Design 098AY – Sympathy Water Lilies

Some of the hardest cards to send are business sympathy cards.  Design 098AY – Sympathy Water Lilies Greeting Card, can help make this process easier. You want to let the recipient know how much you feel for their loss, and that they are in your thoughts, and you want to make sure it’s done in a gentle and thoughtful manner. The beauty and tranquility of this card can express your sincere condolences in just such a way. Its elegant beauty and serene design help bring comfort in a time of sorrow. This sympathy card is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

Design 098AY - Sympathy Water Lilies Greeting Card
Design 098AY - Sympathy Water Lilies
Greeting Card

Design 098AY – Sympathy Water Lilies Greeting Card, is done on a cream colored stock, with two white pearlized water lilies perched on light green lily pads. Water gently flows by, bringing a sense of calm. The image invokes a feeling of quiet reflection and grace. When you wish to offer solace to those who mourn, this design can be a welcome piece of serenity to all who receive it.

Design 295AR – Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books

Vincent Van Gogh painted this breathtaking oil on canvas in 1888 and over 100 years later it is still brilliant. Design 295AR – Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books, takes this masterpiece and creates stunning business greeting cards. There is no sentiment on the front of the card so it has a multitude of uses; thank you, sympathy, get well or birthday. It can also be used as a general purpose note card, one that anybody would be happy to receive.

The appeal of Design 295AR lies in the graceful beauty and serenity of the oleanders. It is a greeting card so calming and pleasant to look at that you may want to frame it and keep it on display the whole year through.

Design 295AR - Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books
Design 295AR - Still Life: Vase with Oleanders and Books

Design #184AY – Garden Bouquet Get Well Card

One way to take the sting out of an illness is to receive get well cards. I’m sure that most of us when signing employee get well cards don’t necessarily think of the impact they’ll have on the recipient. This little act of kindness, however, can bring such joy. When I was out of work recovering from knee surgery I was feeling a little sorry for myself. After receiving several get well cards from my co-workers, family, and friends my spirits were uplifted. I still had to go through the recovery period, but somehow, reading these cards made me feel better.

Design #184AY, Garden Bouquet Get Well Card, is just the kind of card to do the trick. This greeting card features a wonderful gold accented watering can filled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers embossed on buff colored card stock. Sprouting up from the can are purple, red, and yellow flowers that are nestled with green leaves. A gold “Get Well” sentiment is displayed on either side of the watering can, accented by a delicate sprig of green leaves.

Design #184AY - Garden Bouquet Get Well Card
Design #184AY - Garden Bouquet
Get Well Card

No matter what the reason is for sending a get well card, your recipient is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness. Now go ahead and buy a “garden bouquet” (or one of the other designs offered) and mail them out to fellow co-workers, friends, and family you know who could use some cheering up! Spreading get well wishes will certainly make their day!

Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes

Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes, is the perfect business congratulations card for when you’d like to compliment someone on that big promotion, tell a co-worker congratulations on a job well done, or surprise a business associate that’s celebrating a monumental anniversary with the company. This attention grabbing design is sure to convey your sentiments exactly.

This stunning card is printed on black matted stock paper inside and out, and the embossed design on the front shows a gold foil box with gold tone on tone slanted stripes that run across the front of the box. Rich foil colored balloons in gold & bright orange burst forth from the box mixing twinkling stars & gold dust in reflective foil amongst the balloons. To top off the grand finale of the design you have the words “Congratulations” in large script font scrolled above the balloons in the same reflective gold foil you see throughout the design.

Design #899AY - Bursting Congratulations Wishes Card
Design #899AY - Bursting Congratulations Wishes

This exquisite congratulations card can easily be used for any business or personal milestone in life. The recipient who opens this card is sure to know how truly appreciated they are!

Design #338AY – Starlight Anniversary

Giving or sending corporate anniversary cards is a perfect way to acknowledge a milestone. When an employee reaches another year of employment, my company gives that person an anniversary card signed by our executive team as well as our managers.  The card often contains a little note such as, “We are glad to have you with us!” or “Thanks for being here!” Each employee is made to feel like a “star.”

And speaking of stars, design #338AY, Starlight Anniversary Card, is a card worth giving. The design features a gold star centered on buff stock. Within the gold star are outlines of three additional stars. These stars are backed with a silver-filled gold frame with delicate swirls of glistening foil. The back drop to this is more stars and swirls done in silver foil and framed in the same elegant finish.

Design #338AY - Starlight Anniversary Card
Design #338AY - Starlight Anniversary Card

Giving corporate anniversary cards certainly isn’t limited to employees. They are appropriate to send to your customers as well. They are a way to acknowledge any number of milestones such as obtaining another year in business, or another year or month of beating an illness. Starlight Anniversary is just one of many choices that can be used to let someone know that whatever the accomplishment, it is indeed worthy of mention.

Design #564AR – Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card

In today’s fast paced business world, with all our modern technology right at our finger tips like emails, e-cards, and voicemail, mailing actual business get well cards to co-workers or business associates would have more personal meaning than you can imagine. Design #564AR, Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card, printed on glossy white card stock features a picturesque view of flowering foliage and nature’s quiet beauty the – butterfly.

Green sun kissed leaves displayed behind small clusters of delicate violet colored flowers guide your eyes right into a summer garden paradise. Perched on one of the flowers is a large swallowtail butterfly, with its wings fully spread out, capturing the brilliant yellow and black color design on its wings. This summer garden picture is then framed in a green foil border that matches the sun kissed foliage of the flowers and leaves that appear in the background.

