Employee Anniversary Cards For My Happy 2nd Year At Work

When I arrived in the office on April 3rd I noticed some envelopes on my desk with my name on them. Inside were employee anniversary cards that read, “Happy Anniversary!” Before opening the cards I taxed my brain in an attempt to recall what anniversary I should be celebrating. After giving this much thought, to no avail, I decided to solve my dilemma by finally opening the card that read, “Happy 2nd Anniversary! Thank you. We appreciate your being a part of our success.” The card was signed by the Chairman of the Board, the President of the company, and my managers.

A very fast two years had passed since I accepted my position, and this acknowledgement from my company in the form of corporate greeting cards was a unique and pleasant surprise. Having told a few of my friends about this gesture, some of whom have their own companies, several decided to do the same for their employees. It’s nice to know that many others will experience the same pleasant surprise and show of appreciation that I did on my 2nd anniversary with my company.

Turn Competitors Into Colleagues With Corporate Greeting Cards

Smart business owners send their employees greeting cards.  This lets them know that they are a valuable part of the company, not just another worker.  Smarter business owners send corporate greeting cards to other businesses.  This allows them to create relationships, enhance good will within a community, and ultimately expand their business.

As a retired business owner I found that putting in a little extra effort in the beginning will always pay dividends in the end.  Taking the time to send simple business greeting cards to your neighboring companies can go a long way.  It’s the first step in opening the doors to a relationship, friendship, or perhaps even future partnership.

For example, let’s say you’re a bar owner and a new restaurant opens around the block.  Some people view this as a new competitor.  I see it as a new opportunity to increase your business.  Undoubtedly, new potential consumers will be visiting your area.  Instead of fighting over these customers you can share them.  Pursue an opportunity to create a deal such as a “Friday Night Out”, where if they go to dinner at the new restaurant they receive a coupon for a free drink at your bar that evening.  Most business owners love finding innovative ways to attract new customers.  But remember the key to building these relationships ultimately starts with a greeting.  Take the advantage of the opportunity to send business to business greeting cards.  Trust me; a little effort will go a long way.

Appreciate your “Harvest” with Business Thanksgiving Cards

What is Thanksgiving and what does it mean to you? Ask that question to a group of people and you are sure to get a different answer from almost everyone. Thanksgiving is celebrated to commemorate the first Thanksgiving, to celebrate the harvest, to give thanks to God for our many blessings, and the list goes on. Well it is those things and so much more.

Thanksgiving, by its definition is the act of giving thanks…plain and simple. So it makes sense that companies would want to (and should) send business Thanksgiving cards. After all, their “harvest” is a result of their business relationships with their employees, customers, clients, and associates.

We all receive business greeting cards for any number of occasions – our birthdays, our anniversaries, you name it. But what are they really saying? Well yes, I do hope that my insurance agent is sincere in wishing me a Happy Birthday and I’m sure he is. But isn’t he is also saying, “I want to acknowledge your birthday because I want you to know I appreciate you and your business”?

So, in my opinion, if you want to “give thanks” to someone, send a Thanksgiving card…plain and simple.

Passing the Time with Corporate Greeting Cards

This year marks my 10th anniversary here at The Gallery Collection. TEN YEARS! As the wonderfully-emotive actor Keanu Reeves might say: “Whoa.” I almost can’t believe it. Where did the time go? I was completely unfamiliar with the world of corporate greeting cards when I first started working at this company. Maybe I occasionally saw them at my dad’s office or displayed at restaurants or other businesses during the holidays, when companies often extend seasonal greetings to one another. But c’mon, how complicated could greeting cards be? You pick out a nice design, sign your name, address the envelope, and throw it in the mail, right? Oh, little did I know.

So my transition from the comfy bubble of college into “the real world” started with learning the ins and outs of greeting cards for business. To follow the path of greeting cards is to experience a veritable potpourri of artistry, skill, and action. Artists are commissioned to create original greeting card designs and a team of vendors helps manufacture the cards; catalogs are printed and our products are marketed to potential customers; orders are processed, printed, and shipped. Of course, there are many pieces throughout that must come together to make this operation successful. Each stop on the way is full of details to consider, challenges to tackle, and decisions to be made.

