January 2013

Sympathy Cards – The Unfortunate Necessity

by Henry L. on January 31, 2013

I am one of the fortunate people who have a wonderful relationship with my mother that I cherish. We do many things together; shop, travel and I even joined a few of the many clubs that she belongs to. Now mom is a very spry 78 years old. She has more energy than I do […]


When my father started his pediatric practice nearly thirty years ago, he allowed me to “help out” once I became old enough. One of my tasks was to organize and revise his patient list. Then prepare birthday cards each month for all of his “Children.” Buying corporate birthday cards in bulk was not yet available. […]


Did you remember to send out business greeting cards last year? You better have answered ‘yes’ to that last question. After all, isn’t that why you are in business, to serve your customers? While I’m at it, do you send out employee anniversary cards? These cards thank your workers for the hard work they’ve done, […]


As a small business owner, I understand the importance of selecting and then keeping only best employees. I often find that it really pays to do your homework and truly investigate the potential employee. I have found way too many ‘non-truths’ when questioning people on their resumes. With that being said, and now with a […]


Assorted Birthday Cards – Your New Best Friend!

by Henry L. on January 17, 2013

As a small business owner, I strive to show my appreciation to each of my employees. I expect them to work hard, but they know that I truly care about them. One way that I show my appreciation is by giving each employee a card on their birthday. I recently purchased a box of assorted […]


Greeting Card Companies That Fit Our Every Need

by Henry L. on January 14, 2013

As the office manager at a software company, I am responsible for client relations. I am in charge of emails, phone calls, faxes, and, yes, our company greeting cards. For a while, I was searching out each card specifically, either at the local drugstore or online. The search took up so much of my time […]


In the United States, 7 billion people buy greeting cards each year. The average household buys about 20 greeting cards with more than a third of them being birthday cards. Birthday cards are an amazing and quick way to show someone that you were thinking of them on their special day. I know, from experience, […]


The Saving Grace of Employee Anniversary Cards

by Henry L. on January 7, 2013

An impeccably dressed woman sits alone in a dimly lit restaurant alternately staring at a slowly dwindling candle and a quickly ticking watch. An hour devoid of food or companionship has passed, and as she gets up to leave her table, she sighs with unmistakable disappointment. She pulls her car into the driveway, walks to […]


Boost Morale – Send Congratulations Cards

by Henry L. on January 3, 2013

When getting together with my friends, the conversation always seems to turn to the workplace. So many of them are not happy with their current working situations.  Oddly enough, the complaints are not only about their salaries. They all seem to have low morale.  I think I have devised an easy way to boost their […]