Design #564AR - Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card
Design #564AR - Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card

Centered underneath the framed picture in the same green foil are the words “Get Well Soon” printed in a light airy script that matches the card’s design theme – summer, fresh, and airy. This business get well card, with its picture of a butterfly and summer flowers, contains symbols that bring warmth, comfort, and healing wishes to those who are not feeling well or are on their way to recovery. Sending this business get well cards design is a simple yet refreshing way to express your special wishes to someone.

Design #171AY – Rainbow Welcome Card

I can’t think of anyone I know who, as a newly-hired employee, wouldn’t appreciate a resounding “We’re so glad you’re here!” from the workplace staff. I do think giving employee welcome cards is a sincere, concrete, cost-effective way to convey that sentiment, and the rainbow-hued foil “Welcome” on design #171AY, Rainbow Welcome Card, makes a great statement (and gives you star power, too, highlighting your good taste!).

Did I mention the artfully-placed, multi-colored stars and swirls? You’re not whispering a stiff, company-issued greeting here. With Rainbow Welcome Card, you’re upbeat, thinking positively, and showing your genuine thrill at having this person join your team. At the same time, you’re reassuring your newest member that she or he belongs and is valued, right from the start. In uncertain economic times, it becomes all the more meaningful.

Design #171AY - Rainbow Welcome Card
Design #171AY - Rainbow Welcome Card

If the idea of employee welcome cards didn’t register on your radar before, Rainbow Welcome card will pleasantly surprise both you and your recipient. If this sort of thing comes standard at your place of business, consider adding some color and emphasis to your “old stand-by” offerings with the eye-catching enthusiasm this design imparts. The most successful companies, regardless of their size, make employee happiness a big priority. Look how easy it is to do your part!

Design #340AY – Sparkling Stars Anniversary

I love the joy of design #340AY, Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card. Anniversaries mean so much to people. Of course we all think of wedding anniversaries, but there are many business anniversaries to be celebrated as well.

The absolute happiness that this embossed star exudes is intensified by the beautiful rose hued gold foil with overtones of bronze. The liberally sprinkled “star dust” adds a delicacy that offsets the bold and brilliant star.

Business anniversary cards can serve a few purposes. You can honor individuals for their loyal service or you can announce the fact that you have been in business for so many years. Either way you are able to remind workers, or customers, and to announce to prospects that you have been here for them and are always ready to fulfill needs.

Design #340AY - Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card
Design #340AY - Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card

This card is an eye-catcher. The person who receives it – a customer, worker, vendor or friend – will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

True Blue Corporate Thank You Cards Inspire Trust

Corporate thank you cards fill a big vacuum in our modern society and they can fill it with a good impression of your service. It used to be that every time you completed a transaction, at a retail store or with an in-house service-person or even over the phone, the cashier or service person would say, “Thank you,” and probably smile at you. If you were dealing with a really well-run business, those thanks were offered with genuine sincerity.

Nowadays, it seems to me the “service person” is too busy chatting on a headphone set or with fellow employees or “hanging-out with friends” to even look at you, let alone speak to you. Even if they are all alone, it’s often as though you’ve ceased to exist once they’ve taken your payment.

I’ve started saying “Thank you” to them as I put away my change or credit card or receipt. You’d think they’d take the hint, but sadly, the best reaction you can usually expect is if they say, “You’re welcome,” or “That’s okay,” while turning away, as if they had done you a favor.

If you are planning to order business thank you cards right now, or if you already use them as Standard Operating Procedure, you are among the best and the brightest, determined to succeed and grow and persevere. The particular card you choose to send conveys more than your thanks; it tells the receiver a lot about how good you really are.

Design #325AY, Royal Thank You Card, shows you as a true “stand up” kind of business associate, a reliable and clear-thinking person with a great deal of integrity. The embossed blocks of dark blue and lighter blue create a firm backing for the gold foil scripted “Thank You,” set within a fine gold frame. The sturdy ecru matte-finish card stock shows a clean, wide margin around this design, giving substance to your thanks.

Design #325AY - Royal Thank You Card
Design #325AY - Royal Thank You Card

Design #043AT, Corporate Thank You Card, displays modern flexibility on a sound and practical foundation. Presented on subtly textured ecru paper, a perfectly balanced equal-sided nine-part diamond is embossed as the center background, with a level and central embossed line all the way to the side edges. The rainbow foils of the elegantly scripted “Thank You” glow forth in shades of blue, teal, and silver. The “recycled paper” symbol on the back of this card adds a footnote on your sense of responsibility to others.

Design #043AT - Corporate Thank You Card
Design #043AT - Corporate Thank You Card

Either one of these “true blue” corporate thank you cards will represent you with the kind of honor that invites repeated trust in you and in your organizational abilities.

Design #103AE – Brushstroke Sympathy

If you’re looking to purchase business sympathy cards, design #103AE, Brushstroke Sympathy Greeting Card, is very appropriate. The design is a very simple and elegant expression of sympathy. It conveys an almost heavenly feeling to anyone who receives it. The Gallery Collection always expresses the proper message of condolence that you would want to send to anyone who is grieving. Whether they are sympathy cards or Christmas cards, you can count on them being beautiful and tasteful. The soft blue foil against the sweeping brushstroke has just the right touch of color so it does not look sad or dull.

Design #103AE - Brushstroke Sympathy Greeting Card
Design #103AE - Brushstroke Sympathy
Greeting Card

This is a very appropriate card to send on either a personal level or from a business to its clients, customers, or employees. The sympathy greetings provided by The Gallery Collection are simply and eloquently phrased and are appropriate for either business or personal use as well.