Ways To Truly Make A Business Christmas Card Your Own

When sending a business Christmas card this holiday season make sure to take the time to think it through.  There are always businesses that rush their order and do not take the time to understand how much this card can help elevate their brand.

People tend to hang up Christmas cards in the office or at the very least leave them on their desks for a while.  Get your company name out in front if you can.  It is even better if you can possibly get a picture of your team or your company logo on the front.

There is always the choice of trying out a calendar card.  These cards fold out and are useful because they could conceivably last all year long on a cubicle wall.  The key is getting your brand on there to show all year long as well.

Now on to the inside of your card where it is very important not to offend your clients.  I tend to keep it very simple and very generic.  I do not mention Christmas; I will keep it generic and say “Happy Holidays” so that it does not have a religious tone.  I also tend to make sure we have signatures on the card to give it that personal touch.  Keep these things in mind and you will do just fine this holiday season.

Why should my Business send Holiday Cards?

Sending Holiday cards to your customer, vendors and employees is a necessary for any business.  The extra expense of these tokens of gratitude will prove worthwhile in the end.  It is an advertising method that has been around for years with proven success.

Your customers and clients will appreciate that you are thinking of them during the holidays.  It is a show of appreciate for their business and will inspire them to continue working with you in the future.  Holiday cards show to your customers that their business is valued. 

Vendors that you deal with daily or monthly basis will also see that they are on your mind when they receive their holiday cards.  This could result in better discounts on future orders or maybe other perks such as free samples.

As for your personnel, any employee acknowledgement always leads to a more successful company.  Happy employees make for a better bottom-line.  The holiday season is the perfect time to thank them for all their hard work and effort.  I suggest you mail these cards to their households.  Getting a sign of gratitude such a holiday card mailed to their home will truly make them feel special.

Holiday greeting cards will result in only positive feedback from all of your recipients.

What Should Go On My Business Christmas Card Envelopes?

You are sending out Christmas cards on behalf of your business this year. You’ve thought about everything except how in the world you are supposed to do the envelopes! Of course you know the basics: Recipient address, proper postage, and a return address?

Although it is not necessary to include a return address, should you? Will your recipient even open it because they might think it’s junk mail? While there is the advantage of curiosity, why not impress recipients as opposed to trick? Using your name will reinforce your company with your well wishes of Christmas cheer. Why wouldn’t you want that good press?

You can place your return address on the front or on the back flap of the envelope. Either is correct. Personally, I like the return address to be on the back flap in foil. It is an elegant statement that the recipient will see just before seeing your Christmas card. Everything sets the tone of your attempt to contact the customer, so do not overlook anything.

Consider using your logo with your company name for a sophisticated look. This little touch will make you stand out in a good way. It is impressive to use your company logo printed as opposed to on a stamp or a sticker. This shows forethought and care. Finishing touches? Consider sealing your envelope with a gold or silver seal. Stand out this holiday season by mailing your cards out early!

How To Create Business Holiday Photo Cards

It can seem complicated to create your own Business Christmas Photo Cards to send to clients and correspondents this holiday season. But, don’t be overwhelmed. Here’s how you can easily navigate The Gallery Collection’s vast selection of templates and design your own Holiday Card!

There are 100+ Christmas Photo Card design options available. Once you find a greeting card you like, simply follow the step-by-step instructions to upload your photo and customize your cards. You can always call a representative to help if you get stuck or have questions at 800-950-7064.

You’ll notice as you browse that some designs even have options to add your company name to the front of the card and all have the ability to edit the text inside. Make sure you take a photo you’re pleased with. Pay attention to every detail and think about how your photo will look with the template of your choosing. You can always get a physical proof of your greeting card for an additional charge if you feel hesitant.

Nervous about the time-frame? Once your photo is submitted, it only takes around 3 – 5 business days to produce before The Gallery Collection ships your Business Photo Card order! For such highly personalized and professional Christmas cards, you can’t beat that turn-around time—which even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Many debate about when the Holiday Season really starts because advertisements and products start showing up in stores during the second half of the year. The first big one is Christmas In July which has become a popular marketing technique for retail stores. Once September rolls around many Christmas and Holiday themed things start popping up in the stores along with all of the Halloween items. You may even see a holiday commercial or two on TV. After Halloween most people are ready to start enjoying the Christmas songs and start decorating.

Many families have a tradition of decorating their houses during the upcoming week of Thanksgiving.  This is usually the time where you see most towns and storefronts go all out with decorations, lights and displays if they haven’t done so already. The Christmas tree lot in my town sets up shop and there is a Holiday festival during the week of Thanksgiving so that is the biggest sign to me that the holidays are here.  The Christmas cards and products fill the shelves in the stores. The cold weather starts setting in and the temperatures get low enough for a first snow. The radio starts playing Christmas songs and the fireplaces are burning.  That is when it begins to look a lot like Christmas!

Get Your Christmas Cards Addressed For You!

If you are a part of a big corporation or even a small business, your time is important to the success of your company. When sending out your Business Holiday cards this winter season, don’t waste your time addressing the Holiday cards yourself. Let the Gallery Collection address your cards for you by taking advantage of their Recipient Addressing Service!

As a member of a fortune 500 company, you won’t have the time and energy to personally address and mail out each and every Christmas card. When ordering with the Gallery Collection, you’ll be provided the option to have your Christmas cards and envelopes addressed for you. Not to mention, they also have a fold, stuff, seal and mailing service so you don’t have to worry about mailing your cards out at all!

