Why You Should Consider Greeting Cards Featuring Your Company Name

Sending greeting cards no matter what the occasion says so much about you and your business.  It lets your customers and prospective customers know that you appreciate them.  It is also a sign of a company that is tuned into the details of everything and everyone around them.  You care enough to want to wish them cheer during the holidays and happiness on their birthdays. 

Greeting cards are also a great marketing tool.  Most people display their cards on their desk with pride.  Just think about the benefits of having your company name featured on the front of your cards.  Everyone who passes by will know you send a card acknowledging the recipient. 

There are digitally editable cards where you can personalize the front of the card with your company name.  So many variety of these cards are available including holiday cards and birthday cards.

If you prefer the embossed look, the “die-cut” greeting cards are a perfect alternative that still allow your company name to be featured front and center.  You can have your company name or small logo imprinted on the inside of the card.  With this “die-cut” option, there is an actual window cut out where this information will show through to the front of the card.  These are also available in a multiple variety of cards including birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc.

Feature your company name on your greeting cards for the best market strategy.

Kick off the Holiday Season By Sending Thanksgiving Cards!

Sending Holiday Cards in general is a smart business move – reminding your customers and associates of your very existence as well as your appreciation of the relationship you share. 

Starting off the Holidays by sending Thanksgiving Cards early in the season is an excellent way to be a step ahead of everyone else.  It affords you the opportunity to show your “Thanks” for their business as well as sending your “Best Wishes” for the upcoming season and the year ahead.

Let them know that you are thinking of them and that you value their business.  You can do it with a traditional, festive design or a more casual, light hearted selection.  Send your message by adding a thoughtful, formal greeting or writing a custom one expressing your gratitude. 

Even when you intend to send corporate Holiday Cards a bit later in the season to most of your clients and friends, Thanksgiving Cards can be sent to those who may not celebrate religious holidays.

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving for almost four hundred years.  It reminds us that we all have much to be grateful for & lets others know that they have an importance in our lives – both business and personal.  Sending cards at this time of year is a warm and thoughtful way of sharing our appreciation.

Using Everyday Greeting Cards

Special occasions usually hold important places in our lives.  They are times to celebrate, spend time with those you care about, and lead to many happy memories.  Thoughtful gifts and greeting cards can become cherished items for years to come.  Sometimes, though, it is tempting to live from one holiday, birthday, or anniversary to the next without paying much attention to the time in-between.  If you think about it, that can actually seem like a terrible waste.  The vast majority of our time is spent on regular days, which often get lost in the responsibilities of daily life.  We may forget to take a look at who we really are and what and who really matter to us in the course of normal life. 

However, there is no reason to merely exist and subsist and reserve true joy or meaningful interaction with others until a social event.  Why not let those people you care about know it more often than not?  A thoughtful way to express yourself is by simply giving a greeting card.  The act of selecting, possibly writing, and signing a greeting card doesn’t take much time or effort, but it has the capacity to resonate with someone.  I can’t remember a time when I received a greeting card and was disappointed.  Everyday Cards aren’t only reserved for special occasions.  They can be given for everyday events like wishing a child well on their test at school, thanking a parent for their insightful advice, or congratulating a co-worker on putting out that pesky popcorn inferno you ignited in the break room microwave.  Everyday cards should be used every day.  If you have something to say, feel free to say it with a greeting card. 

Dark vs. light Stock Greeting Cards

This has been an ongoing debate for years.  Do I go with the dark stock paper or the light stock paper for my greeting card?  Which is more elegant? Which makes more of a statement?

On the one side, the dark stock paper, whether it be black, blue, green or red, has a unique flair.  It is not something you see all the time.  When you add the gold or silver foil imprinting, the words just jump off the page.  The negative feedback to the dark paper is that it is a little down beat.  It doesn’t scream cheer as you would expect from a greeting card.

