Calendar Cards will Leave them Thinking about you all Year Round

What better way to wish your customers and clients Merry Christmas or Happy New Year than with calendar cards that will make them remember you all throughout the coming year? Design #921ZX, 2010 Peaceful Year Calendar Card, is a wonderful way to spread peace for the coming year. In the center is a globe of our planet with bright blue oceans and stretching to our coastlines. Surrounding this majestic orb is elegant gold foil, proclaiming “Peace” in many languages. This holiday greeting card will be able to reach across cultural and lingual borders, conveying a message that everyone can understand and believe in.

The 2010 Peaceful Year card opens up and folds out with a calendar of the coming year, a perfect way to help your client or friends keep the days straight, with space beneath for your own personal message. It is great for the office or even the front of the refrigerator. These holiday cards are decorative and functional, not to mention environmentally friendly! The paper is produced in mills powered by wind power energy, making this design an even smarter choice for wishing someone a happy and healthy new year.

Design #921ZX - 2010 Peaceful Year Calendar Card
Design #921ZX - 2010 Peaceful Year
Calendar Card

Or if the winter season is leaving you wanting for warmer climates, opt for design #925ZS, 2010 Ocean Breeze Calendar Card. The tropical background on this card will help you feel the warmth of summer all year round. It will be hard to not want to grab your beach towel as you imagine taking up residence on this lovely scenery.

Design #925ZS - 2010 Ocean Breeze Calendar Card
Design #925ZS - 2010 Ocean Breeze
Calendar Card

Personalized Christmas Cards – Designs for all Tastes

The poinsettia plant, as classic a symbol of the Christmas season as eggnog and candy canes, is an excellent choice for your personalized Christmas cards. Design #485CW, Poinsettia Sparkle Christmas Card, shows off this traditional holiday flower by beautifully depicting a white bloom against a Christmas red backdrop. The design comes to life with delicate embossing and a subtle glittering snowfall which adds just the right amount of twinkle. The ivy accents also lend a nice touch. Personally, I would choose our gold foil for the greeting and imprint personalization on this Christmas card, really ensuring to make your holiday greeting stand out from the rest.

Design #485CW - Poinsettia Sparkle Christmas Card
Design #485CW - Poinsettia Sparkle Christmas Card

Equally impressive as a choice for your personalized Christmas cards is design #658CX, Satin Jewel Christmas Card. This stunning Christmas ornament contains bold jewel colors such as green, red, blue, and pink delicately outlined in a rich, iridescent gold foil. I really like the way the design starts off with a diamond-shaped border and then changes to a whimsical swirly pattern. Hung from a velvety red bow with a leafy sprig, this ornament really made an impression on me when I first saw it. This is one of my favorite Christmas designs from The Gallery Collection.

Design #658CX - Satin Jewel Christmas Card
Design #658CX - Satin Jewel Christmas Card

Business Christmas Cards with Traditional Elegance

When choosing the perfect business Christmas cards, it is often difficult to combine traditional taste in a design with a touch of modern flare. Design #153CW, Horse and Sleigh Die-Cut Season’s Greetings Card, does exactly that. The imagery is reminiscent of Christmas’ past including an antique sleigh being pulled through newly fallen snow by a white stallion. The sleigh is flanked with presents signifying the celebration of the Christmas season. The traditional design is accented with gold foil throughout, complimenting but not distracting from the picturesque setting.

Design #153CW - Horse and Sleigh Die-Cut Season's Greetings Card
Design #153CW - Horse and Sleigh
Die-Cut Season's Greetings Card

Design #153CW will certainly please your clients and remind them of the beauty of the holiday season. This die-cut holiday greeting card allows you to modernize the design’s classic appeal by having your personalization show through the die-cut window, making the design selection unique to you. Clients and business associates will proudly display this card making your name or business visible to all well into the holiday season.

If your style is defined by simplistic elegance, Design #122CX, Golden Holly Greeting Holiday Card, is a selection that will be reflective of your personal taste. This design, appropriate for use as personal and business Christmas cards, is subtly bold with a deep burgundy background color. The simple “Happy Holidays” message is framed in gold foil with holly encircling the border. Elegant and striking, this card could be used for either a holiday or Thanksgiving card selection. With an extensive list of greetings available to enhance the universal exterior message, this selection is a perfect selection for someone who is purchasing cards with a variety of recipients on their mailing list.

Design #122CX - Golden Holly Greetings Holiday Card
Design #122CX - Golden Holly Greetings
Holiday Card

Merry Christmas Cards that Evoke Feelings of Holiday Warmth

Design #683CX, Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card, is an understated Merry Christmas cards design. It is done on cream colored stock with the appearance of water colors. The fireplace mantle is topped with lit candles and a pine garland with small holly berries. The front of the fireplace is donned with well placed red and green stockings waiting to be filled with goodies and a pine wreath with a large red bow. The fire is glowing inside the fireplace giving off a feeling of holiday warmth. Each design element is further outlined in gold foil, which makes them stand out nicely. Fireplaces are the center of the living room, or any room for that matter, and as such they draw families around. Can’t you just picture a lit fireplace with the family all around opening their presents on Christmas morning? Now there is a perfect holiday picture.

Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card
Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings
Merry Christmas Card

Design #517CW, Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card, is a very bold design done on white shiny paper stock. The image looks so real that it appears more like a photograph than a painting. The design features a close up shot of a pine tree accompanied by a red ball ornament and tufts of snow.

Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card
Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones
Merry Christmas Card

I really love this Christmas card. You can’t look at it without thinking of the holidays. When looking at this design, it reminds me of holiday trips my family use to take to pick out our Christmas tree. My brother and I would run through the pine tree farm looking for just the right one. When we found it my father would take a shovel and dig out the tree. It was usually covered in snow and was still bearing its beautiful pine cones. The scent of pine would waft through the rooms making the house smell wonderful. After the holidays, we would plant our tree somewhere in the yard.

Corporate Christmas Cards not for the Timid

Black corporate Christmas cards almost sound like a bad horror movie rather than an elegant way to send holiday wishes to everyone on your holiday greeting cards list. While it is admittedly not for everyone design #831CX, Golden Snowflake Elegance Holiday Card, will surely appeal to those who are not interested in sending season’s greetings cards in the traditional colors of red, green, or gold.

This design is a very striking, sophisticated card. The golden snowflake of course stands out on the black background, but it is the “Happy Holidays” sparkling sentiment in the gold refractive foil that really makes this card pop! Any organization that sends this as their corporate holiday cards is sure to make a statement…and that statement will be that they are hip, modern, and a class act all in one!

Design #831CX - Golden Snowflake Elegance Holiday Card
Design #831CX - Golden Snowflake Elegance
Holiday Card

Design #825CS, Season’s Greetings Snowflake Card, is also an eye-catching card. At first glance you would think that it is just a very ornate silver snowflake. But take a closer look at the snowflake in the center of the card and you will see that within the snowflake the words “Season’s Greetings” are shining back at you at every turn…a very unique idea! The sparkling silver foil on the deep, almost midnight blue background is quite dazzling. Again this card is not for everyone. So if you don’t want to stand out but would rather have your holiday cards blend in with all the other business Christmas cards your clients and customers will receive, this card is not for you.

Design #825CS - Season's Greetings Snowflake Card
Design #825CS - Season's Greetings
Snowflake Card

Snow Themed Personalized Holiday Cards for any Locale

What a great way to wish your friends and clients holiday wishes by sending snow-themed personalized holiday cards this year! Snow covered scenes are beautiful to look at and remind the beholder of warm feelings of past wintry experiences. Businesses and families from as far north as New England or out West in states like Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming can choose card designs reminiscent of their native surroundings. Whether you live in an area landscaped with forests and streams or wide open prairies, The Gallery Collection has a holiday greeting card designed just for you.

Design #533CS, Snowy Morn Holiday Seasons Greetings Card, depicts a silvery stream gently ambling through a forest blanketed in fresh white snow. The tree branches and low lying shrubs are laden with glistening white clusters of the newly fallen precipitation. It is a calm winter morning and all seems very peaceful here. Silver iridescent foil outlines this setting and the words “Season’s Greetings” appear at the bottom of the design. The gentle beauty of this new dawning day evokes a serene holiday feeling for the recipient of this seasonal greeting card.

Design #533CS - Snowy Morn Holiday Seasons Greetings Card
Design #533CS - Snowy Morn Holiday
Seasons Greetings Card

For the western part of the country design #575CS, Holiday Spirit Horses Greeting Card, shows a vast, open plain covered in snow. A herd of majestic brown and tan wild horses, kicking up snow, are galloping across this lowland toward a life free from worries and cares. The exhilaration they feel conveys a happiness that all should feel during the holiday season. The scene on this card is outlined in silver iridescent foil with the words “Season’s Greetings” below it. Now westerners have a personalized holiday card designed specifically for their locale to send out to their clients, friends, and families.

Design #575CS - Holiday Spirit Horses Greeting Card
Design #575CS - Holiday Spirit Horses
Greeting Card

Greet your Family and Friends with Holiday Wildlife Cards

For those of you who can’t decide on sending personalized holiday cards that feature snowflakes, Christmas trees, or ornaments on them, why not change your theme to holiday wildlife cards. For all you nature lovers, design #516CW, Winter Wonder Seasons Greeting Card, is the perfect card depicting a deer in a snowy, wintry setting.