Corporate greeting cards have complexities not only behind-the-scenes, but also on the “public” side when assisting customers. Many customization options are available when ordering cards. Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of greeting cards for all occasions and personalize them in different ways by choosing the printing color, writing their own greetings, or even having their company logos printed or signatures reproduced inside of the cards. The possibilities are endless.

I could likely spend my entire career in the greeting card industry and still not know everything. This has been my only job since graduating from college and quite a learning experience so far. And let me again express disbelief that my company anniversary also means that I graduated from college ten years ago! “Whoa.”

Maintaining a Loyal Client Base with Corporate Greeting Cards

Several years ago my sister, Barbara, started a public relations business and when ordering her business cards and letterhead, I suggested she might want to order some corporate greeting cards as well. Why not start off with some business thank you cards and birthday cards. I felt that people would appreciate the personal touch, and greeting cards for business are professional enough to say I’m thinking of you and wishing you well without coming across as too sappy. They’re a soft sell that maintains contact with a client and reminds him that you are available if needed.

Barbara started sending out corporate greeting cards from the onset of her business with a positive and professional outlook. The greeting cards she ordered are tasteful and generic enough to send to either male or female clients, and they are equally well received by all. She sends out birthday cards, anniversary cards, get well cards, and of course, thank you cards. Her clients have often told her that they appreciate her thoughtfulness and feel that she puts more attention to their needs because she always remembers the important events in their lives.

Barbara has maintained all the pertinent information needed to send out these greeting cards for business and prides herself with never forgetting a client’s birthday. She never forgets to send a thank you for any business they may send her way. Barbara has built a very successful company aided by her sending corporate greeting cards. Why do you suppose she can’t remember to send me a birthday card?

Corporate Greeting Cards with a Treat for your Customers

If you are a small business owner, you may have asked yourself some of these questions about business greeting cards: Why send corporate greeting cards? Is it really worth the effort? What is the return on my investment in business greeting cards? Now we are getting to the bottom line. If you spend money on greeting cards for business, will it generate business? The answer is yes.

In my hometown, there are two bakeries, each in business for more than 20 years. A new bakery opened up last year, but sadly, is now closed. Residents and shoppers knew that a bakery closed, but which one? One of the established bakeries sent customized greeting cards in December to everyone on their mailing list to wish them happy holidays, and offered a free cupcake just for bringing in the card.

For a relatively small investment in business greeting cards and delicious cupcakes, the bakery attracted customers who purchased baked goods, more than paying for the promotional event. And, the bakery had a useful measure of the effectiveness of sending the greeting cards for their business.

When you thank your customers or remember their special occasions with business greeting cards, you are reminding them that you are in business. That can be very important these days when, unfortunately, many small businesses have not survived. Business greeting cards are one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers on a regular basis.

The True Meaning of Employee Anniversary Cards

I send a lot of greeting cards to a lot of people. But I have just realized that I rarely send anniversary cards. I don’t know why…

There are certainly enough reasons to send anniversary cards. Everyone celebrates an anniversary of one form or another. Think of all the different reasons you can send an anniversary card: wedding anniversaries, anniversaries of moving into the perfect home, anniversaries of finishing paying for the perfect home, the anniversary of the day your pet joined your family, or even the anniversary of the day you passed the BAR exam (or insert your professional exam in place of BAR).

But do you ever give much thought to sending employee anniversary cards to someone in order to commemorate how long they have been working in a particular company? Admittedly, I probably would never have given this topic much thought if I didn’t work for The Gallery Collection…a company that manufactures corporate greeting cards (including anniversary cards).

When I received my first anniversary card from The Gallery Collection (hand signed by our company’s President and the Chairman of the Board), I was truly delighted…and shocked. This occurred just a week after receiving a birthday card from The Gallery Collection (again, signed by both the President and Chairman), which had shocked me as well. I had never worked anywhere before where the company (as opposed to just the people who worked around you) would acknowledge a birthday, and certainly not an anniversary. Since we manufacture business greeting cards, I suppose you could say that commemorating how long we have worked here is part of our corporate culture. But I think it might be more than that.

Receiving a card that acknowledges an anniversary shows that you are considered an important member of the team and that your contributions are valued. When I received the first of many employee anniversary cards here at the Gallery Collection, especially since at the time I didn’t work in the office but at various vendor locations, it gave me a sense of belonging and made me feel that I was appreciated. I couldn’t believe how good it made me feel. And I returned to work the next day looking forward to my second anniversary at The Gallery Collection.