The other side of the debate is the light stock card.  Whether you are looking at a white or buff background card, it is the norm.  You will find cards printed on these two colors everywhere.  There is no distinction to these cards.  In this case, you have to rely on the front picture and the inside message to really make your point.  These cards do exude a brightness and perkiness to your sentiments.  You also have more options as far as imprint colors.  You can use blue, black, green or red ink besides the option of silver or gold foil. 

I feel it is all personal preference.  No matter what card stock, dark or light, that you choose to go with, it is the message you are sending that counts.

Why Everyone Still Appreciates Greeting Cards

In a world taken over by computers, technology and social media, it is refreshing to get a greeting card in the mail.  Sure it is nice (and important) to be able to send an email or text message in a matter of seconds, but there is still something to be said about the power of a greeting card.  I think the personal touch and extra effort is why everyone still appreciates greeting cards.

I send greeting cards often, both on a professional and personal level.  At work, during the holiday season, my department sends Gallery Collection Christmas cards to vendors that we’ve worked with throughout the year to express our gratitude and greetings.  The response we receive each year is so nice!  I also receive cards from vendors and it always feels great to feel remembered and appreciated. 

In my personal life, I send greeting cards to family and friends throughout the year, mainly for birthdays and Christmas.  I actually love taking the time to pick out the perfect cards and writing a personal message.  There are also unfortunate moments where I need to send a sympathy card.  I sometimes feel odd sending condolences through a text or Facebook, which is why I still choose to send a card.  I’ve also received such great response from the greeting cards I send out… I’ve even had people tell me they look forward to my card each year! 

I’m not against newer forms of communication, in fact I love it and use it daily.  But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer send greeting cards.  Based on my experiences, both professionally and personally, people still appreciate greeting cards.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop sending them!

Should I Use Embossed Foil Seals For My Greeting Cards

You’ve carefully selected your cards, customized them to your heart’s delight, and you are ready to mail them out in your pristine envelopes. As you are considering finishing touches for your cards, you might want to look at purchasing seals for your envelopes. Each pack contains 50 metallic seals in your choice of gold foil or silver foil. These seals match seamlessly with the foil lining of envelopes that come with The Gallery Collection’s holiday cards and other greeting cards. It is such a classy finishing touch, reminiscent of old-fashioned niceties like sealing cards with a wax stamp. These seals are embossed, giving your card a raised element which makes the card feel more personalized. They are easy to apply, you just peel and stick them! And the adhesive is strong enough to keep your envelopes closed. Each quality seal is 1-1/4” in diameter. The gold and silver both boast a bright, metallic shine. This beauty is only elevated by the intricate pattern on every seal—indicative of royalty—informing your recipient that this is a message of utmost importance. Make any occasion feel grand with a pack of metallic foil seals.

Why Greeting Cards are Important in the Corporate World

For a variety of good reasons, businesses oftentimes send greeting cards to customers and clients. These cards can include holiday cards, thank you cards (for past business) invitations to upcoming company events or reminder cards for an upcoming appointment.

To make the most positive impression, the cards your company sends should be personalized to the recipient. For holiday cards, it would be ideal if the cards are signed by your company’s CEO or a high-ranking official. If this is not possible (due to a high quantity of clients), it would be best to at least have the cards sent to your largest accounts hand-signed.

When your card is received, it is likely to be shared with the management of the company and, sometimes, many employees. Those who receive your card are likely to think more fondly of you and more likely to conduct business with you in the future, especially when compared to a business that doesn’t bother to contact them.

The other type of corporate greeting cards are those that are sent to employees. Just as it is important to keep on the good side of customers and clients by sending cards, an employee birthday card or anniversary card is sure to keep your workers feeling valued and increased loyalty generally means increased productivity. As with other corporate greetings, a small investment can have a much larger positive impact!

Add a Personal Touch to Your Greeting Cards With Signatures

Sending greeting cards has been a time honored tradition for centuries. It is always such a delight to send and receive cards with good wishes for a special occasion or even just because. Now with all the modern day advancements in printing, you can take the personal touch to a whole new level.