Your family members, friends, and/or business associates will just adore this card when they open their envelope and are greeted by this quizzically looking deer bringing them peaceful holiday greetings, reminding us of the serene setting that is part of the holiday season. This card depicts an actual photo that is on white gloss paper. The picture border is outlined in gold foil trim with matching lettering on the front of the design. You can match your personalized card imprint in the same beautiful gold foil embossing.

Design #516CW - Winter Wonder Seasons Greeting Card
Design #516CW - Winter Wonder
Seasons Greeting Card

For all you bird lovers design #574CX, Frosted Perch Wildlife Greeting Card, is the perfect card to send out. The black-capped chickadee looks ever so elegant perched on the branch of a pine tree. You can almost here him chirping in the winter air enjoying the snowy weather.

The tips of the pine trees sparkle with a shimmering silver foil that gives the impression of glistening snow. It brings the wildlife to your home or office, emitting a sense of peacefulness during the hustle and bustle of the season. This design also depicts a photo on glossy white paper with a “Season’s Greetings” sentiment embossed in silver foil. The picture is bordered with a moss shade of green that compliments the pine tree branches.

Design #574CS - Frosted Perch Wildlife Greeting Card
Design #574CS - Frosted Perch
Wildlife Greeting Card

Bring Smiles with Snowflakes Season’s Greetings Cards

When looking for business Christmas cards to send to your employees and vendors, check out design #843CS, Sparkling Snowflakes Seasons Greetings Card. This design is done on a dark blue, matte stock. It has uniquely beautiful snowflakes done in embossed silver foil, with a deeper blue accent as the back drop. These are backed with swirls, done in the same deeper blue. The swirls are softly connecting the snowflakes and give the appearance that the snowflakes are floating on air. Below the snowflakes, “Season’s Greetings” is elegantly done in silver foil.

Your customers will surely be impressed when they open their holiday cards to see the deep blue matte and the greeting that you have chosen along with your company name imprinted in silver foil. You may also choose to further personalize your holiday cards with a silver gel pen. These are available in packs of two and allow you to add a handwritten note or signature.

Design #843CS - Sparkling Snowflakes Seasons Greetings Card
Design #843CS - Sparkling Snowflakes
Seasons Greetings Card

If you like snowflakes, then also check out design #587CS, Shimmering Snowflakes Season Greeting Card. These snowflakes are done in silver and turquoise and appear to be falling from the sky. I especially like that the snowflakes are done in such a way that it gives them dimension. The “Season’s Greetings” sentiment is done in the same turquoise on the front. This card is white inside and can also be personalized in silver foil writing or you can choose one of our ink colors with choices of blue, black, red or green.

As with both of these snowflakes season’s greetings cards, whether you are reaching out to your customers or friends and family, either one will be sure to please. Knowing that you have taken the time to pick out and send a card is sure to bring smiles to your recipients’ faces.

Design #587CS - Shimmering Snowflakes Season Greeting Card
Design #587CS - Shimmering Snowflakes
Season Greeting Card

Design #577CW – Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

In design #577CW, Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card, Sunlight glistening on the dewy leaves lends a sparkle to the crisp autumn air. I love the way the bright dew drops contrast against the welcoming sun and warm brown tree and border. A stroll in the park after a big Thanksgiving dinner is just the ticket for a perfect ending to the festivities. I am also amazed at the way the dark and light are played against each other. What one might envision as a somber color is transformed into dignified accompaniment to the glorious burst of color portrayed in the sparkling leaves and sun filled earth beneath them.

Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card
Design #577CW - Thanksgiving Glow Greeting Card

This business Thanksgiving card is a perfect messenger to remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the gifts our earth has bestowed upon us.

Personalized Christmas Cards to Make your Holiday Wishes Complete

Design #143CS, A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card, will make wonderful personalized Christmas cards to send to your friends and loved ones. This card is a depiction of an old fashion winter scene. You can see a family all bundled up sitting in an open sleigh, being pulled by two large Clydesdales over a snow covered bridge. The family dog is barking enthusiastically at their arrival. In the background it looks as though it is still snowing. You can see glittering snowflakes covering small pine trees, which gives the appearance that the snow storm is not yet over. This holiday card is truly a celebration of Christmas. The more you look at this design the more you long for a traditional Christmas, with all your family and close friends around you.

Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card
Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration
Holiday Card

Design #830CX, Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card, is a Merry Christmas card that features a very sophisticated, abstract depiction of a wreath. It is a beautiful shade of red with gold ribbons and iridescent snow flakes running down one side. On the right side of this card are the words “Merry Christmas.” This particular design is very tasteful and elegant.

Design #830CX - Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card
Design #830CX - Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card

If I were sending this card, I would most likely send it to co-workers as opposed to family members. I’m not quite sure why, except in my opinion it gives a more corporate feeling. Are you thinking of going green? This is a great card to start with because it is made from recycled paper. It would also be an elegant touch to sign this card with a gold gel pen, really making your holiday wishes complete.