Deliciously Soaring Business Birthday Cards

Soaring Happy Birthday, design 113AR, is one of the newest business birthday cards added to The Gallery Collection line. The card displays three floating – oops I mean soaring – balloons. The design was named Soaring Happy Birthday Card but in my opinion I would have named it Soaring Balloons. Why? Because the balloons are the main focal point of the card.

The multi colored “Happy Birthday” sentiment printed underneath the balloons is ok, but it’s the balloons that really grabbed my attention. My eyes were drawn right into the vibrant color of each, one orange, one blue, and one green. I saw different shapes and swirls in each individual color. The balloons took on a look of marble, or you know how you mix two rich colors of paint together to get a custom look…that’s what it reminds me of.

Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card
Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card

The three balloons seem to pop off the glossy white background of the card giving each one its own unique look. They are surrounded by golden flecks and sparkling stars that look like someone sprinkled gold star dust in the air and the gold dust is falling over each balloon. This certainly adds a nice touch to the birthday card design. I give this card a high rating on its overall look and wouldn’t hesitate to give it to anyone for their personal birthday.

As for design 091AY Birthday Delight Birthday Card, another new business birthday cards design, this cream colored card displays the yummiest looking cup cake spread with a hue of lavender icing. It’s then topped with pastel colored sprinkles and a soft pink star candle. The embossed cupcake is displayed in a watercolor purple and blue cupcake holder with ever so slightly darker purple and blue shadowed polka dots.

Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card
Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card

The “Happy Birthday” sentiment and tiny stars displayed on the card reflect bright foil colors of bronze, orange, fuchsia, and lemon lime. The cupcake, star, and the curled ribbon are all outlined in those same colors. I wanted to take a bite out of this deliciously fun looking cupcake. The birthday card, itself, would probably appeal more to females of all ages who would be delighted to receive this yummy treat.

Business Birthday Cards will Never Become a Thing of the Past

When I started working at The Gallery Collection, I was an order taker. I quickly learned something interesting…many orders were for business birthday cards. “What a great idea,” I thought! Birthday cards from the boss! Giving a card is a wonderful and easy way to boost morale and impress employees, especially if it is a high quality card like the ones we make.

Business birthday cards are a great way to let co-workers, employees, business clients, and loyal customers know that you are interested in their happiness. Business relationships are more than just emails and phone calls; People appreciate the thoughtfulness of genuine business greeting cards that have been personalized and mailed to them.

Business birthday cards are just one more way to keep one step ahead of the competition. In these hard economic times, sending a card is a cost effective way to let your customers know you are still in business and that you still appreciate their loyalty. Remember…your customers are your bread and butter, but they are still people and people do like having their special days recognized. This is why business birthday cards will never become a thing of the past.

Personalized birthday cards don’t have to be conservative or stogy; they can be full of fun. We design our exquisite cards with balloons, cakes, presents and party decorations, and then they are embellished with silver and gold foils. If the person you are giving a Gallery Collection business greeting card to is anything like me, they will be impressed before they even pull the card out of the envelope. I once said “You had me at the envelope,” as they have a pearl lining to match the card. Some are also deckled edged and are reminiscent of the past when quality was everything.

As an employee I have the privilege of receiving complimentary greeting cards. I share them with my family because they all ask for them so they can impress their friends. I am always happy to receive a Gallery Collection greeting card from them because it means that they cared enough to send me a “good one.”

My 30th Birthday – Fun, Food, and Birthday Cards

This year, my twin brother and I hit a significant milestone…the big 3-0! Some people hate getting older and dread the attention that often comes with this sort of milestone birthday, but I’m cool with it. As the old cliché goes, age is just a number, right? Besides, birthdays are perfect excuses to have fun with friends and family…and be showered with gifts and personalized birthday cards…and eat!

I usually wind up celebrating my birthday for an extended period of time. It’s not that I clamor for the attention – in fact, I hate being in the limelight! That’s just the way it works out with the different plans that are made. This year was no exception.

The festivities started a week before my actual birthday when my husband and I threw a party at our house. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It being our 30th birthday, my mom wanted to do something special in honor of my brother and I, so she displayed a poster board collage of photos from our younger days. She even attached one of our baby photos to wine bottles as favors for our guests. My sister, the jokester that she is, gave me a gift bag full of various items – 30 to be exact, and all of them pink! Even the birthday card she gave me was pink. You see, when my twin brother and I were younger, we were of course clothed in blue and pink respectively. After years of having the color pink forced upon me, I rebelled and refused to wear it!

The next week brought more fun activities, as well as mailed birthday cards from friends and family who live farther away. At work, my department brought in delicious goodies, beautiful flowers, and business birthday cards for me to enjoy. Then my real birthday finally came! My husband and I met up with three of our closest friends to go to a Global Green Expo at Liberty State Park. All of us are environmentally conscious and we enjoyed seeing the different exhibits and demonstrations. That night, we also went out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. We rounded out the weekend with yet another birthday party at my grandparents’ house, where we also celebrated Orthodox Easter (my dad’s side of the family is Russian Orthodox).