Recycled Paper Cards for the Suddenly Responsible Almost Thirty Something

The older I get, the guiltier I feel about my irresponsible ways. I’ve spent most of my twenties trying to make a dent in the credit card debt I racked up in college. I’ve spent the past few months kicking myself for all of the detrimental behavior I’ve displayed towards the environment. I’m wondering why it isn’t easier to stick to a healthy diet and lose the tire around my waist once and for all.

Maybe a “responsibility switch” flips on as you approach the age of thirty. I paid off the Visa card. I opened a savings account. I’ve started using reusable bags to do the grocery shopping, and I’ve begun replacing the light bulbs in my apartment with energy-efficient ones. I’ve also become more aware of what I’m recycling. Did you know that of the seven different types of plastic, most towns only pick up the first two at the curb?

Of course, working at The Gallery Collection, I’ve become sensitive to the designs I choose each year for my holiday cards as well. It’s comforting to know that we are doing our part by offering recycled paper cards and windpower cards. It’s comforting to know that we can offer earth-friendly alternatives for those customers shopping for corporate greeting cards.

Now, if I could just rid myself of my fast food diet, it’d be smooth sailing. Not only would a French fry boycott undoubtedly help me to shed some pounds and feel better, but think of all the Styrofoam containers I wouldn’t be tossing to wind up in landfills! Of course, this would require me to use those weird contraptions in the kitchen (you know…appliances) and cultivate my as-of-yet non-existent culinary abilities.

Do you think they would print Cooking for Dummies on recycled paper?

Greeting Cards Used to Pay It Forward

A greeting card can be used in many different ways – just take a look at all the different types of corporate greeting cards available on this website! The first use that comes to mind is an expression of goodwill towards the recipient, be it for a holiday, a birthday, or to congratulate or thank. That goodwill, however, can be “paid forward” with just a simple act.

Many customers order their corporate greeting cards with a special imprint. Some thank patrons or clients at Christmas time with mention of their end-of-year donation to a favorite charity inside of their greeting cards. Others celebrate the birthdays of their employees by donating to an organization in the employee’s name.

Using a greeting card to pay it forward doesn’t always have to include such a grand gesture. Small acts of kindness are just as meaningful. Think of a colleague who may be having a rough time, and send her a thinking of you card. Perhaps a client is having her first child. Send a congratulations card. Did colleagues in the office pilot a recycling program for the company? Why not send thank you cards? You can even choose a greeting card made with windpower in light of the situation.

In my greeting card Googling (yes, I do Google greeting cards – it comes with the job description), I discovered what, to me, may be the most interesting use of greeting cards in the “pay it forward” aspect. Amnesty International annually asks members to send greeting cards with messages of support to prisoners and human rights defenders worldwide. This small act of goodwill lets those receiving the greeting cards know someone remembers them, and the message to write in the greeting card is as simple as “We’re thinking of you.” I was disappointed to discover that the 2007 Holiday Card Action program had ended in January, but it’s a great cause to remember during the 2008 holiday season.

Business Thank You Cards – A Classy Way to Apologize

I recently got back from visiting a friend who lives in Cincinnati. The trip was very enjoyable, with the exception of the return flight back to Newark. On that flight, I accidentally spilled my complimentary soda on Roy, a very well dressed business man sitting next to me. I was extremely embarrassed to find out that he had to go directly to a meeting after landing at the airport. I felt so bad about the incident that I offered to give him some money to cover the cost of dry cleaning. What was even more embarrassing was that I was all out of cash when I opened my wallet! So I took down his full name and address, promising that I would send him the dry cleaning money in the mail once I got home.

When I returned home, I immediately opened up a box of business thank you cards. I enclosed $25 in the card and wrote a note thanking Roy for his patience and understanding. A few months later, I received a greeting card in the mail. Apparently Roy had pulled my address off the return label of the original envelope and decided to send me a thank you card. Inside he wrote a note saying that he was impressed with my honesty in sending him the dry cleaning money. In addition to this, Roy was intrigued with the concept of using corporate greeting cards and started sending them to his business clients. He noted that he has already gotten positive feedback on the cards, which he feels will lead to customer loyalty.

The best part of this story was that Roy enclosed a small envelope inside the card. It contained $8.73…the leftover change from his dry cleaning bill.