Company Christmas Cards – To Sign or Not to Sign

If you have a staff of more than a few people does it make sense to pass each and every company Christmas card for signing? Well, the answer is yes…and no.

Wintergreen Christmas Card
Wintergreen Christmas Card – Design A8RJS

My husband, upon hearing this, would immediately accuse me of being deliberately obtuse. I am hedging my bets a bit but hear me out. There is usually logic, granted sometimes, hidden and a bit hard to find. It lurks in a dark recesses of my over burned brain. It can usually be found under thought about that pile of unopened mail on my kitchen table and whisper of a memory of when I was a care free youth. Ahh…but I digress. Something else I am often accused. Guilty as charged. Now back to the matter at hand.

Ok, cards should be hand signed always (unless you opt for a signature plate to be made) if you are the main act in the service industry. What do I mean by this? I mean that if you are say an insurance or financial agent and you service customer accounts and you want them to go straight to you for your insurance and financial needs then by all means, sign the Christmas cards. That personal touch goes a long way. Now there are also time when you want staff to also put their John Hancock in the sparkly pretty thing you just spent hard earned cash on to keep your name in front of your client or even patient. Say you are a dentist, doctor or lawyer. Let’s face it you staff is a key ingredient in your success and may spend more time interacting on a regular basis with your client or patient then even you do. So in this case I recommend they take the time to sign. You’d be surprised how people notice this and appreciate the time it takes.

When should you not bother to have employees sign? Well let’s face it, it takes some time and effort and if you are late in ordering and Christmas is just around the corner, I suggest the owner, manager etc sign only. Or, if you have an unusually large staff and the task become impractical. Another reason is if your work environment is messy or risks getting cards dirty etc. then it is best to leave them clean and unsigned.

I hope this helps in guiding you on who should sign your company Christmas cards. Now go find a good felt tip pen and have at it!

Who Should Sign the Company Christmas Cards?

When it comes to signing your company Christmas cards, there are a number of factors to consider.

Happy Holiday Trees Christmas Card
Happy Holiday Trees Christmas Card – Design H1RCX


First off, decide whether the cards will be imprinted with a person or person’s name or just the company name. If you are printing the company name inside the Christmas card without any personal names, then here are some options for both small and larger businesses.

Smaller Businesses
• Have the entire staff sign the cards. Keep in mind, this can take awhile and usually only recommended with a staff of 6 or less.
• Owner signs each of the cards – possibly writing a little extra note to the most valued clients.
• Owner has someone else sign the cards on behalf of him or her.

Mid to Large Size Businesses
It is generally not practical to ask an entire staff or department with more than 6 people to individual hand sign cards and, typically, the result is not aesthetically pleasing either. Here are some alternatives to consider:

• Imprinting the executives’ names inside the card and having them (or designates) to hand sign above the imprinted names on smaller quantities.
• On larger quantities it is generally recommended to have a signature plate made for the order. Doing so enables each executive or department staff, to sign only once and having that signed paper turn into a special plate to reproduce the signatures on each of the cards.
• When larger groups of people are signing, the results are often best when the signatures are offset by a graphic, such as the company logo, to provide a focal point.

Remember, whomever signs the company Christmas cards, be sure they do so with a good quality pen for best results.

When To Send Out Company Christmas Cards

When you send out your personal Christmas cards to friends and family, you can choose to mail them out anytime from December 1st to the week of Christmas itself. I know a few family members that like to send them out so they are at your doorstep for Christmas Eve! However, when it comes to business, when to send out your company Christmas cards should have a more defined time frame.

Holiday Glamour Card

A good rule of thumb is to send out your cards 2 weeks before the holidays. Since business Christmas cards usually serve in theory as a “thank you” as well as a “Merry Christmas” sentiment, it is good to send them out to your clients, vendors and employees not too far away from the holidays, but not at the last minute either. Some companies choose to send out Thanksgiving or Happy New Year cards in lieu of your typical Merry Christmas. It is a more generic way of wishing someone the best for the upcoming season and year ahead. So put it on your iCal or on your smartphone reminders – send out your company Christmas cards by the week of December 7th and you’ll be good to go!

Decorating with Business Greeting Cards for Christmas

I love getting cards. I love the fact that someone went to the time and the trouble to pick out a card, write some stuff in it and actually mail it to me. It doesn’t matter if they are birthday cards, Christmas cards or even business greeting cards, I love them all because it means someone took the time to think of me.

I am passionate about the whole recycle reuse concept and, after I have enjoyed reading and looking at the cards, I immediately set my sights on breathing new life into them.

For the smaller size Christmas cards I am a fan of cutting the back off of them, punch a hole at the top right corner of the front of one and using them as a gift card. When I receive both personal holiday cards and company Christmas cards I use them as part of my Christmas decorations. The bigger and brighter they are, the more I enjoy decking the halls with them.

Here is how I make a greeting card Christmas tree:

1. I take a large piece of felt and cut it out in the shape of large rectangle about 16 x 16 inches.
2. I then cover the front a 14 x 14 piece of old cardboard.
3. I wrap the excess material in the back and staple it.
4. I then take my cards and I begin arranging them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Just put them on a slant and overlap them until you have the angled corners sticking out until you create a tree shape.
5. I then take a solid piece of holiday ribbon and glue it down the front of the tree.
6. I use whatever I have on hand to make the tree stump.
7. For a finishing touch, I add snow to the bottom of the tree by gluing some poly cotton fiber fill to by board.
8. If I am really feeling creative, I dig up some of my previous year’s “gift cards” or Christmas cards that have not yet been repurposed and look for ones that have gifts on them and cut the presents out and place them under my tree.