Most businesses take advantage of the customization process by having a thought out greeting and their company name printed in their cards whether it be for the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Did you know you can also have your own signatures printed inside of your greeting cards? The signatures will give your greeting cards a much more personal touch.

After placing an order for 500 birthday cards, it can be a daunting project to have everyone in the office sign each card. Now you can place your order and request a signature layout. You will receive a mockup of the inside of your card including your greeting and your custom imprint. Everyone can sign this piece of paper just one time. You scan it then email it back. Your customization will be manufactured.

All of your greeting cards will then be imprinted with not just the greeting and customization but also with everyone’s signature. It is an easy way to put your personal touch on your greeting cards without the stress of having to physically sign each cards.

Building Your Corporate Greeting Card


Most people associate greeting cards with the Holidays. A business, wanting to reach out to associates and customers, will send out printed cards in the hopes that the recipients will remember the company fondly in the future.

But there is so much more to greeting cards. One of the best ways a company can maintain a positive relationship with its employees is to mark the special occasions in their lives. Birthdays are made a little more special with a birthday card from everyone in the office. Throw in a small token gift such as a scratch-off lottery card and it’s a great way to celebrate an employee’s special day. Similarly, sending an anniversary card to mark the anniversary of an employee joining the company sends the message that every employee is valued by the company.

The larger a business gets, however, the more difficult it can be to keep track of everyone’s special days. Add to that the hassle of getting a signature from the boss every time, and it’s not hard to understand why a company wouldn’t bother with it at all.

But there’s a solution for that.

Ordering birthday cards and anniversary cards printed with a few signatures and perhaps the company logo and keeping them on hand for when the moment arises is the perfect way to give employees that feeling of belonging to a company that is a family.

Step One: Find a greeting card (or cards) to match the tone of your office. There are cards for every corporate environment, with clean bold lines or whimsical designs.

Step Two: Choose a generic but sincere message that can be used for anyone in the office. If you want to create your own message, that can be an option too.

Step Three: Get the company logo and the signatures of the people in the office who always sign the cards. Send them to the The Gallery Collection and they’ll get printed on every card. No more chasing down the boss to sign a dozen cards at a time!

Step Four: Have your cards shipped to your office. Then they’re ready whenever you need them. A birthday/anniversary database kept up by an administrative assistant or the chairperson of a company “Sunshine Club” ensures that every card is delivered to every employee on time.

In this age of email and text messages, a value of a greeting card has risen exponentially.

Which Type of Greeting Cards You Should Buy in Bulk

Greeting cards can be a great way of keeping your name in front of current and prospective clients. We’ve been discussing which type of Greeting Cards you should buy in bulk and have come up with several types that are a worthwhile investment.

We make it a point to always send an annual Holiday Card – sometimes at Thanksgiving and sometimes a bit later with “Season’s Greetings”. A few years we actually chose a Happy New Year’s card. I always go to The Gallery Collection first because you can count on having an extensive selection of beautiful designs to choose from and the quality is always excellent. It’s hard to go wrong.

With summer help from college kids, it’s easy to order early & have our holiday cards all done and ready to be mailed well before the fall. I make sure to order extra cards in case we want to add new contacts to our mailing later on. This way, we avoid the stress of having to rush to prepare and send out several hundred cards right at one of the busiest times of the year.

Since our holiday cards have proven to be such a hit for several years running, we decided three years ago to also start sending out Birthday cards to our clients too. Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response, we’ve decided that It’s well worth the money, time, and effort. There have been lots of calls, emails and notes from the people we really want to hear from – our clients.

Anniversary cards are also good to buy in bulk because you can keep them on hand and send them to anyone you want to, any time of the year. Again, it’s good public relations. You could always go with keeping an Anniversary Assortment Box on hand, but this year we wanted to go with a specific card with our own greeting printed inside. This way we customized our cards just the way we wanted and there was no extra cost for this option.

If you don’t already send your customers holiday cards, birthday cards, or anniversary cards consider adding them as a part of your normal business routine. It’s simply good public relations and the payoff could be great!