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Top 10 Get Well Gifts

by Jameson K. on May 19, 2014

No one wants their friends to get sick, but most of us at some point will need to send a  Get Well gift. And at that point, the question always is: What to get? Borrowing from a late night TV host, here is a list of Top 10 Get Well Gifts: Candy/chocolates. An obvious one, […]

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Sending Get Well Wishes To A Co-Worker

by Danny A. on April 21, 2014

We work side by side with people day after day. We share the big and small events in our lives. We trade recipes, gossip and the minutiae of our lives on a daily basis. When a co-worker is out, we generally just go about our business and catch up with them when they come back. […]


Get Well Messages To Write In A Card

by Patsy M. on January 9, 2014

It is difficult to know the right words to write in get well cards, but sending cards to someone who is battling an illness is so important to keep their spirits up. The tone you choose to you write with is dependant on who the person is to you, a close friend, a co-worker, a […]

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Do Get Well Cards Work?

by Henry L. on August 23, 2012

Sometimes we often forget that it is the simple things that make us smile and make our days brighter.   I am a manager for over 200 customer service representatives and with 200 of them, it is very hard to reach out to each and every one of them to let them know that I and […]


Get Well Cards Turned my Frown Upside Down

by Henry L. on July 9, 2012

Ever have one of those weeks? You know the ones that I’m talking about – where everything that can go wrong does. It’s almost like being in quicksand. The more you try to do, the further down you go. I had one of those weeks recently and it turned out that  get well cards was […]


Get Well Cards Rescue the Sale

by Henry L. on January 16, 2012

I am a senior salesperson who had a really positive experience with Get Well cards.  In November, I was pursuing a lead for a new account.  My contact for the potential business was the CIO.  We had been to lunch a few times and I started feeling like the new deal could be mine.  I […]


Get Well Cards Can Brighten Someone’s Day

by Henry L. on April 6, 2011

While I wouldn’t call myself clumsy, I am probably not the most stable person out there.  A couple of sprained ankles and wrists and a hospital visit here or there can attest to that.  Luckily, I have never had an injury that I couldn’t laugh about after a few days.  This was the case, at […]


When I first heard about the terrible earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 10, 2011 I had tears in my eyes thinking of the terrible devastation and the thousands of people who surely lost their lives. Working in the greeting card business I am surrounded each day by Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Get […]


Personalized greeting cards, such as birthday cards, get well cards, and sympathy cards, can be taken for granted. But I can tell you from first-hand experience how important these greeting cards can be. Losing a loved one can be such a tremendously devastating time. Not that sympathy cards can make this tragedy any easier, but […]

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Never Feel Sheepish About Sending Greeting Cards

by Henry L. on January 18, 2010

My twelve-year-old was doing a report on sheep. As I read it over (she is still at the stage where I am allowed to see her work), it struck me that the word “carding” took on a different meaning for me. Technically the term carding means to cleanse, disentangle, and collect together (as fibers) by […]

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