of these decisions must be made with great care.

Holiday Sleigh Card

One of the best principles I have always maintained through the years is to always let my employees know how much I depend on them and how appreciative I am of their hard work and loyalty to our business. The service they give to our customers comes back to us many times over in repeat business. Our customers are our bread and butter and without good service, they will go elsewhere.

Another principle I have maintained is to do everything I can to keep our business name out there so our customers old and new are reminded of the great service they have received. One of the ways I do this is with corporate Christmas cards. I am a fond believer in the value of calendar cards. I have searched for the best quality cards available with a design that our customers will want to hang on their wall and The Gallery Collection is always the winner. Their beautiful designs help us to remind our customers of our business and our well wishes, but they also serve as a constant reminder, on a daily basis, of the excellent service from some good friends. It is money well spent in a time when every penny counts. The eternal optimist in me knows good quality, good wishes and good advertising will keep us going.

Corporate Holiday Cards Equal Smart Business Sense

What says “I love your business” like receiving Corporate holiday cards?  I am not sure if some companies realize how important it is to send their customers Christmas cards. As a customer it so nice to be recognized with a note of holiday cheer. It feels great to be acknowledged and appreciated.

A few companies were really using their heads when they made their decisions on what to send; they chose Calendar cards. These cards not only include the customary holiday wishes, but address and phone number of the business as well!  Last year, after the holiday season ended, I put all these special cards in my kitchen drawer. As the year progressed, there was no doubt about which companies I would give my repeat business to, as I had their information right at my fingertips!

Calendar Cards Say Thank You and Happy Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to thank all of your clients, employees, and peers for supporting your business throughout the year. The problem is how to say thank you. For years, our firm has sent out corporate holiday cards but, a few years ago, we began to look at other tokens of appreciation as well. We looked into ordering flowers, calendars, gift cards, and many other small gift items. Thankfully, we stumbled upon calendar cards, and they have proved to be exactly what we were seeking.

For the past two years we have sent out calendar cards as our holiday cards, and they are quite a hit. We have the cards imprinted with a holiday message and a Thank You from our business. I have had more clients remark on these beautiful cards than ever before. Not only do they look great, but they’re functional, too! I am so glad we switched to calendar cards. I hang one by my desk so that I have a calendar there, but also a reminder to be grateful for all the people in my life who help make my business work.

Calendar Cards will Leave them Thinking about you all Year Round

What better way to wish your customers and clients Merry Christmas or Happy New Year than with calendar cards that will make them remember you all throughout the coming year? Design #921ZX, 2010 Peaceful Year Calendar Card, is a wonderful way to spread peace for the coming year. In the center is a globe of our planet with bright blue oceans and stretching to our coastlines. Surrounding this majestic orb is elegant gold foil, proclaiming “Peace” in many languages. This holiday greeting card will be able to reach across cultural and lingual borders, conveying a message that everyone can understand and believe in.

The 2010 Peaceful Year card opens up and folds out with a calendar of the coming year, a perfect way to help your client or friends keep the days straight, with space beneath for your own personal message. It is great for the office or even the front of the refrigerator. These holiday cards are decorative and functional, not to mention environmentally friendly! The paper is produced in mills powered by wind power energy, making this design an even smarter choice for wishing someone a happy and healthy new year.

Design #921ZX - 2010 Peaceful Year Calendar Card
Design #921ZX - 2010 Peaceful Year
Calendar Card

Or if the winter season is leaving you wanting for warmer climates, opt for design #925ZS, 2010 Ocean Breeze Calendar Card. The tropical background on this card will help you feel the warmth of summer all year round. It will be hard to not want to grab your beach towel as you imagine taking up residence on this lovely scenery.

Design #925ZS - 2010 Ocean Breeze Calendar Card
Design #925ZS - 2010 Ocean Breeze
Calendar Card