As a birthday present to myself, I decided to take two days off from work to relax and do whatever I please! After finally cleaning up the last of the lingering aftermath from our party the weekend before, sloth was the name of the game: I lounged on the couch, watched TV, read a book and did mostly nothing. I also treated myself to a massage, which was bliss!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and it was time for me to go back to work and return to my normal routine. I’m a few pounds heavier from all the wonderful food I indulged in, but all in all it was a fantastic birthday. It felt good to receive so many birthday cards, some of the greeting cards filled with money or gift cards (nice!) And I still have one more birthday gift to enjoy: my best friend is taking me to a glassblowing class in a few weeks, so I guess my birthday will be extended just a bit longer!

Business Birthday Cards with a True Lasting Impression

I am told that my friends no longer enjoy shopping with me when I need to buy a birthday card. I can’t imagine why. I work for a greeting cards company and one of my responsibilities is to do quality control while our many business birthday cards are being manufactured. Apparently, I continue to carry on my quality control duties while shopping for birthday cards with my friends. I seem to care more than they do about how each birthday card we are looking at was produced.

Last year, when I celebrated my birthday, I was told that I continued to quality control each birthday card that I received. I felt slightly embarrassed while sitting at the table opening each and every birthday card, immediately realizing what was wrong with each greeting card. Well, maybe not that embarrassed. Talk about occupational hazard…my mind just automatically checks each greeting card.

However, there was one birthday card that did not need my quality control. When I got home from work the day before my birthday, I was shocked to discover that my company had sent me something in the mail. When I opened it, I was delighted to discover a business birthday card from the executive team of my company! This was the first time I had ever received a business birthday card and was truly impressed to receive one, as I hadn’t yet been at the company for a year and did not even work in the actual office! But because of this nice gesture, somehow receiving that birthday card meant more to me than the other birthday cards I received from the people whom I had known forever.

Birthday Cards Can Reap a Lot of Respect

At a glance, the subject of business birthday cards probably strikes you as pretty dry and boring. It probably did for me, too…if I had stopped to think about it, which I’m pretty sure I hadn’t. Then I saw something really creative that captured my attention in an upbeat way.

I had gone to a friend’s office to meet him for lunch. A red, white, blue and gold birthday card was posted on the bulletin board just outside his door. Since my friend’s birthday was in January and my luncheon visit was in July, nosey me tipped open the birthday card to look inside. Inside of the birthday card below a handwritten “Dear Jeff,” was a Happy Birthday greeting, and below that, in all capital letters, it read, “Happy Birthday, America!” Below that, a company name was imprinted, plus a little handwritten note and signature. Of course I had to ask for Jeff to tell me more.

It seems this birthday card was sent by a business associate with whom Jeff has had many political debates, usually ending in agreement to disagree. I have always known my friend to be a politically minded and very patriotic guy. He described his business associate in much the same way, except for holding views about 180 degrees from Jeff’s. The handwritten note said, “I may not be very good at sending birthday cards and remembering the birthday of each person who I know and respect, but I know we’re all proud to celebrate this very important birthday.”

What a classy gesture!

Birthday Cards Temperature: Cold or Warm?

Are business birthday cards more like business cards or more like birthday cards: discuss amongst yourselves.

But seriously, if you get a birthday card from someone with whom you do business, let’s say a vendor, are they sending you an advertisement or genuine focused-on-you good wishes? Do you care? It’s great to have your personal special day remembered and acknowledged with a birthday card. Whether they’re personal birthday cards from friends and family or business birthday cards from associates, you can’t help but feel good that these people think of you highly enough to send birthday cards.

With that said, I do note the differences in the styles of business birthday cards. There are so many different types of birthday cards available, some casual and others more formal, and the styles of the greeting cards can sometimes make a difference in how well the sentiment is acknowledged by the recipient. If I get a greeting card picturing a cartoon tow truck hauling a smashed sedan, I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy when I open it to see “Joe’s Garage” reminding me of their location and phone number and, by the way, “Have a nice birthday!” If I get a birthday card, from let’s say my doctor or financial advisor, and if it pictures something actually nice to look at and maybe wishes me good health and success, it does give me a bright “maybe you really do like me” feeling.

When my co-workers and company executives take the time to handwrite little personal notes to me on employee birthday cards, that really does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling! And, not to forget one birthday card that I especially like – my favorite local restaurant sends a lovely birthday card every year, with a wonderful discount coupon enclosed! Guess where I like to enjoy my birthday dinner with family and friends? There’s that warm and fuzzy feeling again!

Birthday Cards Picked by Those People

Are you one of those? You know…one of those greeting card people? I think you know the kind I’m talking about. The ones who say: “I just have to pick up a few birthday cards. I’ll be back in 5 minutes!” Then they leave someone waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) in the car while trying to find that perfect greeting card among thousands at the local stationery store.