There you have it! A Christmas card tree.

Company Christmas Cards Are Easy To Order Online

I’ve always been very skeptical when ordering company Christmas cards over the internet.  I worry about – does it look as good in person, what if the boss doesn’t like them, etc.  Well, I went for it and ordered our cards from the internet.  I was very surprised when I opened up the package and discovered that the cards that I had ordered were beautiful!  The cards were shiny and had a 3D effect.  It came with white envelopes lined with gold foil inside.  Was I impressed!

I decided to have the cards imprinted with the names of the executive team, but was very skeptical about how it would look.  I chose gold foil imprinting since I thought it would look nice with the shiny gold greeting on the front of the card.

I needn’t have worried, because everyone from the office was just thrilled when they saw our Christmas cards, and they couldn’t wait to send them to all our clients. They were also quite pleased to discover how easy ordering our cards online from The Gallery Collection turned out to be!

Company Christmas Cards and Truffles for our Deli Customers

Christmastime is such a fun time of year for my husband and me.  We own a small deli in our town and even though every day is a good day with our customers, Christmas brings out the best in them.  We purchased cocoa covered truffles and handed them out to our customers during the holiday season.  One of our customers, I will call her “Jodi”, was so touched by this that the next day she came in and handed us a box filled with company Christmas cards.

When we opened them, we couldn’t believe how beautiful these cards were.  The envelopes had a strip on the back flap that you peel off and press down and the envelopes are sealed.  The cards are printed with warm and friendly sentiments.  You could feel the quality of the cards just by holding them, and the designs on the front of the cards were exquisite.

There were other customers in the store at the time and they couldn’t help but notice the cards.  They wanted to know how they could purchase these cards because they loved the way these cards were presented.  “Jodi” suggested that she would ask her employer if she could bring in some of their business cards to display on our counter and we were more than happy to oblige.  Within a week these cards were gone!

A few days before Christmas, one of our customers came in and mentioned that he heard about these wonderful cards that were given to us.  He wanted to know if he could see one of the cards, but unfortunately we had mailed them all.  He was disappointed, but we told him not to worry because he would get the chance to see at least one of the holiday cards when he opens his mail!

The Importance of Sending the Right Company Christmas Cards

Before I started working for the Gallery Collection I never gave any thought to company Christmas cards. When I worked for other companies it was someone else’s job to choose the holiday card.  Now that I am in the midst of the corporate Christmas card world I realize that the card that is chosen will represent the company that is sending it.  Therefore, choosing the card that is just right is crucial because the card has to speak volumes about a company’s self-worth.  Sending an elegant, tasteful holiday card is as important as your customer service department; each characterize your business the way you want to be seen.

The Gallery Collection is all about the creating cards appropriate for business use. This company understands the importance of sending a distinctive card made with the highest quality paper, ink and foil; there is no detail too small to be addressed when the cards are designed.  I think of company holiday cards as thank you cards to all of the people who helped support a business throughout the year. Company holiday cards can enhance a business relationship and remind old customers that you are still in business and thinking of them.  When choosing a corporate holiday card remember that even though it is the Christmas holiday, not everyone celebrates. The Gallery Collection has a wide selection of Season’s Greetings and Happy Holiday your only problem will be that you may want them all!

The Same Company Christmas Cards Go Unnoticed

I have purchased company Christmas cards for many years from The Gallery Collection and every year each person who receives them comments on how beautiful they are. I used to believe that having my name imprinted on the card was too impersonal, but then I realized instead of wasting my time writing my signature, I could write a personal message instead which then in turn makes them my personal custom Christmas cards.

Each year I use the previous year’s leftover cards to send to new names on my Christmas cards list, but last year I inadvertently sent the same design to a vendor two years in a row. However, she  still made the same nice comment about the card and totally forgot that I had given her the same card the previous year. Truly, she made such a fuss about how beautiful the card was both years, I think she didn’t want me to know that she knew it was the same card!

Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders

Recently I received very classy company holiday cards from a group I had done business with about 3 years ago.  When it arrived I thought it was from my cousin who owns her own business and it is doing very well.  It was a beautiful envelope with a gold foil lining and a frilly edge.  The return address was in gold foil and it really was impressive.  At that point when I saw the company who sent it I was surprised.  While they did a great job for me a few years back, I had forgotten about them.  I thought about it and as it just so happened I realized I could utilize their expertise on an upcoming job I was involved with.  I contacted them and we set up a meeting to discuss doing business together again.

I am so happy that this group decided to do company Christmas cards to all their past customers and business associates. If they had not contacted me I would have had to put out this job for bid. I now can deal directly with a company I have first hand knowledge does a really good job. What a time saver those holiday cards were for me, and more business for them!

Can You Receive Too Many Company Christmas Cards?

I don’t think it’s possible that anyone could receive too many Christmas wishes.  With so many families separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles, cards are the main way we are able to personalize and send greetings.  My holiday was brightened tremendously by  not only receiving  a card from my distant family, but also company Christmas cards from a local ‘mom and pop’  hardware store that I shopped frequently when I lived in that town.   Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope to find a Christmas card complete with a picture of the store and the owners who still run the place inside.  The greeting was, “We all miss you here, but wish you well as you embark on your life journey”.   I have to admit, it made me quite homesick for a while, but as far as cards go, I’d have to say that one is my favorite.  I plan on keeping it out all year for motivation and inspiration to follow my dreams.

In my opinion, it’s great to receive these types of cards. Even if you receive business Christmas cards that aren’t as personal as mine was, you can be sure that the company behind them values you as a customer or colleague and truly does whish you and yours well.  After all, isn’t that what the holidays are about?