As a small business owner, you may not have as many Holiday cards to address and mail out as a fortune 500 company has. However, your time is vital to the success of your growing business. You must oversee all of your employees, as well as make sure the business runs smoothly and generates a profit. Save your precious time and have your Company Christmas cards addressed for you. Whether you’re ordering twenty-five, a hundred or a thousand cards, the Gallery Collection will make it convenient for you.

3 Reasons To Purchase Custom Photo Mount Cards

The Gallery Collection offers a variety of greeting cards and greeting card styles. From the die-cut greeting card all the way to the editable text greeting card, they have every option available. One of the newest card styles is the custom photo mount card. These cards are like a “Create Your Own” card because you can upload any photo you’d like and The Gallery Collection will print it and paste it onto your greeting card! Here are three ways you can use a custom photo mount card next time around.

  • Show your product: If you are a business owner who provides a specific product to your customers, a custom photo mount card can help advertise your product! Upload a photo of the product, in good lighting of course, and add your company name to the photo. On the inside of the card you could provide the location of your business or any further information.
  • Show your team: Your clients and customers would probably love to know the faces behind the production. Show them your business team! Customers like to associate names and voices with actual faces. It’ll make them feel more connected to your business.
  • Show your logo: Get your customers familiar with your logo. More than half the population is visual learners. Once they see your logo and associate it with the services you provide, they will come to you whenever they need that service.

Save on Holiday Cards by Ordering Online This Season

For the last few years, I’ve been in charge of purchasing our holiday cards.  Because of budget, I had to shop around for the best pricing. This meant that I would have to call several companies to get quotes. Once presented to my superiors, they would usually go with the lowest price. Unfortunately, the best pricing doesn’t always mean the best quality. We have been burnt more than once. Cheap looking cards do not represent our company the way we want to be seen.

I convinced my bosses that I could save on holiday cards this season by ordering online! However, not before I did some research. As I sat at my computer and typed in Holiday Cards, one of the first companies to come up is The Gallery Collection. As I was clicking through the site, I saw a vast array of beautiful business holiday cards. There were so many to choose from. Wow! The prices were very good, and they even had Christmas Cards on sale at half and even 55% off. However, I was still hesitant. As I said before, we have been burnt in the past. As I was looking through the site, I noticed that I could order samples. So after checking on the pricing, I did just that.

I received the requested samples in no time. I wasn’t disappointed. The cards were beautiful. With pricing and samples in hand, I presented the information to the powers that be. They were quite impressed and gave me the OK to purchase. That was easy. What wasn’t so easy was choosing the final design choice. Once that decision was made, I went back online and placed the order. The process couldn’t have been easier. The cards arrived in less than two weeks and the finished product was impressive.

For the future, I will not be calling several places for quotes. I already know I can save money and time by going straight to The Gallery Collection!

How Should I Mail My Christmas Cards

So here I am in November, preparing to order my Christmas Cards to send to our clients. I’ve chosen the beautiful Glowing Holiday Forest Card (shown above) with customizations to include our logo in a luxurious Gold Foil.

While very satisfied with the choice of card and personalization, the final challenge I face is how to manage a timely, cost effective approach to mailing my Christmas cards! I just don’t have the spare time nor do I have staff with spare time to address, stuff, seal and apply postage to 1,550 greeting cards. What other alternatives are available to mail my Christmas cards?

My first thought is that I could perhaps hire a temporary from an agency to handle this but that’s costly and seems a bit ludicrous for what should be a one, max two day project! I then notice that the company I’m purchasing the greeting cards from gallerycollection.com offers a full mailing service to their customers at a very reasonable rate. They will address, fold, stuff, seal and mail all of my cards. I simply need to submit my list of client addresses. Well this certainly seems something worth considering.

Instructions were easy to follow, ordering has always been easy with Gallery Collection (have ordered from them before) and Voila! My Christmas cards were personalized, in envelopes, sealed and mailed in a timely fashion for all of our clients to have for the holidays. At one point, I did call customer service with a question and was assisted by one of the most courteous and helpful representatives I have ever dealt with.

How should I (or anyone!) mail their Christmas cards? Without a doubt, take advantage of ordering with a company that has beautiful greeting cards, great service and will manage “the whole package” for you!

How to Pick This Year’s Company Holiday Card

You want to impress your boss, but boy is it a lot of pressure to make a decision for the whole company. Sure, it’s only a card. A card that will be given to every client, personal contact of your boss, as well as the whole company’s staff!

When you are faced with a decision that involves so many people, it can be daunting to try and figure out what single thing is going to please everyone. First thing’s first: Keep your priorities in check. Make sure you are solid on your budget (and make sure you are positive on the quantity!), time frame to get and deliver the cards, and always keep in mind the audience. While your boss’ opinion might take precedence over your own here, do not overlook the recipients. Who is the card addressing and therefore what should the right message be? Do they all celebrate the same holiday? Be considerate of these sensitivities but realize that ultimately if you know your boss wants a Christmas card sent out—despite any conflicts that could arise—the card you order better be Holly Jolly.

If you’re really not sure what your boss will like—ask! Come with specific questions that are not extremely limiting so you’re not screwed into trying to find a unicorn card. The idea is to get your boss’ input without annoying them or allowing them to form an ideal card (therefore bolstering their expectations). Ask things like if they wanted a certain theme or color scheme. This could be heavily revealing to the type of card they expect. Or ask whoever chose the company holiday card last year to gain some insight.

Once you have your criteria in mind, actually choosing a card should be much easier. You’ve already narrowed it down substantially from answering those few questions. So stay focused. It can be easy to be wowed by all the cards available to you. Keep checking in with what you know you need to buy and make the best decision you can. Don’t search with fear that you’ll get the wrong one. Search with the intention of finding the best Christmas card you can.