That’s when it hits you – all of those choices! Should I pick birthday cards with balloons or gift packages? Flowers or scenic views? What about the verse? Simply stated? Humorous or serious? Maybe I shouldn’t get a verse and just go for one of those blank greeting cards. That would be more personal, no? I’m sure I could come up with something intelligent to say, or is there some level of poetic genius expected? Oh and I almost forgot, I need to pick up business birthday cards for a few people I work with. This could take some time.

After much thought, I decide to play it safe and go with the brightest, most colorful birthday cards I could find with simply stated verses. Nice contrast I thought. Wait a minute, what do I see here? A greeting card sale! I must have missed that on the way in. I can’t pass up a sale on greeting cards, now can I? Back to the drawing board I go.

In the meantime, approximately 30 minutes later and counting, my significant other is still waiting or is that him stomping through the entrance? He just doesn’t get it. Choosing the right personalized birthday cards is not easy. I need to convey the right message to the right person in the right way. It could make or break a friendship and possibly means the world to the person that receives it! So I admit, I lied when I said I’d be back in 5 minutes. I suppose I should also admit that I too am one of those.

Business Birthday Cards Inspired by a President

I recently purchased stamps from the USPS so that I could mail out business birthday cards for my company, and there was an interesting quote from John Adams on my receipt:

“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”
John Adams, 1765

This quote got me to thinking how nice it would be to write a personal note on all of the birthday cards I send out. Every employee enjoys receiving that special card to help celebrate their birthday. Would it mean more to them to include a handwritten note in their greeting cards telling them how much they are appreciated? After all, John Adams said “Dare to think, speak and write,” so I decided to give it a try to see the response.

One of the next upcoming birthday cards that I had to send was Melody’s. How original can I be? She is so creative that my idea could backfire, but I decided to write her a poem. Melody was so touched and surprised that I took the time to personalize her birthday card. Maybe it is a small step and surely not the type of writing that John Adams meant, but it certainly got me thinking and made Melody happy. Next in line…Dolly and Lauren! I am sure I can have fun with what I will write in their birthday cards.

I am sure John Adams had more on his mind with his quote, but isn’t making someone happy on their birthday just as important as writing an epoch? That may be going a little overboard but you can never tell, all this thinking about what to say may get me to writing the next great American novel.

Business Greeting Cards: Harnessing Windpower

The subject of windpower greeting cards got me wondering about whether or not people think about eco-friendly production of greeting cards. When you get business greeting cards or even personalized birthday cards for that matter, do you immediately wonder about the green aspects of their production? Personally, my first thoughts are “What a nice surprise! What thoughtful people sent me greeting cards?” I usually open and close the greeting card a couple of times to repeat the pleasure of seeing its (usually) attractive face and reading its (hopefully) pleasant text. I don’t usually check the back of the greeting cards for an eco-friendly symbol unless the senders add a lengthy message.

It’s certainly great to use recycled paper but from a personal standpoint, I tend to have more concern for business birthday cards produced with windpower. I can “go ape” on the subject of the eco-friendly production of electricity versus the diminishment of limited-supply, pollution-producing fossil fuels. I believe my passion on the subject began because I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, where hydropower at Niagara Falls has for so long been used to provide abundant and inexpensive electricity.

Because I grew up intrigued by the thought of harnessing the power of flowing rivers and ocean currents, I progressed quite naturally into wondering why there weren’t more windmills built to harness all of that amazing power in the sky. I have been delighted in recent years to see the development of windpower in the production of electricity. When I had the unexpected occasion to drive past a stretch of modern windmills, I was struck by the graceful beauty they presented.

All of this is leading up to tell you how proud I feel to know that my company, The Gallery Collection, is making increasing use of this automatically-replenished natural resource. The paper stock used in the majority of our greeting cards is manufactured in facilities driven by windpower, and our headquarters here in New Jersey also runs on windpower. Hmm…I wonder if my tiny backyard could hold a wind turbine and generator.

Personal Birthday Cards Kept as Treasures in Grandma’s Scrapbooks

My vivacious grandmother, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday last November, kept a busy social calendar. In the Roaring Twenties-era storage trunks that she secured with worn brown leather belts – buckle and all – I recently came across a set of her beloved scrapbooks, which she had begun in high school and continued to fill throughout her life. What struck me was that in each book, amid the newspaper clippings, letters, and photographs that meant so much to her, she had dedicated several pages to personal birthday cards that had been given to her and that she especially treasured.

As attractive as these assorted birthday cards were, I knew this wasn’t why she had held onto the greeting cards. She was touched by how the birthday cards were personalized. All of the birthday cards were inscribed with a loving, handwritten message from one of her friends or family members. “A friend no finer could I find; while I’m no poet, I hope you love me enough not to mind…” reads one in flowing script. Another, from her father, expresses how proud he is of the “strong and resolute young lady” she has become. I found a few poignant business birthday cards from coworkers, one of whom wished her “a birthday as gorgeous and inspiring as you are,” this in the midst of Grandma Tjo’s grueling cancer treatments.

For most of these greeting cards, it likely took the senders only a minute or two to write good wishes to my grandmother. I wish they all knew what that meant to her.